The Best 25+ Youtubers & Influencers Over 40 That You’ll Love

Best Influencers Over 40

The 40+ influencer community is growing and we are thrilled!

At one of the first LTK conferences Erin attended, there were just a handful of influencers over 40…out of 200. Now, there are dozens! As the 40+ influencer world grows, so do the amazing resources! Here at Busbee, we’re trying to disrupt the perception of being 40+. This is not a time to hide your age or worry about becoming invisible. This is a time for reinvention. A time to try new things!

Our team’s goal is always to bring you all the resources you need to uplevel your lives. We cover not only Style, but also Beauty, Wellness, Lifestyle, and Home. If you’re interested in more 40+ influencers who are empowering women, check out these YouTubers and bloggers that we love…

Best Influencers Over 40, Including Dominique Sachse

Best 40+ YouTubers

#1 | Dominique Sachse

Dominique was a television anchor based in Houston, TX for 28 years! She’s a gorgeous go-getter that’s building an enviable following on YouTube. She’s built a community of more than 1.8 million women!! Dominque predominantly shares beauty tutorials, most notably short hair tutorials. She sprinkles in fitness, and fashion too. She also recently launched her podcast, Over 50 & Flourishing, which helps women who feel they’ve lost their way during midlife.
Instagram: @dominiquesachse

Best Influencers Over 40, Including Angie of Angie Hot & Flashy

#2 | Angie Hot & Flashy

No one does a before and after anti-aging beauty treatment video like Angie. Angie also takes her skincare VERY seriously and arguably has earned her own Ph.D. in skincare after years of studying ingredients. Angie knows her skincare!!
Instagram: @angiehotandflashy

Best Influencers Over 40, Including Lisa Lisa D1

#3 | Lisa Lisa D1

Lisa Duncan is one of the sweetest, most real people out there. She shares her sparkle and authenticity through helpful beauty tutorials. Lisa is also one of the OG over-40 beauty YouTubers! She’s been uploading videos since 2008.
Instagram: @lisalisad1

Best Influencers Over 40, Including Risa Does Makeup

#4 | Risa Does Makeup

Risa Flashner has major credibility to back up her beauty tutorials…  20+ years of experience as a makeup artist! The Vegas-based YouTuber also looks like a supermodel!
Instagram: @risadoesmakeup

Best Influencers Over 40, Including Lisa Eldridge

#5 | Lisa Eldridge

Ask ANY beauty YouTuber who is THE beauty Youtuber to follow…  and they will tell you, Lisa Eldridge. She is a pro makeup artist, founder of Lisa Eldridge Makeup & Jewels, NYT best-selling author, and global creative director at Lancome!
Instagram: @lisaeldridgemakeup

Best Influencers Over 40, Including Melissa 55

#6 | Melissa 55

It’s unbelievable that Melissa is 68 years old! She is STUNNING! And, she is also one of the sweetest, most generous, and loving people. Erin sees Melissa as a mentor and the two share a special bond.
Instagram: @msmelissa55

Best Influencers Over 40, Including Trinny

#7 | Trinny

Trinny Woodall… has done it all! She is the Founder & CEO of Trinny London, a premium beauty brand. She is a television presenter and author. She’s even appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show! GO Trinny!
Instagram: @trinnywoodall

Best Influencers Over 40, Including Gemma from What To Wear - Fashion Over 40

#8 | What To Wear – Fashion Over 40

Gemma Rogers is working hard to help women keep it classy! The UK beauty shares outfit ideas, fashion inspiration, and key tips to help women dress like ladies.
Instagram: @gemmawhattowear

Best Influencers Over 40, Including Stephanie Marie

#9 | Stephanie Marie

Stephanie Marie wears MANY hats. She’s a wife, mother of 2, a social media strategist and superstar, beauty YouTuber… who is all about simplifying your life.
Instagram: @stephmarie.7

Best Influencers Over 40, Including Fabulous50s - Schellea Fowler

#10 | Fabulous50s

Schellea Fowler has over 1.5 million subscribers! She started with beauty and style videos but mostly focuses on health, fitness, and lifestyle. Check out her free fitness videos to keep the “bingo” wings at bay.
Instagram: @fabulous.50s

Best Influencers Over 40, Including Erin Busbee of Busbee, Busbee Style

#11 | Busbee Style

And of course, we can’t forget our fearless leader and style icon, Erin Busbee! She makes elevated style simple on Youtube and here, on the site! Erin was born to teach… and gleans true joy from helping other women over 40 look their best. Her authenticity shines through in every video. Check out her Instagram feed for daily outfit inspiration or her Youtube for the best style tips and tricks, trends, and more.
Instagram: @busbeestyle

