15 Of The Best Holiday Gifts For Men

Men’s Holiday Gifts

Buying gifts for the men in our lives can be difficult. Whether you’re buying for the stylish man, the outdoor enthusiast, or the man that has everything, there’s something on this list for them all!

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Is there something specific we can help you find for someone on your list? Please leave a comment below…we’re happy to help!

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#1 Joggers

Everyone knows that Lululemon makes amazing activewear…but their loungewear is just as good! These comfy joggers are sure to make any man on your list happy!

Go-To Gift

When in doubt, go with a high-quality tie!

Trendy Sneakers

If you’re shopping for a well-dressed man, these are the sneakers you should add to his wardrobe! Veja sneakers are super popular right now, but they’re also comfortable and stylish!

Quarter Zip Pullover

This quarter-zip pullover comes in a couple of color options and makes the perfect 3rd layer for men!

Cool Backpack

This Herschel Supply Co. backpack is super cool. I love the camo but it comes in a couple of color options!

Bluetooth Speaker

A Bluetooth speaker that actually looks good too? Yes, please! Marshall speakers are known for their amazing sound AND style!

Wireless Headphones

Every man needs a pair of wireless headphones and these are some of the most top-rated! We linked a few other options too…

Bluetooth Sunglasses

These sunglasses aren’t just sunglasses…they have built-in Bose speakers so you can listen to music while you block out the sun!

Must-Have Wallet

This is a really nice Tumi billfold that’s sleek and stylish. It also has technology that helps protect personal data encoded on your credit cards from electronic theft!

Washable Wool Crewneck

This Nordstrom sweater is high quality, soft wool, comes in seven colors, and…it’s machine washable!

High-Quality Timepiece

If the man you’re shopping for doesn’t already have a nice watch, this is a great option! It also comes in a brown strap, silver face, rose gold frame colorway.

Classic Sneakers

These New Balance sneakers are a great, classic option and they come in 10 different colors!

NFL 100 Book

This NFL book keeps going in and out of stock so I linked a few other options too! But this is a really cool, unique, and unexpected gift to give this year!
Space Exploration: A History from the Pages of The New York Times

Reversible Belt

Another accessory every man should own? A reversible belt! This one is black and brown but it also comes in a tan/dark brown option.

Tea & Coffee Bottle

This tea and coffee bottle is really cool…it’s a pour-over maker, a cold brew maker, and a tea steeper. And it has double-walled glass so you can comfortably hold your coffee or tea without burning your hands…perfect for the man on the go!
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16 thoughts on “15 Of The Best Holiday Gifts For Men

  1. Erin,
    in the photo above with your hair over to one side! Gorgeous!!!

  2. Erin, i had no idea what to get my “has EVERYTHING, needs nothing” husband for Christmas until i read Your gift guide for the well dresses man. He loveS the grey hugo boss sweater (1) and looks great in it too! Thanks for the suggestion and keep up the hard work! Sincerely, della

    1. I wish that i could have bought everything in my layout for my husband, but I know better. He wouldn’t wear it. 🙁 Aren’t the clothes beautiful?

  3. These are great, stylish picks! I ordered the shoes and jogger pants. I always have a hard time getting my husband gifts because he just buys what he wants. Ugh! 🙂 Thank you for pulling together the Holiday posts. They have been great.

    1. Mine too.. and I LOVE all of these pieces so much. I would love to dress my husband like this for just one week. One week!! 😉 Erin xo

  4. Hi Erin, love your posts and precious personality. I can’t support hugo boss as during world war ii he worked with hitler and the nazi party. just something for you to think about.

    1. I didn’t realize this. I did some searching. Hugo Boss died in the 40’s and the company has completely different ownership. My husband and I have a scholarship program educating teens about atrocities of the Holocaust so we are both very sensitive about this issue. Thanks, Tamara!

  5. Hi Erin,

    I love all your media outlets, YOUTUBE, is, likE to know It! I like you, i am on the shorter siDe 5’3, so i really have learned a lot from all your channels! However, i Need some advice on what to wear in a sort of unique situation. We live in central indiana so we get all 4 seasons. My husband travels for business QuitE often and i am fortunate enough to get to travel with him. So here is the situations i find MYSELF in year after year. Our heavey travel times are Jan, Feb, MarCh, SeptemBer, and November. Inevitably we travel To the south Or West coast. I am sure thIs all seems like no big deal, but i just never seem to know what to paCk (even if i have checked the forcaSt). Because Almost everytime i have to BuY something whilE i am there. I cant tell you how many times it has rained in southern CaliforNia when we have been out there! So not only is weather an issue, but the time of Year (do i wEar summer wear on MarCo Island in JaNuary?), Then you throw in the faCt that these are business trips, so we have busiNess functions and then we have days we caN enjoy the area. I swear i could pack two large suitcases and still not bring the Right clotheS. Any helpful tips ypu can provide (or a Youtube video) woUld be greatly appreciated!!

    Also, i wanted to let you know i have been using trunK club because we live in sort of a ruRal aRea and i jUst dont have the time to search out fashions for myself. However, now that i have been really working your page on LIke to knOw it, i am going to start butinh my own clothes!! So thank you again!!

    Laurie Lacoursiere

    1. Packing is ALWAYS a challenge and it sounds like your situations call for a variety of pieces. The KEY is …. pick one color story and stick to it. Maybe that is black or maybe that is browns and whites. Once you do that, you can add color and fun with accessories. Also, always wear a waterproof or water resistant trench on the plane for those rainy days. It also looks professional for work events. Grab umbrella from hotel you are staying in.

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