Why Our Banquette Is The Most Family-Friendly Seating Option In the House

When we first moved in, I wondered if our family would use the banquette seating near our kitchen. Well, to my surprise, we sure do! It’s become one of our favorite places to gather as a family. I’m sharing details about our banquette area, why banquette seating is a nice option, other seating options, and things to think about when planning your dining room seating.

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family friendly kitchen banquette seating with table for family meals

Why A Banquette?

If you have the space and aren’t sure what to do with it, I highly recommend a table with banquette seating. Here’s why…

  • Fills a cozy nook and adds maximum seating (if you can find a banquette with extra storage…even better!)
  • Saves space when a traditional dining table and chairs won’t fit
  • Offers more seating than a traditional table and chairs
  • Great for containing kids during meals because it’s tougher for them to get out
  • Easy gathering space for meals, games, conversations, kids crafts/homework, etc.
  • You can make it look luxe OR cozy…or both!
  • It’s an extra place to throw pillows from the couch if we don’t want to use them

family friendly kitchen banquette seating with table for family meals

How We Use Our Banquette on a Daily Basis

We eat most of our meals at our banquette and there are many family game nights around this table! Our favorites right now are Monopoly and Clue…I love seeing how competitive the kids get (just like their mom ;)). The kids can slide in while Chris and I sit in the two chairs on the outside in case we need to run to the kitchen for something. It’s a cozy space that’s great for conversation, meals, and for the kids to do their homework! I also love that it’s a mix of the charm and modern styling that I’ve tried to incorporate throughout the rest of the house.

dining room seating options for family homes dining table and kitchen counter bar stools

Other Seating Options

Think about your space and how to maximize seating while keeping the layout of your home in mind. Some other seating options include:

  • Formal Dining– Large rectangular table with up to 12 often in it’s own dedicated space. 
  • Pass-Through Dining– Large to medium table that seats up to 8, usually includes a buffet on one side and/or sofa on another side of the room. A pass-through room is a room that doesn’t necessarily have a specific function and may have a unique layout that people pass through on their way to another room.
  • Dual Purpose Dining– Smaller dining table that seats 6-10 (space dependent) on one side of the room and living space with a sofa on the other side. This is great for open concept living spaces and is often less formal. 

formal dining room table seating with kitchen counter bar stools family friendly for kids

Things To Think About When Planning Dining Room Seating

Again, this all depends on your space and layout, but some things to consider when deciding on what seating you want for your dining room…

  • Table Shape – Options include large rectangle, small rectangle, round, elongated oval, square, or free-form
  • Table Placement – If you have a formal dining room, place the table in the center of the room. If you have an open-concept space, think about sitting up your table as a focal point and evenly distributing the space between living and dining. For smaller spaces, consider putting the table in front of a wall, windows, or under a light fixture.
  • Chairs – Options include all matching chairs, mismatched chairs, armchairs, side chairs, Parsons chairs, Windsor chairs, settee, or banquette.
  • Rugs – You don’t have to, but adding a rug defines the space. As you can see, we don’t have a rug under our banquette so it’s really a personal preference! If you do choose a rug, find one that’s easy to clean since it will be under a space that’s prone to spills and dropped food.
  • Extras – If you have a bigger space, consider things like buffet tables, sideboards, china cabinets, and lighting to bring the space together.

Is there another home decor related topic you would like us to cover?? Please share in the comments below.  For more home inspiration, be sure to check out my full home tour post and video here.

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  1. I am glad you get so much use ouT if your banquette. I have always wondered if they made sense because the tables don’t seem like they fiT just right. Glad to know that isn’t an issue.

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