Best Influencers Over 40, Including Desiree Leone of Beautifully Seaside

Best 40+ Bloggers

#12 | Beautifully Seaside

Desiree Leone has a beautiful, classic New England style, but lives in South Florida. We love the contrast! 😉 If you are looking for nautically-themed home picks, you MUST visit her site! Also… no one creates a product collage like Desiree (You’ll see).
Instagram: @beautifullyseaside

Best Influencers Over 40, Including Cassie from Hi Sugarplum

#13 | Hi Sugarplum

Cassie Freeman, a fearless, fun-loving color fan, is one of the OG fashion influencers from Dallas, Texas. Not only has she built an incredible community of women who LOVE her, but she also now has several clothing collections with GibsonLook under her belt.
Instagram: @cassiesugarplum

Best Influencers Over 40, Including Cathy Williamson of The Middle Page

#14 | The Middle Page

The super sassy, 50-something fashion blogger who kicked cancer’s butt! Dallas-based, Cathy Williamson is an incredibly inspirational woman with killer style.
Instagram: @themiddlepageblog

Best Influencers Over 40, Including Samantha Stewart from Style Of Sam

#15 | Style of Sam

For all things glam and girly, you definitely need to stop by Samantha Stewart’s site! She is a vintage lover and a clean beauty supporter like Team Busbee. We LOVE Sam!!
Instagram: @styleofsam

Best Influencers Over 40, Including Kathleen Jennings of Kathleen Jennings Beauty

#16 | Kathleen Jennings Beauty

Gorgeous Kathleen has it all…beauty and brains! She is a lawyer-turned-entrepreneur! She’s already sold an app. Yup. And, now she is empowering women through her thoughtful reviews and beauty obsessions!
Instagram: @kathleenjenningsbeauty

Best Influencers Over 40, Including Janet Gunn of The Grateful Gardenia

#17 | The Grateful Gardenia- Janet Gunn

Janet Gunn is an LA-based, former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader who makes 50 look like the new 30! If you love bohemian looks with a glam edge, be sure to check out The Grateful Gardenia.
Instagram: @janetgunngratefulgardenia

Best Influencers Over 40, Including Tanya Foster from Tanya Foster Blog

#18 | Tanya Foster

Tanya Foster covers everything from home decor to movies to style to pro-aging treatments. We love her reviews of the latest and greatest pro-aging treatments from lasers to fillers…she’s got you covered!
Instagram: @tanyafosterblog

Best Influencers Over 40, Including Alicia Wood of Alicia Wood Lifetsyle

#19 | Alicia Wood Lifestyle

Alicia Wood is the queen of the tablescape! We love her home… and her home decor posts. She’s an incredible entertainer and has the best recipes and tips. Plus, she has fabulous style!
Instagram: @aliciawoodlifestyle

Best Influencers Over 40, Including Isabella Thorp of Confessions of a Super Ager

#20 | Confessions of a Super Ager

Super Ager? I guess maybe! Looking at Isabella Thorp, it’s truly hard to believe she is in her 50s. We also love her style hack videos and unapologetic glam lifestyle and outfits.
Instagram: @confessionsofasuperager

Best Influencers Over 40, Including Monica Awe-Etuk of Awed by Monica

#21 | Awed by Monica

The Atlanta-based Monica Awe-Etuk is the epitome of elegance. Her wardrobe styling background no doubt contributes to how effortlessly she weaves different styles and colors together. We ARE in awe!
Instagram: @awedbymoni

Best Influencers Over 40, Including Eye Swoon - Athena Calderone

#22 | Eyeswoon

For swoon-worthy home and food content be sure to stop by Athena Calderone’s site! Athena is a best-selling author, and also a culinary and entertaining expert, just to name a few! 😉
Instagram: @eyeswoon

Best Influencers Over 40, Including Beth Djalali of Style at a Certain Age

#23 | Style at a Certain Age

The gorgeous, Beth Djalali, makes 60 look AMAZING. Her classic beauty and style sensibility speaks to hundreds of thousands of women who regularly visit her website, Style at a Certain Age, and YouTube channel. Beth and Erin share a special bond.
Instagram: @styleatacertainage

Best Influencers Over 40, Including Catherine Grace O'Connell

#24 | Catherine Grace O – Mastering Modern Life

This California girl, Catherine Grace O’Connell, is now living life to the fullest. But she candidly shares how that was not always the case. She suffered from late-stage Lyme Disease, which nearly killed her. You’ll feel inspired by her story, her transparency, and her drive to “Master Midlife.”
Instagram: @catherinegraceo

Best Influencers Over 40, Including Tiffany Davros of Street Style Squad

#25 | Street Style Squad

Tiffany Davros is a Dallas-based blogger and mom who looks more like the sister of her 3 gorgeous daughters. Tiffany shares her edgy glam street style through her Instagram feed. If her modern style doesn’t grab you, her killer abs will! She IS body goals!
Instagram: @streetstylesquad

Best Influencers Over 40, Including Heather Anderson of So Heather

#26 | So Heather

Calling all denim lovers… if you love jeans, you will LOVE Heather Anderson’s sexy street style. The Dallas-based fashion blogger no doubt has a drool-worthy jean-drobe! Catch her on the blog or YouTube!
Instagram: @soheatherblog

best influencers over 40, kat farmer, does my bum look 40

#27 | Kat Farmer

Kat Farmer…blogger, stylist, podcaster, author. She does it all!

