Ultimate House Tour: My Favorite Furniture and Home Decor

Telluride Home Tour 2020

I did ONE video about our new modern, mountain house right after we first bought it more than two years ago… and then nada, nothing, no home content… until now. That’s because I just haven’t had the time or energy to make changes. Well, the silver lining of quarantine…? I’ve been spending SO much time at home, I finally added those simple, but essential home decor touches I’ve been wanting to find for years. Come along on a tour below of our modern townhome in Telluride, Colorado!!

House Tour modern mountain townhome Telluride Colorado

kitchen counter House Tour modern mountain townhome Telluride Colorado

kitchen island House Tour modern mountain townhome Telluride Colorado

WHY We Bought This House

Location, location, location! We live in a three-story townhouse by the ski trail. We loved the location and house so much, we decided that if we are going to move to a resort town, why not live a resort-like lifestyle! Go ALL in, so to speak. It does feel like you are on a permanent vacation… especially during ski season when we can just walk out our door, walk and few steps, and ski down the mountain. The kids can also walk to the gondola and take the gondola to school. It’s such a great spot! We feel so lucky to live here. I’m not sure we will stay in this house longer-term, but for now, it’s just perfect.

After living in a more rustic home filled with over-sized, Texas Hill Country furniture… it has also been a REALLY nice change to live in such a modern home. Our two homes couldn’t be more different.

family living room House Tour modern mountain townhome Telluride Colorado

Our Main Living Area

We bought our house furnished. Since Telluride is a huge resort town, most of the homes are furnished. And when you sell them, you sell them furnished too. We basically sold everything we had in our Texas house when we moved here. We may have even sold too much! Some things …I’m like…hey… where did THAT go? And, why the heck did we sell it??? It was like a fast, flash home sale!

In our new home, I really love most of the main furnishings, but it still needed some TLC and personal touches. Here are the small things we did in order to make our modern house feel more like our home.

modern lamp on side table House Tour modern mountain townhome Telluride Colorado

sequin throw pillow in chair

sequin throw pillow on couch House Tour modern mountain townhome Telluride Colorado

Lamps & Pillows

I swapped out the existing throw pillows for some Cloud9 Design elegant pillows (pictured above). I really wanted to add some glamour with sequins and metallic shades. I really love this line. I also bought a new glass and silver lamp. The one before was too rustic. This lamp added another dash of glamour and sophistication. I also eliminated a lot of the ski-themed decor, which was super cute, but not for your regular home. (You can see some of it in our banquette below)

I did a whole post on unique, standout lamps here. There are so many elegant, sophisticated options in this post that will add glamour to your master bedroom, living room, or entryway/hallway.

coffee table decor in family room House Tour modern mountain townhome Telluride Colorado

coffee table decor coffee table books in tray with plants

glass candle hurricane in tray on dining room table House Tour modern mountain townhome Telluride Colorado

hexagon hive bee drink coasters

Coffee & Dining Tables

I changed the coffee table decor, adding a metallic tray and some white vases, all varying heights. To make one of the vases a little taller, I set it on top of some coffee table books. We have one book about Telluride and a couple of others that we love. Books are great for adding height and just a personal touch. On our dining table, I bought another tray. This one is narrow and skinnier, like the table and also white. I put glass hurricanes and candles inside the tray and the most adorable bee coasters that my Creative Director, Kaitlyn bought me as a gift!

Find tips on how to properly decorate your coffee table here.

comfy living room chairs and couch in family room House Tour modern mountain townhome Telluride Colorado

linen sofas, large gray wood coffee table, white vases from west elm, and gray leather club chairs from restoration hardware with cloud9 designs pillows

Sofa & Chairs

The sofa and club chairs are from Restoration Hardware. I linked some similar pieces below. The barstools are SO good! I linked those too. And I also really love this blue geometric rug.
Find more accent chairs that are stylish and comfortable in this post.

faux fiddle leaf fig tree and silver midcentury pot from west elm

palm frond in vase on floor House Tour modern mountain townhome Telluride Colorado

Tall Vase & Plants

To cover a giant surge protector in one of our outlets, I bought a tall white vase and put some preserved palm leaves in it. It added some warmth while also solving a problem. I am a HUGE fan of plants, but I will kill every single one of them so I only buy fake plants. I find the best ones at West Elm and Pottery Barn. I usually go for something tall and slender like the tree above so it doesn’t take up too much floor space. And, a MUST is a great pot to put it in. I love this silver mid century modern planter pictured above.

Sharing where to find the best artificial plants in this post.

tin mirror hanging on a stone wall House Tour modern mountain townhome Telluride Colorado

tin mirror hanging on a stone wall cascading chandelier over staircase

My Mirror

I’ve had this antique tin mirror since I lived in my studio apartment on the upper west side in New York City…so I bought it almost 20 years ago!! I remember picking it out at the flea market on Sunday. I even remember the name of the shop. You can find some similar mirrors here. I put some other standout mirror options below.  It’s amazing how something like a mirror can make me feel more at home here in Telluride. I love seeing a piece I’ve had for so many years hanging in our living space!

