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My Favorite Bikinis

Rock Your Two-Piece Swimsuit at Any Age

 Shopping Strategy

I’ll get to the bikinis in just a minute. First we need to discuss strategy. This is NOT the time to fly blind. Have a plan. Know your body. Know your brands.

BIG shout out to Helen Mirren for rocking the two piece and looking amazing! If you are feeling confident and great about yourself, there is NO reason why you can’t sport a bikini at ANY age!

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Bikinis, two pieces swimsuits, fashion blogger over 40, Erin busbee of wearing ruffle bandeau bikini top by Trina Turk and high waist ruched bottoms by Becca

My Body

Here’s what I know about my body… Since I have a square, athletic build with little definition in my waist, I tend to prefer a bikini because it creates more of an hourglass shape. I also prefer to add width or volume to my chest with wider straps, ruffles or a one shoulder top. I do not like straps that wrap around my torso since I have very little space between my bust and waist.

And… yes, I might be the whitest person ever.

Swimwear for women over 40, including bikinis like this one by Robin Piccone which offers more coverage than a typical bikini both in front and back. Fedora and straw black and tan bag finish off the look, perfect poolside or beach look!

Your Body

I could spend endless blogs delineating the differences between pieces and what you should look for, BUT I want to keep it simple cause I know you are busy.

What to Look For:

Here’s the headline: prints, ties, ruffles, straps, and sparkle all draw attention or add volume. Put those details on your best half… or on the half that needs volume to create balance. In other words, if you are small chested, that’s where you put the pizazz… to add volume. In contrast, if you have bigger hips, don’t wear string tie bottoms in a floral print. You with me??

If you want a modest coverage up top, look for a ruffle bandeau or one shoulder top. I have two tops like this and they cover everything (see photo above)!

Go To Brands

Take it from me, I’ve ordered DOZENS of swimsuits from all over, all different brands… stick with brands that work for YOU. When I go rogue, which happens quite often because reviewing and testing clothes is my gig, it’s not pretty.

My go-to brands are: Becca, Robin Piccone, Vix, Vitamin A, Oye, etc.

Bikinis, two pieces swimsuits, fashion blogger over 40, Erin busbee of, featuring Becca, Oye, Lisa Maria Fernandez, Mikoh, Vitamin A, Marysia

Many of these suits above are from Shopbop and on SALE! Use code, “GOBIG18” to save up to 25%!

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 & 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 

#2 is great if you are small chested. The top WILL fit. #3 is so glam and gorgeous! The ruffle shoulder will also create volume across the top.

#6 also has a matching rash guard option which I also own. Vitamin A is one of my favorite swim lines for bikinis. #7 is the perfect summer color. You can always build your own bikini. I would buy #8, the high waist bottoms, and mix with a bandeau top. I don’t love the top that goes with the set.

The print of #11 is so feminine and beautiful. #12 is SO sexy. I love the top!!

I think I need to buy #13 for our trip to Hawaii. Vix always makes SUPER sexy bikinis! I like #14‘s print. Size UP with Vix.

More Shopbop Sale Picks

The HUGE Shopbop sale is going on for ONLY a couple more days! This is the time to grab some key spring/summer pieces to give you wardrobe a refresh!
I would snag a pair of modern jeans, maybe a beautiful spring dress (above) and also a blazer or spring sweater. See my picks below.

Shop sale here.

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  1. Hi Erin,
    I enjoy your Youtube channel. My one problem is the price points of the items you recommend. Even the lower end prices can be expensive for a lot of people. There are a lot of fun ways to shop without spending much money. For example, Ebay, consignment stores, Poshmark. Also, just looking for sales, waiting until items go on clearance. But it is nice to see what the trends are.
    One thing I was wondering about, have you ever checked out Boden? They are a British catalog company that does carry a few pieces in Nordstrom and other high end stores. They have great sales and great swim suits in particular. I am 53 and I have been buying their bathing suits for years. They fit well, are up to date (fun) and a good deal, particularly when they go on sale. Just wondered what you thought of them?
    Keep up the good work.

    1. Agreed…those are ALL great ways to shop, Ann! I featured a post on eBay shopping recently. I also talk extensively about how to save money in my Style Reboot series and how to look expensive on a budget video. You can always take the ideas and modify them to fit your budget. I always try to offer more affordable options mixed with higher end. I love Boden for my kids, but I haven’t really tried the clothing or swimwear for myself. I’ll take a look, Ann. Thanks so much! Erin xo

  2. Great post Erin…thank you! I’m 56 and just returned from a holiday where I only wore 1-pieces because I love them and felt they were more age appropriate. But (please excuse my bluntness)…what a pain using the restroom! I’m now in the market for a bikini and my body type is similar to yours so these are some terrific options! I especially love #13…thanks again!

    1. Haha… I LOVE your bluntness. Agreed, two pieces are MUCH easier in the rest room and the high waist bottoms provide almost same coverage! Erin xo

  3. Can you give info on the striped suit you are wearing in the second photo? Suit in top photo is super cute as well if you could post the name/brand for that one as well?? Thanks!!

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