The Best Ways To Elegantly Style Your Console Table

How to elegantly style your console table with natural elements, books, plants and a framed photo styled

How DO You Elegantly Style Your Console Table?

Whether your console table is in your entryway, behind your sofa, or below your staircase, it can often be one of the first things people see when they enter your home. You know what they say about first impressions! There truly is no “right” or “wrong” way to style your console table – you do you. But keep these tips in mind, and you will create a balanced and visually appealing tablescape.

When styling a black or dark wood console, add lighter décor pieces. Conversely, use contrasting pieces if your table is white or light wood. For a metallic or glass (considered “cold”) table, add décor with wooden and natural elements (considered warm) for contrast. This table has great reviews, and I love its antique yet traditional look. The lower shelf doubles the styling potential too. Bonus!

If there’s a wall behind your table, it’s equally as important to the overall design as the table itself. Large artwork or a mirror is my go-to. If you want to place artwork/photos above your console, check-out this post on how to create a gallery wall.

Here are some sound suggestions to get you started!

If you have any tips to share, please leave me a note in the comments below. I’m always eager to hear about YOUR ideas!
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Focal Point & Anchor Piece

Start by establishing a focal point with the largest piece you want to showcase. This can be a lamp, leaning artwork placed on the table, or a large vase. This anchor piece helps establish a color story and define the space. If your table is long, two lamps placed on either end provides symmetry. The anchor piece should not be higher than the artwork or mirror behind the table.

Beautiful Books

Next, consider adding some books to your table. Not only are they beautiful and interesting, but they act as a pedestal for smaller objects or vases, adding height. It’s very important to vary the height and scale of your items for visual interest. Stack them horizontally or vertically.

Add Texture

A wooden bowl or tray is the ideal landing place for keys, or to house small objects so they don’t look cluttered. Add texture with a grainy wooden bowl or tray that is a different tone than the table itself. Texture is key in making sure your table doesn't have a "one note" look. You gotta mix it up!

Organic Elements

Greenery warms up the table, offering a natural and organic element. Find branches or greens outdoors, or purchase artificial stems. Switch out your flowers, plants and greens seasonally. I love these vases from Pottery Barn. They have an old word look. Add some tall leafy greenery for height.

Bone Box

Bone boxes offer a perfect place to hide keys, matches, remote controls and other not-so-decorative items. Stack two, in varied sizes, on top of each other. Add a patterned bone box if your table is otherwise neutral. Create contrast with color, but make sure the items work cohesively!

A Personal Touch

Personalize your space with items form your travels, family photos, treasured antiques or items that tell YOUR story. You can easily mix these items with Target and Home Goods finds if you do it right. The key is to arrange your items in odd numbered groups - 1, 3 or 5. This conveys the look of a planned cluster rather than a random collection of knickknacks.

Down Under!

This is essential real estate! A lower shelf doubles your styling surface. No shelf? No problem! Use the flooring below as part of the overall design. Baskets provide storage for blankets, ottomans or poufs which offer additional seating when needed. To create symmetry, place two of the same baskets or poufs in this space.
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