White Skinny Jeans

Rock those Jeans!

White skinny jeans can be really hard to wear…so I’m giving you five simple outfit ideas to make it a little easier in the video above! I did a video recently that gives tips on things to think about when you’re picking out your white pants or jeans. If you haven’t seen that video you should definitely watch it! When I was making that video I realized that I’ve never made a video about quick and easy outfit ideas for white skinny jeans. Keep scrolling to see some of the outfit ideas I’ve put together featuring white skinny jeans!


The next look is this blue and white striped shirt. You can easily leave it out if you want more coverage around your bum and hips. Unlike black, blue, or other dark colors, white can be a lot less forgiving. So you’ll want to have a bit more coverage, particularly on the bum or hips. You can also do a full or half tuck with this shirt too. I paired it with some New Balance running shoes. I really like New Balance running shoes for walking…they are so comfortable it’s like walking on clouds. I also think they look nice. They have a really simple, elegant, sophisticated look which is nice for a running shoe. They also come in tons of colors.

You could also put on some nice nude pumps. The pumps I’m wearing in the video are Sam Edelman so they are very affordable, comfortable, they come in a lot of colors!

Tip: if you want to keep a long line with the white skinny jeans, make sure to wear neutral colored shoes. Think nude, white, gold, metallic, rose gold, beige, gray, blush, etc.

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