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Interested In Manifestation? Here’s Where to Start & What To Know!

The idea of manifestation has been around for a while, but over the past several years, it has gained new traction. If you’ve been wondering what it is, how it works, and how to do it, you’re in the right spot. Here’s a manifestation for beginners guide that will tell you everything you need to know to get started.

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#1 | What is “Manifestation”?

Manifestation uses thoughts and feelings to make something happen, according to this Psychology Today article. Typically it means thinking about something you want, or want to change, in order to cause the change to happen.

For example, you decide your deepest dreams include a large group of friends, a vacation home in Mexico, and a job that doubles your pay while slashing your hours. If you’re manifesting these dreams, they will come to you.

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#2 | How Manifestation Works

Part of manifestation is the belief that the universe is abundant in blessings. There are more than enough blessings to go around. The idea is that you “put your desire out into the universe,” and the universe gives you what you want. You tap into the abundance of the universe and reap your blessings. It’s a little more than the universe just raining all the good things down on you. There’s some attraction to it. If what you think about, you attract, then thinking about your dreams as if they were already true, pulls the reality toward you.

You increase your energy, or vibration, around your dreams. The higher your vibration, the closer you are to your dreams. When you are in alignment with your goal, it comes to you.

Not sure you believe me? Think about the last time you bought a new car. You probably never really noticed that particular car on the road before, but once you own that make and model, you see it everywhere. No, you didn’t “create” the car, but your thoughts about your own car (because it’s new!) attracts the car to you.

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#3 | Manifestation For Beginners: Getting Started

The first thing you want to do is think about what you want. Not in general terms, but really think about it, with details. If you want a new job, think about what you’ll be doing, what your office will look like, the view from the window, the hours you work, who you work with, the money you make – in other words, all of it. You’ll want to get as specific as possible.

Vision Board

Once you know what you want, work to make the picture real to you. You can do this by creating a vision board. A vision board is a visual representation of what you want. Typically they are poster-sized, covered in pictures and words of your dreams. Then, place the vision board somewhere you’ll see it often: on your office wall or inside your closet door are popular places. Erin created a vision board in Canva and set it as her computer screen saver. By having the vision board in your line of sight, you keep those goals in your mind, which increases the attraction.

Manifestation Journal

A manifestation journal allows you to write about your dreams and goals – again in detail- to help build the attraction. The more you write about it, the clearer your goals become. Writing about your dreams also helps you increase your vibration. The clarity you gain from the writing process builds your energy and brings you more in alignment with your goal.

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#4 | Diving Deeper

After creating a vision board and manifestation journal, many people stop the manifestation process. But, if you want to dive deeper and learn the science behind it, there are two more steps you can take.

Future-Focused Thinking

When you’re thinking about your goals, you are thinking about your future. The more future-focused you become, the more you change your thinking from “what if” or “wouldn’t it be nice” to “when it happens.” An article in Greater Good Magazine explains the difference between wishful thinking and future-focused thinking. The difference is your belief that what you want is coming to you. The more you are able to think – and believe – that attaining your goals is inevitable, in reality, and is already starting to happen, the more you’ll be in alignment with those goals, and the more quickly they will come to you.


The last step toward manifesting your dreams is taking action. You need to make movements toward your goal. Otherwise, it is only an effort in wishful thinking. It’s like this: you want to pivot careers from being a teacher to a chef. But you don’t have a culinary degree. And you haven’t looked into how to start a restaurant. You just continue being a teacher waiting for the universe to turn you into a chef. It’s really not likely to happen. You need to do the work to align with your goal. Take the classes or find the restaurant space.

Whatever your goal is, taking the action will help you start believing your goal will happen. Your belief increases your vibration, and you align with your goal.

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# 5 | How Fast Will I Get Results?

How fast you get your results depends on your alignment. Work on believing and becoming the person who has your goal already, and you align with your goal. Once that happens, your goal comes quickly. You have made your goal clear and detailed, you work on your thoughts until you believe the goal will be yours, and you do the work that takes you toward your goal. Your vibration rises and you increase your alignment.

You can increase your alignment by hanging out with people who have what you want. If you’re hoping to start a business, joining a local group for entrepreneurs will help you learn what and how they are thinking. They don’t wonder if it is possible, they already have the result, and they will support your vision of your future.

 Here’s another example: you want to find a fulfilling romantic partner after a divorce. Hanging out with other recently divorced people who may not be interested in finding new love, will decrease your vibration and will push your goal away from you. Spending time with your friends who are happily partnered, will increase your alignment with your goal.

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#6 | One More Thing

Alignment and manifestation aren’t needy or desperate. Remember they come from abundance. The universe has enough to go around. If you feel you need to rush to get your goal, then you’re working from a place of scarcity, or the belief that there is not enough. If you’re in scarcity, you feel you need to get what you want now because it might run out before you get a chance. While you might have a clear goal, working within a scarcity mindset lowers your energy. You don’t actually believe the goal is already on its way to you.

Let’s say you want to grow your business to 7 figures. Someone with a high energy will know that investing several thousand dollars to build a strong team is in alignment with the goal. Someone with a lower energy will be afraid of investing in their dream. They will see the spending as subtracting from the million dollars, not as an opportunity to get the investment back, plus some. Developing an abundance mindset is about controlling your thoughts. You need to believe your goal is going to happen. It takes practice and work.

What have you manifested in your life? What are you manifesting now? Let us know in the comments.

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