Everyday Women. Extraordinary Style.

Like many of you, I’m juggling a house, husband, kids, and a full-time job. I’m also struggling with many of the same issues. The biggest…? Finding time to tackle it all, and realizing it’s okay to put your needs first once in a while.

While I look far from perfect most days, I have perfected the art of easy, attainable style for busy, everyday women. It comes down to having the right pieces in your wardrobe and knowing how they work best on your body.

It is my mission to not only remind you that it is okay to take time for you, but also to help you achieve amazing style that is simple, affordable, and works for your size, shape and lifestyle.

Everyday women can have extraordinary style!

Must-Have Jewelry & Shoes For Every Woman – In Case You Missed It on YouTube


Both of these videos are both MUST-SEES.

They show you the MUST-HAVES for shoes, boots and jewelry.

I cover only the basics… what every woman should have in her closet.

If you haven’t subscribed to my YouTube channel yet, make sure you subscribe! You don’t want to miss important content like this.

I definitely post different styling tips on each platform.

Thank you for watching, subscribing and supporting me on my mission!!

Love to you all… Erin xo

How To Wear A Chunky Knit Sweater – 3 WAYS!

Blogging is still such a new ‘business’ … it’s really important to network.

You have to connect with other bloggers, and brainstorm ways to make your business work.

Enter fellow 40+, fashion bloggers Tanya Foster of Film+Fashion+Fun, and Heather Anderson of Style By Fluent.

After several months of corresponding with these two gorgeous, Dallas-based fashionistas, I decided it was time to get in my car and go meet them!

I am SO glad that I did.

We had a street style shoot (below) to show you 3 ways to wear a chunky knit sweater.

Then… we all sat down and ate some delicious Greek food.

You never know what the conversation is going to be like with new people.

We all just talked and talked…about everything! From husbands, to kids, to blogging (like we’d known each other for years.)

It is so wonderful to meet other women who get you, support you, and you feel and instant connection with.

I’m happy to say, I now consider both Tanya and Heather…good friends!

Hope you like these fab ladies as much as I do.

Erin xo



















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New Fall Fashion Editorial, Styled By Me!

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In the last week, I’ve had an ER visit, two cases of croup, and three all nighters with sick kids. It’s been a little rough around here at the Busbee household so my apologies for the delay in posting new blogs. BUT, I promise more are coming! I just shot...

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