Introducing 15, 40+ Style Mavens That Are Killing It On Instagram

Admittedly, I spend a decent amount of time on Instagram. Time flies when in the scrolling vortex! Consuming rich style content is both a hobby and a passion. IG is truly an amazing resource for outfit inspiration. There are more accounts than one could count but finding influencers that align with your personal taste and style preferences is key. Sure, it’s fun to shop all of their product finds, but you can also glean inspiration from these fashion mavens and put together looks with items you already have in your closet. I thought it would be fun to share some of the 40+ers who are frequently in my feed and out there slaying it in the style department.

Find more 40+ bloggers and Youtubers you’ll love here!


over 40 style, erin busbee, fashion blogger over 40, Sevilla Spain, spanx perfect pant, ba&Sh printed black and white mock neck blouse, Balmain double breasted wool blazer, vince camuto pumps

#1) Busbee Style

I would be remiss not to list Erin Busbee as my ride or die, numero uno when it comes to fashion, beauty, style inspiration, and so much more. You can’t help but appreciate her quality content, humor, photography, and elevated style. She keeps it real and truly has a passion for helping women look and feel their best. She so elegantly merges soul and style!

Instagram: busbeestyle
Blog: right here at

living with landyn, home decor instagram accounts, home interiors, DYI dollar store, over 40 style,, over 40 fashion bloggers, Landyn Hutchinson,
Photo Credit: Mary Craven Photography IG: @marycravenphotography, Website:
#2) Living With Landyn

Landyn Hutchinson’s style is simple, but chic. Her outfits are typically very affordable, and she shares everyday mom looks along with some saucy, party and date-night styles as well. Her closet try-on sessions are entertaining to stay the least, peppered with some laugh-out-loud comedy and tips galore. She has mastered the art of storytelling and makes you feel like you just landed a new best friend.

Instagram: livingwithlandyn

Styling Blazers Over 40, Melissa Meyers from The Glow Girl wearing a gray pinstripe blazer with white tee, jeans, black bag, and simple gold jewelry, Melissa Meyers fashion blogger, over 40 style

#3) Melissa Meyers 

Melissa, The Glow Girl, is California cool.  Her elevated LA beach style is effortless, chic and ultra-feminine. She also shares fitness tips, beauty favorites and recipes too. You might remember Erin’s visit with her in Malibu which you can read about here.

Instagram: melissameyers

50 Shades of Style Kelley McCoy fashion and lifestyle blogger, over 40 style

#4) 50 Shades of Style By Kelley

Kelley McCoy is a lover of all things fashion. When she finds a style or beauty find, she can’t help but share it! She is also an interior decorator, so you’ll get a dose of home décor and design tips too. Based in Florida, Kelley strives to help women 40+ recapture their confidence and style.

Instagram: 50shadesofstylebykelley

Kat Farmer Does My Bum Look 40, fashion lifestyle blogger, UK style, over 40 style, fashion over 40

#5) Does My Bum Look 40

Kat Farmer has a wicked sense of humor to coordinate with her impeccable sense of fashion. She lives in the UK and her effortless street style is so “cool girl”–never a frumpy moment here! Her coat collection alone is drool-worthy. She mixes modern pieces with vintage classics in a uniquely chic way.

Instagram: doesmybumlook40

grece ghanem, over 40 style, fashion over 40, fashion blogger over 40

#6) Grace Ghanem

Grace is a Montreal-based, 50-something personal trainer/model and oh, also a fashion icon. Her style is ageless and fearless. Her photos look like they could be straight out of Vogue and whatever she wears…she wears it well. She is proof positive that women of any age can (and should!) wear whatever they want.

Instagram: graceghanem

confessions of a super-ager, Isabella thorp, fashion over 40, over 40 style, fashion bloggers 40+

#7) Confessions Of A Super-Ager

Isabella Thorp is where fabulous meets 50. She shares fashion, health, beauty and skincare tips, her worldly travels, and even the recipe for a tasty cocktail upon occasion. She is bold but elegant and her style is unapologetically glamorous.

Instagram: confessionsofasuperager

Gen Sohr Pencil and Paper Co, fashion over 40, over 40 style, fashion bloggers 40+

#8) Pencil And Paper Co

Gen Sohr is anything but a print phobe…in fact, she combines color and pattern like no other! Her IG feed is chock-full of vivid and bright hues. This Nashville-based designer mixes classic with modern, high with low, and sophistication with fun in both fashion and home décor.

Instagram: pencilandpaperco

fashion unfolded by Mandy, Mandy Wiebenga, fashion over 40, over 40 style, fashion bloggers 40+

#9) Fashion Unfolded By Mandy

Mandy Wiebenga shares her daily outfit inspo on her IG feed staying true to her style preference, which is comfortable and casual, but classic. She keeps fashion simple and loves a great closet selfie!

Instagram: fashionunfoldedbymandy

chic over 50, shauna grow, fashion, wellness, fitness over 40, over 40 style, st. george utah, fitness over 50, fashion blogger 40+, fashion blogger 50+

#10) Chic Over 50

Shauna Grow covers it all – fashion, make-up, skincare, fitness, and hairstyles. She is active, adventurous and has the best attitude. Her commitment to exercise is inspiring and she always looks good while breaking a sweat. I admire her combination of style and wellness tips and her boundless energy! This woman has spunk.

