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Like many of you, I’m juggling a house, husband, kids, and a full-time job. I’m also struggling with many of the same issues. The biggest…? Finding time to tackle it all, and realizing it’s okay to put your needs first once in a while.

While I look far from perfect most days, I have perfected the art of easy, attainable style for busy, everyday women. It comes down to having the right pieces in your wardrobe and knowing how they work best on your body.

It is my mission to not only remind you that it is okay to take time for you, but also to help you achieve amazing style that is simple, affordable, and works for your size, shape and lifestyle.

Everyday women can have extraordinary style!

What To Look For In A Fall/Winter Coat

Celine Fall RTW 2014, Photo Courtesy Of: Style.com

Celine Fall RTW 2014, Photo Courtesy Of: Style.com

A coat is a big purchase.

They are more expensive than most pieces of you own, and you usually wear them for years. You really want to strategically and carefully pick out your coat.  I was recently at a Fashion Group International FALL FASHION Trends event and wanted to share some of the predominant outerwear trends with you.

Before I begin, I should say, don’t feel compelled to buy a ‘trendy’ coat. A well-made, classic coat is probably a smarter investment and one that you will wear for a long time.

That said, it’s always interesting to modernize your wardrobe and add some fresh elements to your look. A coat can elevate any day-to-day look. Think of it as the icing on the cake. Without it… the cake just doesn’t taste as good.


These are so chic, elegant and feminine. I absolutely LOVE the camel hair coat (above) by Celine. You can find one that is similar for a much more affordable price. Be sure to check my options below.


This is a trend that started a few years back and is still going strong. If you want your jacket to last longer, look for a piece with fewer details and minimal hardware. I have a faux leather jacket I bought in Israel in 2010 and I STILL love it and wear it. Once you find one you love, buy it, and don’t look back!


Here’s another piece that’s been around for a few years and is still incredibly sophisticated and chic. I wore mine throughout my pregnancy with my daughter and I still wear it today (well, not quite yet this season because it’s still 90 degrees here, but I plan to wear it when there is even a hint of a chill in the air.)


If I were still living in upstate New York, I would be all over the shearling. Look for shearling details, like a collar, pockets or trim.


This is a fairly new trend and I’m guessing that since it’s in the early stages, it’ll be here for a while. I can’t say it’s my favorite. I really like to highlight a woman’s body, but this coat has its benefits as it pretty much hides everything! Make sure you wear this piece with some tailored or fitted pants to offset the volume.

6) FUR

Whether it’s the real deal or a fabulous faux, fur is not going anywhere. This season, look for a fur with a print, or a bold color.


It never goes out of style. It just happens to be very much on trend at the moment. Cheetah, leopard, zebra… pick an animal.


Skip matte and opt for high gloss puffers this season. I always check to see what Moncler is doing with the puffer and then find a similar version for a much more affordable price.


Thank you SO much for reading my blog and shopping through my links. I make a small commission on each purchase. I really appreciate your support!



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Fall Fashion Must-Haves – Featuring Harper’s BAZAAR Editor Avril Graham

2015 Le Vian Red Carpet Revue

It’s not everyday you get to meet the fashion editor of a major fashion publication in San Antonio.

SO… when I saw that Harpers BAZAAR Executive Fashion & Beauty Editor, Avril Graham, was scheduled to speak at Neiman Marcus for a David Yurman in-store event, it was a no brainer.

I had to go.

I felt a bit stalker-y waiting in the wings, for my chance to speak with Ms. Graham.

Everybody was crowding around her.

I played it cool and kept my distance, while carefully watching for a brief opening.

Oh, the poor thing… she barely had a second to catch her breath before I pounced.

I enthusiastically regaled her with my story, and peppered her with my reporter-like questions (no doubt highly annoying.)

But, Avril was just as generous with me as she had been with all the other adoring fans.

The outcome of my in-store, stealthy stalking was worth it.

I gleaned Avril’s expert, fall fashion picks!

Here are her must-haves:

burberry global print coat

Burberry Prorsum Fall 2014 RTW, Photo Courtesy of Style.com

1) Global Print Coat - Avril specifically mentioned Burberry Prorsum.

Global, tribal, geometric, camo, plaid… if you like prints, this is the season for you!

A statement coat really elevates your day-to-day look.



 2) Sleeveless, Tailored Jacket

Full disclosure… I was not aware of this piece, and I had to look it up.

But, Avril is on the front lines and if she says it’s a must… it’s a MUST!



3) Gray Coat

In case you didn’t already know, gray is THE color of the season…!

If you don’t want to invest in a heavy coat here in San Antonio, try a cape or lightweight wool.



4) Chunky Gray Knit

I remember LOVING my chunky, JCrew cable knit sweaters in college (90’s).

Now these yummy knits are back, and being paired with more elegant pieces, like skirts and dresses.



5) A Piece from the Venetian Quatrefoil Collection by David Yurman

It was a David Yurman event, so you knew there would be a Yurman in the mix! But, just think about what an innovator David Yurman is… the first designer to make ‘very wearable fine jewelry’.

I can’t tell you how many clients I have worked with that keep boxes and boxes of fine jewelry tucked away in their top drawers, never to see the light of day.

Investing in ‘wearable fine jewelry’ is smart!

And it’s classic enough to pass down from generation to generation.



6) Fur with Purpose

I know… I asked the same question. What does that mean?

I’m still not 100% sure, but I think it means a statement fur or a fur with some type of unusual texture, color or cutouts.



Special thanks to Avril Graham for your patience and kindness. I am a huge fan of yours and Harpers Bazaar! Even more so…now. 

I will be posting a LOT more on FALL FASHION so stay tuned. Thank you so much for your support! Erin xo


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