I share more about finding the perfect mirror in this post.

open shelving over coffee bar House Tour modern mountain townhome Telluride Colorado

open shelving brass copper moscow mule cups coffee mugs

Coffee Bar

I literally stared at wine glasses and booze for a year and a half and one day I looked over and thought, huh… I don’t drink. In fact, I haven’t had a drop of alcohol in 10 years. WHY am I keeping this area as a wet bar?? So I decided to turn this into something I can actually use! It’s now a coffee, tea, cocoa, and sparkling water bar and I use it EVERY SINGLE DAY. And, every day it makes me happy. Amazing how one small change can really make a difference in your day-to-day.

See all of our coffee bar details in this post.

kitchen nook with sectional House Tour modern mountain townhome Telluride Colorado


When we first moved in, I wondered if we would use our Banquette seating. Well, to my surprise, we sure do! It’s where we eat most of our dinners and play all of our board games. Monopoly and Clue are the games we play most often. I used the throw pillows from the sofas and added them to the Banquette seating to make it more inviting and cozy.
Sharing more about our banquette seating and other dining options here.

Modern kitchen in townhouse in telluride, colorado

blue and white ikat kitchen rug runner by stove House Tour modern mountain townhome Telluride Colorado

waterfall kitchen island white leather bar stools House Tour modern mountain townhome Telluride Colorado


In the kitchen, we really didn’t have to do much. I always have a white orchid on the counter because I love them so much. I also love our modern, white bar stools with low backs. The low backs really make such a difference. In our Texas house, we had huge, rustic, copper bar stools and they always felt so large and hard to move. These barstools are lightweight and they don’t obstruct the view. I love to be in the kitchen and look out at the mountains.

I did a whole post about how to pick out the BEST kitchen runners here. In addition to helpful tips, I share more of my favorite runner rug finds!

If you’re looking for more bar stools, use my two easy steps for finding the perfect bar stools for your space, and shop my favorites by your personal interior design style here.

zebra pint runner rug in blue and white


This is our hallway from the living area. And, this is blue and white zebra print rug is one of my favorite runners. I also put a faux tree in the corner. The great thing about our stone wall is that you don’t really have to worry about wall art.

wall gallery with 4 frames from pottery barn in hallway House Tour modern mountain townhome Telluride Colorado

wall gallery with 4 frames from pottery barn in hallway wall gallery with 4 frames from pottery barn in hallway

blue cowhide hallway runner rug

faux cactus in modern home hallway

Modern Lamps, modern lamp on entryway console in modern mountain home in Telluride, Colorado

2nd Floor Hallway

On our second floor in the hallway, there are a few things I added. I wanted to have more pictures of the family, so I printed 8 x 10’s of some of my favorite family photos on some of our favorite trips and framed them. I also bought a new blue hallway runner made out of cowhide which is really unique, an industrial style console table, and I also added another faux plant. This one is a tall cactus. The painting in the hallway is by my mother-in-law who was a wonderful artist.

If you’re looking for more popular sunburst mirrors like the one above, check out this post.

master bedroom decor House Tour modern mountain townhome Telluride Colorado

master bedroom blue and white throw pillows on white bedspread

master bedroom decor white room modern in telluride, colorado

master bedroom decor cowhide bench at end of bed

brown leather chair master bedroom decor House Tour modern mountain townhome Telluride Colorado

Master Bedroom

In our master bedroom, I made a bunch of changes. I swapped out bedding to a brighter, lighter white. I added white euro shams to match, and blue and white throw pillows. I bought a new leather, club chair, and added a modern, curved floor lamp to our small sitting area. I also added the coolest blue cowhide rug to add color and contrast to the room. This one is by Exquisite rugs and it is… well…exquisite! You can hardly believe it’s cowhide. I also bought the white and silver bench for the end of the bed. The pieces that were here before were HUGE and took up way too much space.

I shared a bunch of additional, beautiful, end-of-bed bench options in this post.

master bedroom decor white room modern in telluride, colorado

burl wood console table with framed family photos master bedroom decor

coffee table book stack on burl wood console table

 Console Table

I bought the same console table that is in the hallway for our master bedroom. I had a whole wall to fill that was completely blank so I added the table and two more of the same Pottery Barn over-sized frames over the table. You can also try a lamp on your console table to add height, but I really wanted to see pictures of the family while I was lying in bed. It makes me smile! Again, I used books as table decor as well as faux plants and a pewter tray (bottom of table).

floor mirror industrial from west elm and faux tree in a basket

Floor Mirror

I love the popular mirror that you see blowing up your IG feed (Linked here). But it’s a little too feminine for me so I decided to go for a more industrial-inspired floor mirror. It also matches the console table.

outdoor patio space with mountain views

Our Patio

My next project is out outdoor patio you see above. I bought a rug (pictured) and a BUNCH of other pieces to transform this space. I can’t wait to show you the finished patio!! Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter here so you know when I publish the BIG reveal!!

modern home decor ideas with blogger Erin Busbee in Telluride, Colorado

More Home Ideas!

You made it! That was a LONG post. I wanted to let you know we have a LOT more home content coming… tips to help you decorate your coffee table, benches for the end of your bed, glamorous lamps to add some sparkle to your space, and much, much more!! Do you have a home decor or home furniture request? Please share that in the comments below.

If you liked this post, please share it using the buttons below! Pin it, tweet it, share it, email it…however you want to share, we appreciate it! And don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter for even more incredible style resources. Thank you so much for stopping by!

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