Instagram: chicover50

Not Dressed as a lamp, Catherine fashion blogger, fashion over 40, over 40 style, fashion bloggers 40+

#11) Not Lamb

I couldn’t love her IG tagline more – “Who wants to be age-appropriate anyway?” Catherine Summers wears whatever she likes and rocks it…every single time. The self-proclaimed “Queen of Clash” makes fashion fun exploring color and mixing patterns in an eclectic way. She seeks out life’s pleasures and brings you along for the ride.

Instagram: notlamb

Kimara Mitchell j'adore couture, fashion over 40, over 40 style, fashion bloggers 40+

#12) Kim Mitchell

Kim is a city girl and lover of all things fashion.  She masterfully combines fashion and design while encouraging women to wear what they love. Her style is a combination of masculine and feminine and her monochromatic looks are sophisticated but edgy.

Instagram: kimair

momtrends, mom trends blog, Katherine Feliciano, fashion over 40, over 40 style, fashion bloggers 40+

#13) Mom Trends

Nicole Feliciano’s blog and IG are packed with fashion tips aimed at helping busy, style-starved working women and Momtrenpreneurs, keep in touch with style trends and wellness.  You’ll find inspiring content for living your best life, thinking out of the box, and how to live with purpose and passion…all while looking your absolute best.

Instagram: momtrends

sapna, lunch with a girlfriend, fashion blogger 40+, over 40 style, lifestyle blogger, fashion blogger

#14) Lunch With A Girlfriend

Classy, smart and just gorgeous, Sapna combines her passion for fashion and health with a strong message of supporting and imploring women to live their best lives. A former attorney, her style is classic yet eclectic. Flannel and sequins? Yes, please!

Instagram: lunchwithagirlfiend
Blog: LunchWithAGirlfriend

funky forty, Yvonne kiwi fashion, Zurich Switzerland, style over 40, over 40 style, fashion bloggers 40+

#15) Funky Forty

Yvonne is a 40+, Switzerland-based lover of fashion, travel, and food. She shares style tips and ideas, and her positive energy abounds. Her mission is to stay young at heart by keeping up to date with the latest trends. Her photography is fun and, well… funky and she has mastered the art of layering like no other!

Instagram: funkyforty

Do you follow a 40+ woman on Instagram that you think has amazing style? Comment below!

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Meet the writer's series, home writer, Susan Harold
Susan Harold
Susan is the Busbee Style Digital Content Editor and a contributing writer. She has spent the last 25 years working in the magazine publishing industry as a content, circulation, and marketing consultant. Susan resides in sunny San Diego, CA with her husband and pathetically perfect pup, Rusty, and loves visiting with her 2 sons when they're home from college. With a passion for pretty things, witty words, travel, and all things family, writing HOME content comes naturally because, truth be told, her homebody game is strong! There’s no place like home!
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25 thoughts on “Introducing 15, 40+ Style Mavens That Are Killing It On Instagram

  1. Thank you for sharing these. Erin, #1, obviously my favorite! I do also follow Lydia Tomlinson based out of Manchester. However, I follow via youtube and a blog. I gave up mainstream social media to have more control of my time schedule. She’s definitely younger than the rest of us lol but she’s got really good style. I’m 45 and would feel comfortable in her suggestions.
    Some of her stops are London, Spain and Amsterdam.
    Her blog is not quite updated but her other forms of media are up to date. I love her youtube channel!
    instagram: @lydiajanetomlinson

    1. Thanks so much for sharing, Amy! Love a good recommendation and will definitely check out Lydia. – Susan

    1. Hi Veronica, Kim Mitchell #12 on our list is one of my favorites. Do you have a favorite? Please share! Thanks so much – Susan

  2. Hi!! Cassiesugarplum has the most beautiful Instagram & her happiness is contagious!! Check her out.

  3. It would be good to have some recommendations for over 40s/50s who are plus sizes. Most clothes look good on a slim frame but it’s hard to know how to dress or where to find plus sizes in stylish clothing when you’re anything but slim.

    1. Thanks so much for the great suggestion, Robyn! We will absolutely keep this in mind for our next roundup. We appreciate your taking the time to comment. Have a great weekend! – Susan

  4. Definitely remiss in not including Trinny Woodall. Her take on style is fun and fabulous!

  5. Theres so many good fRench style bloggers over 40 but my absolute favorite is Clara @the_working_giRl. Love her supEr chic and soohisticated style and if you don’t Already follow her you might like her!

  6. HI!

    I love your emails and posts. You have great style, are RELATABLE and to the Point.

    This was one of my favorite posts. I love DISCOVERING new folks’ style.

    I have a full time job, but am passionate aboUt shopping and style. Im not surrounded by very many people who can Relate. So ive been teetering on whether or not creating an Instagram page would be a good outlet For me. Ive decided to go for it. For now im fully going into it as a hobby and not For money. But i do want to do it right.

    I read your post About getting STARTED. Ive also googled my heart out for articles. But yours honedrly was one of the best BECAUSE of the level of detail.


    1. Are there other articles or videos you point ladies to?
    2. How important is it that i include “40” or “fortY” in my INSTAGRAM nAme if i want to attract a 40+ community?

    With gratitude,

    1. Hi Grace… I plan to do more and I’m even thinking about a blogger event. Promise I’ll post more!! I took 40+ out of my IG bio because the followers are younger. They are older on YT and the blog. Erin xo

  7. Thanks ErIN for sharing your friends. Of course if I only have time for one person on busy days…my pick is this gorgeous, sweet gal named Erin Busbee!!!

  8. You are amazing! Huge inspiration. I absolutely love your videos and blog.

    I look forward to it… and often find myself rewatching…lol

  9. Thanks so much for the feature! love you my sweet blogger friend.
    tiffany Davros

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