How To Update A Wet Bar To Be Family-Friendly

I’ve talked about how I don’t drink alcohol multiple times on YouTube and Instagram. It’s actually been a little over 10 YEARS since I’ve consumed alcohol!

Since I don’t drink, my husband rarely drinks, and we have young kids, I decided to transform the wet bar in our home into a beverage bar that we could all use.

See how I turned a traditional wet bar into a useful family-friendly beverage station below…

Find my full home tour here.

Coffee wet bar Bar, how to update wet bar to family friendly coffee bar, copper mugs, coffee machine

What’s A Wet Bar?

If you’re unfamiliar with what a wet bar is, it’s a small area with counter space and a sink, traditionally used for making alcoholic beverages. Sometimes, it also has a small fridge. We have two refrigerator drawers. A dry bar is similar but does not include a sink. Usually, a wet bar is stocked with alcohol, barware, and other cocktail mixing must-haves. Since we don’t need any of that, here’s how I changed it up…

how to update wet bar into family friendly coffee bar, carbonator, coffee maker, espresso machine, mugs

how to update wet bar into family friendly coffee bar, carbonator, coffee maker, espresso machine, mugs

coffee mugs on open shelving above wet bar

nespresso pods keurig pods on wet bar coffee bar carbonator on wet bar or coffee station

Our New Coffee Bar

I turned our wet bar into a coffee bar! We have a coffee maker, espresso machine, and carbonation system! Now, in the mornings or during that afternoon lull, I can head over to our wet bar and make my coffee! I also like to drink tea and the kids love to indulge in some hot chocolate.

By moving the coffee makers to the wet bar, I’m also saving space in the kitchen…specifically on the counters.

The carbonator is an easy way for me to make some sparkling water. I can enjoy my bubbly water and not feel like I’m adding plastic or glass to the recycle bin.

If you have a small fridge in your wet bar, you can stock it with juice or drinks for the kiddos. I also keep my coconut milk in the fridge for my morning coffee.

Is our wet bar missing anything? Please let us know in the comments below! For more home inspiration, be sure to check out my full home tour post and video here.

Thank you for stopping by!

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