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Holiday Gifts For The Tech Lover

…From HSN

By popular demand a gift guide focusing on tech! All of these ideas are from HSN and perfect for any gadget and gizmo lover on your list! Plus, HSN has free shipping on over 350 electronics! And, today you get FREE Shipping on EVERYTHING.

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Tech Gifts

If you have a techie friend that already owns everything. Get them this cool drone. It’s an interesting gift that they most likely don’t already own. You might also like this super fun virtual reality viewer!

If you want to get them something more practical…this steel safe can be opened with a fingerprint! If they don’t already have a scanner, this Magic Wand photo and document scanner is pretty cool!

Some items that make lives easier are this wireless charging pad, this keychain charger, or this 3-pack of portable chargers. Do you have that drawer or place in the house that piles up with cords? This power cord is perfect for you. It has four USB ports for charging phones, tablets, etc. and two outlets for whatever else you need to plug in.

Another cool and convenient gadget is this Bluetooth enabled Tile. You can put these little tiles in your wallet, on your keys, or wherever you want…and they can be tracked on your phone. You will find your keys in seconds and no longer be late!

Other classic gifts include nice Bose headphones or speaker, a FitBit smart watch, a GoPro or an Amazon Fire TV cube. You can shop all of my picks below. And find all of my Gift Guides here.

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