How to Style a Blazer: styling blazers with over 40 fashion bloggers

How to Style a Blazer: Tips From 40+ Style Bloggers

One of my must-haves on my wardrobe basics checklist (which you get FREE when you subscribe here)… is a blazer. A blazer is also part of my go-to style uniform. (Figure out more your style uniform here). I think adding a blazer is one of the easiest ways to elevate your style, and look more polished and sophisticated.

I thought it would be really fun to share how some of my favorite 40+ style bloggers style their blazers! See some looks from these gorgeous ladies below.

Tips for Styling a Blazer 40+ Style Blogger In Men's Blazer with Button Up Shirt

#1 | @a_stylish_age

Violet makes her blazer look super cool and edgy with this look. I think she’s probably WAY cooler than I am. 😉  But, full disclosure, I’m not cool… like at all.

How to Style a Blazer 40+ Style Blogger Styleloving2 in an Offwhite Blazer With Distressed Jeans

#2 | @styleloving2

Karen is so chic in her light blazer. It really turns her whole look up a notch. You’ll notice without the blazer, she’s wearing very casual basics: jeans and a tee!

How to Style a Blazer 40+ Style Blogger larisa_straussguss wears a houndstooth blazer with cropped jeans

#3 | @larisa_straussguss

Larisa is a model based in Munich, Germany. She is GORGEOUS. Obviously. And she certainly knows how to elevate jeans with a chic, plaid blazer, and modern ankle strap pumps. P.S. I need these glasses!


How to Style a Blazer 40+ Style Blogger Confessionsofasuperager wears a black and white striped blazer with distressed jeans

#4| @confessionsofasuperager

I love how Isabella calls herself a super ager! GO, girl. She is 50 and rocking this striped blazer. I love her joyful spirit!

40+ style blogger themiddlepageblog wears a blazer with jeans

#5 | @themiddlepageblog

No one rocks a blazer quite like my saucy and stylish redheaded friend, Cathy! Blazers really suit her classic style (pun intended!)

How to Style a Blazer featuring over 40 fashion bloggers

#6 | @embracingfifty 

Valerie is from Scotland! She is also not afraid to add color to her wardrobe. I love how she paired her classic black blazer with her hot pink separates.

40+ Fashion Blogger classicvaleria in Blazer

#7 | @classicvaleria

Tatiana can rock a blazer, no doubt, but I also love how she takes risks. Her print and texture combinations are awesome!

40+ Fashion Blogger what_ser_wears in Blazer with Denim Jeans

#8 | @what_ser_wears

Sarah is a 42-year old working mom who always finds a way to look pulled together.

40+ Fashion Blogger Cursingballerina in Black Blazer with Pink Pants

#9 | @cursingballerina

Lou, the cursing ballerina, loves fashion and ballet…and cursing! Ha! Her style is really feminine. She also injects a lot of color and fun into her looks. I love how she styled her classic black blazer with these high-rise pink pants!

40+ Style Blogger soheatherblog in Blazer with Distressed Jeans

#10 | @soheatherblog

One of the only bloggers I know who can make blazers look sexy, my sweet and gorgeous friend, Heather. She loves rocking her blazers with body suits.

40+ Style Blogger streetstyleblog in Black blazer with denim jeans

#11 | @streetstylesquad

Tiffany adds Gucci accessories to her sophisticated and luxe blazer look. I know it may be hard to believe, but Tiffany is also in her 40’s!

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  1. Love this video… loved all the blazers ! Am i the only person in the world who is getting weary of ripped jeans?
    Love your ideas erin!

  2. Hi Erin,

    Thanks for you post on women oVer 40 wearing leopard print. I absolutely love the leopard print slides You’re wEarIng. Would you mind telling me whAt brand they are?

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    Carla Webb
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  3. Thank you, discovered the 40 plus style bloggers. ❤️ Very helpful to glean mature womens hip style so inspirational.

  4. I think the 4 b’s can take you anywhere! (Blazer/bluejeans/BUTTON DOWN/ballet flats)

    I’m thinking about buying a pair of really nice combat boots. Will you consider doing a style video with combat boots erin? Can I wear them to the office? If so, how? I’m 54.

    Thank you for SHARING all that you do. I think you’re AMAZING and your content has really helped me take my styLe up a notch whiLe staying AUTHENTIC to myself … loved the tiPs to stop comparing ourselves to Others. So … thank you!

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