Our Core Values

Busbee Mission

At BUSBEE, we are disrupting the perception of what it’s like to be a woman over 40. We believe that age is not something you should hide from or lie about. You don’t have to fear becoming invisible. Busbee is an energized, safe space where woman like you, over 40, can find the support and confidence you need to try new things. We cover ALL topics that help you uplevel your lives—from fitness to food to beauty and style. Being over 40 is one of the best times of your life!

Busbee Collection

Our newest project that is soon to launch… the BUSBEE Collection. These multi-functional bags, co-created with our 40+community, complement the needs of today’s active woman. The hand-crafted, luxurious bags will fit seamlessly into your dynamic lives.  Creating the BUSBEE Collection is a dream for CEO and founder, Erin Busbee. “In 2019, When Henri Bendel shut down, I was gutted. I was their #1 fan and brand ambassador. Months later, it hit me that I could start my own brand of handbags!” Erin and the BUSBEE team started the process in late 2020 and are proud to announce that the first two styles will be available in spring of 2023


BUSBEE is committed to both promoting and creating more sustainable products.

Promoting Sustainable Products

With our content, we make great efforts to feature brands and products that are committed to designing more sustainable products, using environmentally-friendly fabrics and manufacturing processes.

Sustainable Bags

That mission extends to our new BUSBEE Collection!

We feel that one of the first important steps towards sustainability is transparency. In that spirit, we are proud to share that our BUSBEE Collection bags are manufactured in a small factory in Ubrique, Spain called BeTangible. Owner, Pepe, whom BUSBEE founder, Erin Busbee and her daughter, Elizabeth, met in person… shares our values of creating environmentally-friendly products. Pepe created a wonderful, family-like environment at his factory. The leather artisans are salaried employees who work reasonable hours, get paid time off and are genuinely happy to be there. 

Another important element… quality. When you buy a BUSBEE bag, you will proudly carry a luxurious bag, handmade in Spain, that will last for years to come!

We also manufacture smaller quantities, most of which have been pre-ordered, in order to minimize waste or excess.

There’s no need to buy a new bag every season when you buy one of our gorgeous, versatile bags.

We believe that that even the smallest changes can make a major impact.