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Holiday Gift Guide For The Hostess

Hostess Gifts

Have holiday parties to attend this year but don’t want to go empty-handed? Or maybe you just have a friend who loves to entertain. I have some great gift ideas for the hostess in this post! I suggest ordering a few and just having them handy for the holiday season parties.

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Gifts For The Hostess, Fashion blogger Erin Busbee of featuring hostess gifts including embroidered cocktail napkins, cheese board, coffee mug, and more!

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#1 | Cheese Board

A cheese board is always a super easy hostess gift and I love that you can personalize this one! It comes in white marble and gray marble.

#2 | Embroidered Cocktail Napkins

These cocktail napkins are gorgeous! I love the look of the embroidery. You can find a ton of embroidered cocktail napkins on Etsy too if you want something a little more personalized. It’s really nice to have holiday-themed napkins for get-togethers!

#3 | Coasters

Bring some cute coasters with a bottle of their favorite beverage as a great gift for the hostess!

#4 | Coffee & Mug

If you know they love coffee, get the hostess some a holiday coffee blend and wrap it with a cute coffee mug!

#5 | Christmas Cocktail Plate Set

These 12 Days of Christmas plates are so festive and lovely. Give them to someone you know likes to entertain a lot!

#6 | Corkscrew

A corkscrew is another easy gift idea. Grab a nice bottle of wine on the way to the party for the perfect gift!

#7 | Guest Essential Set

This is another one of those gifts you can’t go wrong with. I love the pretty packaging. And it’s always nice to get some versatile self-care products hand soap, hand lotion, and a votive candle.

#8 | Wine Chiller

If you know the hostess on your list enjoys wine, get them a wine chiller. It’s already great to have on the table for vases of water to stay chilled during holiday dinners.

#9 | Coffee Table Book

This coffee table book is full of beautiful rooms from the century. Give it to your friend who loves interior design and has (or wants) a gorgeous home!

#10 | Nest Candle

This Nest candle smells heavenly and is a fail-safe gift to get anyone on your list!

#11 | Vase

I love the holly and berries design on this vase! Bring the vase, along with a beautiful holiday arrangement for your hostess.

#12 | Acrylic Game Set

For the hostess that loves to play games when they entertain, this game set is a unique idea.

More Gifts For The Hostess

Some other hostess gifts that would be perfect…

A festive pillow.
Cute wine rack.
Pretty plaid blanket.
Or some candy cane glasses.

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