Site w/ podcast, book & more:
Instagram: @doesmybumlook40

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#28 | Susie Wright

Susie Wright is an Oregon-based, former Nordstrom buyer and personal stylist who now puts all her knowledge and style passion into her blog, So Susie. This mom of 3 is a frequent contributor on the Who What Wear blog, providing her style expertise for women 40+. She’s also nailing the reels game with her outfit inspo. And her infectious smile is incredibly contagious!

Instagram: susie.wright

What are some of your favorite bloggers and YouTubers over 40? Did we miss someone amazing?? Please share in the comments below!

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35 thoughts on “The Best 25+ Youtubers & Influencers Over 40 That You’ll Love

  1. Thanks for the recommendations and for your incredible style tips that have helped me to dress with style and flair. “Lisa J” is a professional MUA who just turned 40. Has her own line of amazing brushes. Her You Tube makeup tutorials are exceptional for any age, including mature women. I am 56 and rely on her to update my makeup techniques. Definitely check her out.

  2. I adore Erin and look forward to her Sunday newsletters each week. I will check out your suggestions…some are women I know and some are brand new, so thank you! I would love to include three You-tubers who I follow: Michele Wang (all about luxury makeup), MsGoldGirl (Marnie is a mother of two college graduates and she talks Amazon and Walmart), and finally Kristina Braly, a board-certified anesthesiologist, mother of two, and brand new entrepreneur with her clean gorgeous candle line, Aembr.

    Keep up the good work! See you next week….XOXO

    1. Thanks so much for your support and for adding a few more amazing ladies to our list! Truly appreciate you, Sue! ~Erin xo

  3. I love Florida based Anna Reid on You Tube! She has such great style and has a great sense of humor!
    Also love Marnie Goldberg, Style with Serena, and Mommies Makeup and Moscato. Thanks for the list of these wonderful ladies. I am watching most of them already but not all of them.
    Adding them to my watch list!

  4. Here are a few more, Tammy of Tammy’s Ageless Beauty, Melissa of Mrs Melissa M Beauty, Patti (77yo) of RXSTRMOM, Kimberly of Pretty Over 50, Nikol Johnson (she does beautiful makeup application and instruction on older ladies), and Marnie Goldberg. Love your new site Erin! Merry Christmas!

  5. Wow! Love this! Seeing some favorites and new ladies to check out! A few years ago my friends and I lamented we were virtually invisible in the “style blog” world, but that’s really changing for the better. Erin, Angie (Hot and Flashy), Cassie (Sugarplum) have really helped me look better and feel better. Thanks so much!

  6. I needed ALL these new women who are 40-Plus to “follow”. Thank you for helping me update my Instagram feed with some relevant content!!!

  7. I Can’t thank you enough, Erin. I have so enjoyed watching you and knowing you these years. I have followed your journey and am always inspired by you. I am so thankful and honored that you chose me to be in this amazing group.

    Much love and thanks!


  8. My favorite over-40 youtuber for beauty is jen phelps. She is so hard working and gives the best makeup reviews, very in-depth with lots of clear swatches. Plus her looks are very subtle and wearable and not over-the-top full glam. definitely check her out for next time!

  9. Thank you Erin! This was so sweet of you to include me in this list! I’m honored! I wish you all the best and I’m praying for great favor over your beautiful new website. Love always, Desiree

  10. You missed Audrey Coyne and Marie Anne LecouEr. I have loved watching both. Dominique is also one of my favo, along with Erin. How would we ever havemade it through 2020 without them?

    1. Hi Susan! So glad I can help in some small way. There are many other wonderful beauty and fashion youtubers and bloggers that we were not able to mention in this list. Maybe next time. xo

  11. I’m surprised you left off Suzanne smith of Crazy Blonde life and Deanna Pizitz of Well and worthy Life. Suzanne has great style and is in awesome shape and Deanna changed my life for the better!

    1. Hey Tammy… there are many other wonderful beauty, wellness, and fashion YouTubers and bloggers that we were not able to mention in this list. Maybe next time. Thanks for your note. Erin xo

    1. Hi Natalie…
      Can you share your recommendations for fashion / beauty bloggers or youtubers over 40? Thanks! Erin xo

  12. WOW! I am so Grateful to be included on this list of amazing influencers. What an honor!
    Thank yOU!
    Xoxo – Tanya

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