6 Ways To Wear Your Denim Shorts (From Real Women Over 40)

How To Wear Shorts Over 40

Denim shorts are difficult to wear no matter what your age. But, if you’re comfortable with them, they can be a heavy hitter in your closet each spring/summer. Erin has written a super helpful post with everything you need to know about finding age-appropriate denim shorts here. Do you wear denim shorts during the summer? Have any questions about how to style them? Let us know in the comments at the end of this post!

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1) Erin – Busbee

First up is our fearless leader, Erin Busbee. She’s can rock a pair of denim shorts. In the photos above she’s wearing a pair of white Agolde shorts that are super flattering because of the higher waist and longer inseam. She styled them with a simple chambray button-down shirt and espadrilles. The other pair of denim shorts she’s wearing are by Moussy Vintage (one of her favorite denim brands). She styled them with a white peasant top and studded sandals.

Follow Erin on Instagram here.

Erin shares all her secrets to finding the best, age-appropriate denim shorts over 40 in this post.


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2) Monica – Awed By Monica

I’ve featured Monica on the site before in this post with the best 40+ bloggers. She has incredible style and always has the perfect mix of trendy sophistication. I loved that I could find her wearing two different types of denim shorts…one more classic shorter pair and the other a trendy Bermuda short. I love the way she styled both looks.

Follow Monica on Instagram here.

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3) Cyndi – Cyndi Spivey

Cyndi is wearing a pair of classic denim shorts with a rolled hem. I love that she styled them with a cute pair of pink sandals and a striped tee. This is the perfect summer outfit!
Follow Cyndi on Instagram here.

ways to wear shorts over 40, how to wear denim shorts, how to wear shorts over 40,@StyleofSam Style Of Sam

4) Samantha – Style Of Sam

Sam is another blogger I featured in the best bloggers over 40 post. Her style is so chic and luxe. She’s wearing her denim shorts over a one-piece swimsuit but I’m really loving all of the gorgeous accessories she’s wearing to complete the look!

Follow Sam on Instagram here.

ways to wear shorts over 40, how to wear denim shorts, how to wear shorts over 40, Megan Saustad, trulymeganblog

4) Megan – Truly Megan

Megan is a gorgeous Dallas-based blogger with uber-chic style. She styled some distressed Agolde denim shorts with a crisp white blouse and gold jewelry. This is one of those looks you can throw on during the summer and look instantly pulled together.

Follow Megan on Instagram here.

ways to wear shorts over 40, how to wear denim shorts, how to wear shorts over 40, jolynneshane

6) Jo-Lynne – Jo-Lynne Shane

Jo-Lynne is another blogger I’ve featured before in this post on how to wear white jeans over 40. She shares great, budget-friendly everyday style inspiration. The look she’s wearing above includes a pair of black denim shorts that I love!

Follow Jo-Lynne on Instagram here.

Do you follow any of these lovely ladies? Please share more of your favorite accounts to find fashion over 40 in the comments below!

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Kaitlyn Pettibon
Kaitlyn is a 20-something who has worked with 40-something influencers for the past three years before transitioning to Busbee’s full-time Creative Director a few months ago. Kaitlyn has a passion for style, clean beauty, and trends. A true introverted extrovert (yes, that’s a thing!), you can find her either curled up with a good book and coffee or in search of Austin’s tastiest margarita!
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  1. HI Erin – I enjoy much of what you write but I must comment that I don’t see you as one to wear walmart clothes. I think you might come back with:: You ‘would’ definitely wear this or that and it’s sweet of you to think of “The Masses” as is said in the fashion world. I know you try to help Everyone but your readers really get that this is a walmart deal.

    1. Thanks, Marie! I genuinely love the Scoop line. And, I only feature things that I really love. As I mentioned in one of my first Walmart posts, I used to shop at Scoop whenever I could. It was a high-end boutique located in Manhattan that expanded to several other cities. I was excited to discover they created this accessible line at Walmart. I also think now… more than ever… it’s important to offer really affordable fashion options. Thanks! Erin xo
      Erin xo

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