Perfect Fall Look with Nordstrom | “Momiform” #2

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Perfect Fall Outfit

Perfect Fall Outfit | Momiform #2

I’m a firm believer in a uniform or a “momiform” (for all of us busy moms).
What does that mean?
That doesn’t mean you wear the same things everyday.
And, I’m certainly not suggesting you wear a literal uniform, unless you ARE, in fact, a police officer, doctor, nurse, etc.

Your uniform or “momiform” is a combination that works well for your body, age, and lifestyle.
It’s a look concept that makes you feel confident, comfortable, and ready to tackle anything life throws your way.
It’s what you reach for day after day.

For some of us that uniform is a dress, others maybe a suit.
For me, it’s this combo (above): Jeans, booties, a blazer or jacket and a t-shirt.

There are many combinations of this uniform.
You can change jackets, tees, jean silhouette, and of course switch out shoes.
If you missed my uniform/momiform #1 you can check it out here.

My Momiform

My “momiform” above is effortless, stylish, modern and most importantly… versatile.
The look will work well in a variety of situations.
I can drop kids off, head to the grocery store, go to business meetings, see a client, have dinner…

Boyfriend Jeans

This particular uniform/momiform is a little more casual than my last because of the slouchier, cuffed jeans.
The boyfriend jeans are meant to fit a little baggier.
This style is great for those days you just can’t handle tight.
You know those days…
This particular pair runs large (size down) and DO look for the ‘slim’ boyfriend jeans.
I think the slimmer silhouette is more flattering.


This tee is great because it has 3/4 sleeves. 
This length is hard to come by in a tee.
I also love the “olive” color, a big color trend for fall.
What’s ideal about the tee is that it looks polished alone too.
This tee IS fitted, so if the tummy area is a problem, you might want a looser fit like this one.


Now, let’s talk about this blazer.
Um, I LOVE It!!
It looks like something Sarah Jessica Parker would wear in the village walking her kiddos to school.
This Veronica Beard blazer has a dickey attached.
You can leave it in (pictured above) OR zip it out for a more classic look.
You can also change the dickey to change the look of the blazer.
On the cool scale, it is pretty much a TEN.
It’s a pricey piece, but I think it is a wise investment that you will have for years to come.


I discovered yet another insanely comfortable bootie.
These black, peep-toe, block-heel booties by Sole Society are a MUST.
They have a velcro strap in the back that makes them a cinch to get on and get off.
They also have a manageable, “walk-in-em-all-day” kind of heel.



While I always admire a pile of accessories in Instagram photos, I usually only wear one or two pieces.
In this case, the necklace packs enough of a punch, I don’t need anything else.
The reversible croc belt and classic aviator sunglasses tie it all together.


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I’m proud to say this post is sponsored by Nordstrom.
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Nordstrom is the best because they have FREE shipping and returns, amazing customer service, and an unparalleled selection.
When I am working with clients, Nordstrom is usually my first shopping spot.

All of the clothing for the “Momiform” were chosen and purchased by me.
And, all thoughts are my own, of course.

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