15+ Sexy Flattering Swimsuits For Women Over 40

Sexy Swimsuits Over 40? Yes, I Found The Best!

Whether you’re sitting by your pool, headed to the beach, lounging at the lake, or just laying out in your backyard pretending you’re somewhere tropical, I have the sexiest and most flattering swimsuits for you! Who else is planning to enjoy the sun on a beach somewhere this spring/summer?? These swimsuits will have you ready!

Flattering Swimsuits For Women Over 40

Flattering Swimsuits For Women Over 40Staud Short Sleeve Bikini Top & Swim Skirt

Sexy Flattering Swimsuits For Women Over 40

#1 | Staud Short Sleeve Bikini Top & Swim Skirt

Black and white is always a classic, chic, and flattering color combo and this swimsuit set by Staud is a great example of that! It has a sporty yet chic vibe and it’s supportive too. It’s also great for water activities given the added coverage. The top has a pinch-back clip for easy on/off and I really appreciate the extra arm coverage from the sleeves and higher neck. The skort bottoms look like a skirt but have boy shorts underneath so they offer great bum coverage. I also have the bikini bottoms in the same style. They offer a bit less coverage than the swim skirt, so it really just depends on your comfort level and your level of activity. Sizes keep going in and out of stock, so I’ll link similar options in this collection in case you love it as much as I do.

 black one piece swimsuit

black one piece swimsuit women over 40

black one piece swimsuit women over 40Robin Piccone Snap Front One-Piece

#2 | Robin Piccone Snap Front One-Piece

This sleek black one-piece offers that perfect blend of sophistication and sexy. It has a plunging V-neckline and raglan cap sleeves for a touch of arm coverage. I love the front snap closure and a cool open back cutout that gives it that extra something special!  The fabric has a ribbed texture, and it offers medium coverage on the bottom. This is that one-piece suit you’ll feel covered and confident in. A suit like this is great to pack for an upcoming vacation because you can throw it on under a skirt, breezy wide-leg pants, or a pair of shorts, and add some strappy sandals or wedges for a lunch or dinner look. It comes in a few different colors, so I’ll include those in the links below.

Flattering Swimsuits For Women Over 40

Flattering Swimsuits For Women Over 40Flattering Swimsuits For Women Over 40

#3 | Milly Beach Diva One-Piece

The name of this Milly swimsuit says it all…”Diva”. This beautiful red and white one-piece has a chic cutout in the center with a universally flattering deep V neckline. The straps are removable, but I like that they help keep everything secure so you can do activities without worrying about adjusting your swimsuit. It has great coverage in the back and I’m loving the pattern and color pop! If you already have your basic black swimsuit, this would be a fun one to mix things up a bit! Such a glam and sexy swimsuit that doesn’t show too much skin. The fit is true to size; I’m wearing a small.

Bikini over 40 featuring the Hunga Z tan bandeau bikini

flattering swimsuits for women One Size Fits All Bikini

#4 | One Size Fits All Hunza G Bikini

You read that correctly! This bikini comes in one size that’s designed to fit UK sizes 6-14. I was skeptical at first but was pleasantly surprised. The fit is SO good on this Hunza G 2-piece bathing suit. All of Hunza G’s swimsuits are one size fits all so if you’re interested in taking a look at the other styles, I linked some favorites below and you can find more here.
This bikini top is a bandeau style with a pretty tortoiseshell ring at the bust that adds a little something extra. The all-over smocking is super flattering and I love the metallic brown color against my skin tone. The bikini bottom has medium coverage, but I feel very comfortable in them! They aren’t high-rise so that’s a consideration if you’re worried about a tummy. And they have the same cool tortoise rings at the hip.

sexy swimsuits over 40

best bikinis over 40

Vix Bikini | Flattering Swimsuits For Women Over 40

#5 | Sexy Vix Bikini

Vix is known for their ultra-sexy bikinis and this color-blocked bikini is no exception! I love the unexpected pink, orange, and green color combination. The gold studs also add a little edginess. The bikini bottom has medium coverage on the rear but because it has string ties on the side it feels a little more risqué. The top has decent coverage depending on your bust size. I wore this on a trip to Utah with my husband, Chris, last spring. If you have a couples trip coming up, Vix is a great swimsuit brand to consider. I ordered one size up to a medium for the top and the bottoms to add some extra room and coverage (instead of my normal size small). This exact suit is no longer available, but I’ll link some similar options that are equally as sexy and have a little extra va va va voom!

brown strappy one-piece swimsuit

brown strappy one-piece | Flattering Swimsuits For Women Over 40 Strappy One Piece swimwear | Flattering Swimsuits For Women Over 40

#6 | Strappy One Piece

This one-piece is super flattering AND sexy! I love how the straps go all the way down the front and back. You would think that it feels less secure…but the fit and fabric are so nice that you feel completely sucked in and safe! I also love the gold grommet details on the front. It makes the suit look even more luxe. This exact one-piece is from a few seasons back and unfortunately sold out, but I linked this year’s version of the swimsuit that has the same sexy strap look! Sharing more swimsuits by the brand below…

Shop more by Bleu by Rod Beattie here.

