Your 2022 Self-care Guide: Everything You Need to Know for a Great Year

Let’s make 2022 the year where we finally make our self-care a priority. Instead of leaning into the idea that we need to be busy all of the time, or that we’re not doing enough if we’re not doing it all, what if we make honoring the life and body we have right now important? What would we look or feel like in 12 months? To help, here’s your 2022 self-care guide with everything you need to know for a great year. If we make our self-care important, I’d like to think that we’ll find out more about who we really are and what we’re called to do. Self-care at its best pushes us to develop positive habits and routines that can improve several areas of our lives, including mind, body, and spirit. Ready to take the plunge with me and put your self-care at the top of your priority list? Here are some easy ways to do it.

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#1) Prioritize Rest

Sleep is critical to our executive functioning, but too often we skimp on sleep to get “just one more thing” crossed off of our to-do list. When we make sleep as important as anything else, we give ourselves the foundation for the rest of our lives. I get it though. We know sleep is important, but with busy schedules and worries, even when we go to bed at a decent hour, sleep doesn’t always follow. (Me! This is me!) A weighted blanket can help. The idea behind weighted blankets is that the added pressure on your body quiets your central nervous system, so you get more and higher-quality sleep. Here’s a good option that is made with cooling bamboo and glass beads. You won’t have to worry about turning your bed into an uncomfortable sauna.

Self-care Guide, self-care habits, self-care in the new year. wellness in the new year, Dark-haired woman drinking hot beverage on porch swing

#2) Improve Your Immunity

Keeping our immune systems strong is still important, especially now that the common cold and flu are back in circulation. A great way to support our immune systems is to go outside. Most germs lurk in buildings. Even with great ventilation, the air is still not as fresh as the outdoors, so you’re more likely to breathe in those germs. Plus, according to this study immersion in nature for regular or short periods of time can benefit health and well-being which naturally boosts your immune system.
A multivitamin is probably the OG of immunity-boosting strategies. So if you aren’t taking a daily vitamin, you should start. To get the most benefits from the supplement, look for one that is made from whole food. This option also includes minerals that will help you feel calm and energized.

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#3) Move Your Body

Staying fit and strong isn’t just about aesthetics, although it does feel great to know you’re killing it in your bathing suit. Moving your body is also about staying balanced. When we exercise, our moods improve, and we become more focused. Plus, it can help keep aches and pains at bay by keeping our muscles and joints limber. And while I’m a huge fan of intense workouts, keep in mind that even a brisk walk with your dog or an impromptu dance party in your living room counts!  If you need to revamp your workout apparel, here are a great pair of sneakers and leggings that are stylish too.

For all of Erin’s activewear favorites and 13 of the best brands, be sure to check out this post.


Self-care Guide, self-care habits, self-care in the new year. wellness in the new year, Woman in Grey Meditating

#4) Strengthen Your Mind

Strengthening your mind is another self-care practice you should embrace this year. And mindfulness, meditation, or prayer are some of the simplest ways to start. When you meditate, you become more connected to yourself, so you know yourself better. This knowledge can translate into your regular life by being able to respond rather than react. It can also reduce stress, increase emotional intelligence, and improve sleep (!).
While the practice of meditation is simple, it’s not always easy. It’s difficult enough for us to control our thoughts, but then we notice that the dog is making a weird sound, the tag on our shirt is itchy, and the floor is really, really hard. To help keep your attention on your practice, try using a meditation pillow. These Himalayan Salt Tea Light candle holders are useful too. They can give you something to focus on that is attention-grabbing but still aligned with your practice. 

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#5) Hydrate

I know, I know. You’ve heard about staying hydrated since the 90s grunge look was in style the first time. But it bears repeating because it’s so important to your self-care. Staying hydrated improves your overall health, like your digestion. It also keeps your skin looking youthful and fresh. If you struggle to drink enough water because you just don’t think about it, try having a water bottle nearby. One that is functional and pretty will help you get your ounces in.
To help your hydration, it can also be good to cut back on alcohol. It’s a diuretic, so it pulls the water from your body as you process it. Eliminating or cutting back on alcohol doesn’t mean you are out of fun drink options. There are plenty of alcohol alternatives on the market now. Recess Mood Magnesium Supplement Drink gives you a calm feeling without the side effects of alcohol. 

Are you planning to join me in making self-care a priority this year? Which of these options do you think you’ll try first? I want to know what you think, so please share in the comments. Don’t miss out! Get blog posts like this one sent right to your inbox and gain access to exclusive resources by clicking here to subscribe to the newsletter.

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