40+ Style Bloggers That Are Rocking Instagram

While I admittedly have a love/hate relationship with Instagram it does come in handy when you need some outfit inspiration. I typically turn to my fellow bloggers with amazing style when I’m in need of ideas. I follow a LOT of fashion bloggers. Many of whom are also over 40 like me! I thought it would be awesome to share some of the 40+ers who are out there slaying in the style department in this new series!

theevolista 40+ fashion blogger

#1 | @theevolista

A wicked sense of humor AND a sense of style? How could you not love her Jenifer! Plus, she’s a total smoke show.

Link to Jenifer’s blog here.

momtrends | 40+ fashion that's functional and fun

#2 | @momtrends

Nicole shares a bit of everything from her style to Dr. Seuss quotes! She’s a real joyful spirit with functional and fashionable outfit ideas for the everyday woman. She also has amazing skin!

Link to Nicole’s blog here.

Fashion blogger with curves, Romy Schorr

#3 | @romyraves

For my curvier 40+ ladies, you need to check out @romyraves. She not only posts beautiful travel photos, but many body-positive style tips, and risk-taking looks for women with curves.

Link to Romy’s blog here.

fabulousafter40 40+ fashion blogger Deborah Boland in floral print dress

#4 | @fabulousafter40 

Deborah Boland is a friend whom I’ve connected with a bunch over the years. She always has the 40+ woman in mind when she creates her content. You guys will love her!

Link to Deborah’s blog here.

themiddlepage blog 40+ fashion blogger

#5 | @themiddlepageblog

You can read more about Cathy in this blog feature here. I’ve known Cathy for years and she is a rockstar in SO many ways!

Link to Cathy’s blog here.

chicover50 50+ fashion blogger 40+ fashion blogger

#6 | @chicover50

Shauna is fun, spunky and you can tell how much she loves life just from her gorgeous photos! I hope to meet her someday soon!

Link to Shauna’s blog here.

soheather blog | 40+ fashion

#7 | @soheatherblog

Heather is another dear friend that I often refer to as my blogger sister. She and I are the same age, height, size, with similar coloring (fair skin, blonde hair)! She makes 40+ look really sexy! Babe alert!

Link to Heather’s blog here.

stylestreetsquad 40+ fashion blogger in yellow dress

#8 | @stylestreetsquad

Tiffany is SO gorgeous and sweet with a smile that lights up a room! She has amazing style… and her hair is always flawless!

Link to Tiffany’s blog here.

fashionedchicstyling 40+ fashion blogger in chic top and skirt

#9| @fashionedchicstyling

I have met Erica a couple of times now. She is so lovely in person! I hugely admire what she has been able to accomplish through Instagram and her blog. She has taken her business to amazing heights with her impeccable, edgy street style looks. She shares more about her business in this video here.

Link to Erica’s blog here.

thelushlist 40+ fashion blogger wearing printed off shoulder blouse, white shorts and wedge sandals

#10 | @thelushlist

Alicia shares her favorite fashion picks as well as ideas for entertaining, home decor, beauty and travel. Her home posts are my favorite!

tanyafosterblog 40+ fashion blogger in white ruffled shirt and jeans

#11 | @tanyafosterblog

Tanya is another blogger friend I have known for years. She has great style, no doubt, but it’s her business acumen that I really admire. She gets stuff done!

cassiesugarplum 40+ fashion blogger on beach with panama hat, white denim shorts and tank

#12 | @cassiesugarplum

Cassie has perfected the art of fashionable and functional looks for the everyday woman! She also recently launched a line with Gibson at Nordstrom, called Hi Sugarplum, which is such a huge and amazing accomplishment. GO Cassie!

Link to Cassie’s blog here.

She She Show, over 60 fashion bloggers

#13 | Sheree Frede

My 60+ers need to go check out my friend, She She! You can read more about sassy Sheree in this post.

Link to She She’s blog here.

Style at a Certain Age, 0ver 60 fashion blogger

#14 | Beth Djalali

Happy 60th to my sweet and stylish friend, Beth whom I had the pleasure of spending some time with while on Sea Island. You can read about our visit here. You will love her classic, preppy, wearable styles!

Link to Beth’s blog here.

Fashion bloggers over 40

#15 | Nickie Taylor

Say hello to the blogging newcomer, the super gorgeous, wardrobe stylist, Nickie Taylor! I recently spent an hour on the phone with Nickie, walking her through the next steps of her blogging business. Can we talk about her skin? She doesn’t look a day over 25!

Link to Nickie’s blog here.

Do you know a 40+ on Instagram that you think has amazing style?? Comment below or email me for a chance to be featured: [email protected]

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  1. Theres so many good fRench style bloggers over 40 but my absolute favorite is Clara @the_working_giRl. Love her supEr chic and soohisticated style and if you don’t Already follow her you might like her!

  2. HI!

    I love your emails and posts. You have great style, are RELATABLE and to the Point.

    This was one of my favorite posts. I love DISCOVERING new folks’ style.

    I have a full time job, but am passionate aboUt shopping and style. Im not surrounded by very many people who can Relate. So ive been teetering on whether or not creating an Instagram page would be a good outlet For me. Ive decided to go for it. For now im fully going into it as a hobby and not For money. But i do want to do it right.

    I read your post About getting STARTED. Ive also googled my heart out for articles. But yours honedrly was one of the best BECAUSE of the level of detail.


    1. Are there other articles or videos you point ladies to?
    2. How important is it that i include “40” or “fortY” in my INSTAGRAM nAme if i want to attract a 40+ community?

    With gratitude,

    1. Hi Grace… I plan to do more and I’m even thinking about a blogger event. Promise I’ll post more!! I took 40+ out of my IG bio because the followers are younger. They are older on YT and the blog. Erin xo

  3. Thanks ErIN for sharing your friends. Of course if I only have time for one person on busy days…my pick is this gorgeous, sweet gal named Erin Busbee!!!

  4. You are amazing! Huge inspiration. I absolutely love your videos and blog.

    I look forward to it… and often find myself rewatching…lol

  5. Thanks so much for the feature! love you my sweet blogger friend.
    tiffany Davros

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