Ruffled Two Piece

#7 | Ruffled Two Piece

This swimsuit is the perfect example of finding a swimsuit that works for YOUR body. A ruffled top works so well for me because it really builds up my narrow shoulders, and in contrast, makes my waistline look smaller… not to mention the drama!! Johanna Ortiz makes beautiful swimsuits with chic design details. If you’re headed on a special honeymoon trip or just want to treat yourself to a new, glam swimsuit, this is the brand to shop! I love the blue and white pattern on this suit, the beautiful ruffle detail, and the secure, flattering high-waisted bottoms. This exact suit is sold out, but I linked more Johanna Ortiz swimsuits below.

Shop more by Johanna Ortiz here, and here.

By the way, you can find everything you need to know about determining your body shape here.

Ruffle One Piece | Flattering Swimsuits For Women Over 40

#8 | Ruffled One Piece

Did I mention I love Johanna Ortiz swimsuits?? This is another one-piece swimsuit by Johanna Ortiz. As you can see, I’m sticking with the ruffles because they WORK on me! This swimsuit is even more waist-defining because of the braided detail. The braided waistband highlights the thinnest part of my torso while the ruffles on top build the shoulders. It’s such a pretty and flattering one-piece! Unfortunately, it’s sold out, but I linked a few similar swimsuits below that have the same ruffle and waist-defining details…and a look-for-less option as well!

blue Becca one piece with plunge neckline Blue Becca One Piece | Flattering Swimsuits For Women Over 40

#9 | Blue Becca One Piece

This one-piece is by Becca, is a few years old but remains one of my favorites. They make beautiful suits that are SO flattering and really make you feel sucked in and confident! The lace panels and cutouts are strategically placed for a super-slimming effect. Just trust me! This suit is a best-seller every year. This exact suit comes in a bunch of colors too!

Shop more Becca swimsuits here.

Halter Neck One Piece | Flattering Swimsuits For Women Over 40

#10 | Halter Neck One Piece

I LOVE this beautiful retro, one-piece, halter-neck swimsuit by Norma Kamali! It looks like a throwback to the ’50s and ’60s. I feel so chic and sexy in this swimsuit and the allover ruching makes it super flattering. I also love the sexy deep v and mesh overlay. This is a standout swimsuit! It makes you look AND feel good. The exact suit is no longer available in this ivory mesh color, but it comes in black mesh, and there are similar versions in black, white, and chocolate…I personally love the black mesh option!

Shop more Norma Kamali swimwear here.

We also feature this suit in our swimsuits for menopausal bodies post which has some amazing tips. You can check it out here.

Black Ruffle Two Piece w/ High Waist Bottoms

#11 | Black Ruffle Two Piece w/ High Waist Bottoms

First I want to talk about these bottoms…they’re by Becca and I’ve had them for years. They have ruching that’s so flattering, and I love that they’re high-waisted! It has the perfect amount of tummy control without feeling too sucked in. This bandeau-style bikini top by Trina Turk is so cute and another piece I’ve had for a few years. I love the ruffle and think this is a great top to have in your swimsuit wardrobe to pull out and mix and match with other bottoms! This suit travels with me on nearly all my warm-weather trips because I feel super confident and secure in it!

Find more of my favorite bikini brands in this post!

becca ruched bikini | Flattering Swimsuits For Women Over 40 swimsuits over 40

over 40 swimwear

gold collar bikini top

#12 | High Waist Bottoms & Sexy Gold Collar Bikini Top

I’m wearing the same high-waisted Becca bottoms as the previous look, but this time I paired them with a sexy bikini top by Beach Bunny. This top has a super chic gold collar that makes it feel very glam! I just wanted to show you how you can easily match tops and bottoms from different brands and how an eye-catching detail can really turn up the sexy volume on a basic black swimsuit. This exact bikini top is from two seasons ago and no longer available, but I found a similar option and linked it below. If you’re looking for a glam bikini top for your next vacation, it’s a stunning option!

Amazon Bikini | Flattering Swimsuits For Women Over 40

#13 | Amazon Bikini

Next…the famous $26 Amazon swimsuit! I did an entire post on this swimsuit five (yes 5!) years ago. When I ordered it, I thought it wouldn’t be flattering or cute at all…but it is! I now have it in three colors. You can read my full review of this magical Amazon bikini here. Plus, if white isn’t your bikini color of choice, there are a bunch of other options to choose from.

Vitamin A Bikini

#14 | Vitamin A Bikini

This Vitamin A swimsuit is one I’ve taken on many trips. It’s SO sexy! Vitamin A is a go-to brand that I check for sexier bikini options. These bottoms are full coverage but the rings on the hips make it feel much sexier. The top also has excellent coverage… or great coverage for a triangle top. Both pieces are sold out, but I linked more of my favorites by Vitamin A below…
Shop more by Vitamin A here.

Vix Swimsuit

#15 | Vix Swimsuit

Here’s another EXTRA sexy swimsuit by Vix. This suit is actually sexy and super chic with the cool cutout details. When I’m shopping for a bikini, I look for interesting details. This has waxed rope trim, and gold bead accents…such fun touches. The bottoms have moderate coverage.

Pink Bikini over 40

#16 | Robine Piccone Pink Bikini

This is another older swimsuit, but I wanted to share it because there are some really flattering takeaways that you can apply to similar suits. For starters, the color is gorgeous! If you already have your basic neutral, black, or navy swimsuit, consider dialing things up a notch with something in this pretty pink color. I also love that the top has sleeves (extra coverage from the sun is always a plus!), and the high waist is flattering and makes me feel a bit more secure in the tummy area. Sharing a few similar Robin Piccone suits below…and don’t forget that look #2 is also by Robin Piccone if you prefer a one-piece.

Shop more by Robin Piccone here.

white mesh OYE one piece swimsuit in Moab

#17 | Sheer One Piece

This is one of my favorites because it’s SO glam! It’s a gorgeous sheer one-piece by OYE. While this is an older suit, sheer everything is SO on-trend right now, I just had to share. While I couldn’t seem to find this exact suit by OYE, there are many beautiful suits with sheer details to choose from. Sheer panels give you that sexy look without actually showing a ton of skin. When it comes to white suits and the see-through factor…I think this depends on what you have going on downstairs. If you are a full, 70’s-style kind of girl, you may have some issues with the suit being see-through. Otherwise, I think you’ll be just fine. 😉 Linking some chic sheer suits below.

Striped Belted Swimsuit

#18 | Striped Belted Swimsuit

This is an older suit by Solid & Striped, but it’s still available in black and white…and I absolutely love it! The scoop neckline adds length and can help to minimize a bigger bust. It also pulls double duty and enhances a smaller bust because it scoops so low (showing a little cleavage). But, it’s really the belt that makes the suit! I felt like a Bond girl wearing this bad boy on the beach!

Shop more by Solid & Striped here.

More Swimsuits For Women Over 40

More Swimsuits For Women Over 40

My go-to brands are BeccaRobin Piccone, and Staud. These are ideal for women over 40. Not too skimpy. For bikinis, I love Vix and Vitamin A. These two brands routinely have less coverage, though. Find more swim-related content in the blog posts below.

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How to Measure For Swimsuit?

How to Measure For Swimsuit?

Choosing swimwear and the right size for your body as older women can be SO difficult. Choosing swimwear at any age can be difficult, really! Especially when you factor in vanity sizing, the difference between one-piece bathing suits and two-piece bathing suits sizing, and the fact that every swimwear brand has different sizing…the world really isn’t making it easy on us. That’s why it’s so important to try out brands to find out which ones work best for your body. The ones I listed above are my go-to brands not only because of style, but because they fit my body!

I have two main tips for deciding what size swimsuit you need to order…and yes, I said order because there’s no need to put yourself through the torture of trying on swimsuits in a store dressing room! Trust me, order online, try on at home, and return what doesn’t work. Back to my tips…#1) Know your measurements and #2) read the size chart on the website. It’s that simple! Knowing your measurements is SO important for knowing your body shape and reading the sizing chart is so important for knowing how a brand runs. Okay, so how do you measure your body? This post gives detailed instructions for taking your measurements. Start there. Another piece of helpful info when it comes to swimsuits is how to measure torso length. So make sure you watch my video on how to determine if you have a long or short torso here.

What Color of Swimsuit Is Most Flattering?

What Color of Swimsuit Is Most Flattering?

What color of swimsuit is most flattering for you ultimately depends on your skin color and skin tones. There are entire social accounts dedicated to color theory, finding your perfect colors, etc. But I don’t believe in all of that. All you have to do is hold a piece of clothing up to your face and if it makes you look brighter and more youthful, that’s a great color for you! For example, I know that colors like yellow, green, blue, and pink not only make me feel happy but also work really well with my skin tone.

Of course, when it comes to swimsuit colors…you can’t go wrong with black! But sometimes we want to have some fun with our swimwear colors, right? Some universally flattering colors regardless of whether you have dark skin, light skin, or are somewhere in between…jewel tones! Think emerald green, navy, maroon, red, dark burnt orange, etc.

So, what is your go-to swimwear brand??? Do NOT keep that to yourself. Please share in the comments.

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  1. I especially love the Becca and the Norma Kamali suits. I am going to check both those links out. I also love Gottex suits as I look best with an underwire bathing suit. I avoid bikinis now, but they once were my best look, lol. This is great and as usual Erin looks beautiful in all of these styles. Brava! xo

  2. You all should do a thing on ERES. Yes, they are ridiculously priced. As in insane for a bathing suit. But…I have never found a more flattering suit in my life (it was what Charlotte was wearing in first Sex and the City movie – the one piece). I have several and one is over 15 years old and not even a little stretched out or anything. So, price per wear is amazing!!! One piece, high waist, little bikini, they have it all and top and bottom are separate so perfect for boy shaped 51 year old. Hint: net a porter has best prices because they sell as a set.

    1. Thanks so much for the suggestion, Sherry! Sounds like a great brand…I’ll have to try them out! ~Erin xo

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