Look 10 Pounds Skinnier without Diet or Exercise

Before I dive into these tips, I want to clarify that nobody NEEDS to look slimmer! Own your body, rock it with confidence, and love yourself! These tips are just for those days you might want to look a little slimmer or taller. You’ll see some before and after pictures below. There is nothing wrong with the before shots…these are all my clothes, and I wear them all! I’m just trying to show an example. You can watch the video on this topic below.

Check out this post for a more updated version and more tips!

Look Skinnier 10 Ways to Look 10 Pounds skinnier without diet and exericse, highlight the tiniest part of your body

#1 Highlight Your Best Feature

What’s your best feature? Are you the smallest right under your bust? Wear empire waist dresses and tops. Do you have great, slim legs? Wear skinny pants, leggings, and skinny jeans. For me, it is my waist. The easiest way to highlight your waist… is with a waist belt. You can also opt for tops and dresses with strategic design details that highlight the waist like ruching and seaming. For more styling ideas with belts, you might like this video.

Look Skinnier using Colorblocking

#2 | Color-Blocking

Color-blocking is like the David Copperfield of the fashion biz… It can perform all sorts of magic!  Create a waist…? No problem, buy one with a color-blocked band across the middle.  Want to shave off your love handles? Easy. Buy a color-blocked dress with black or dark panels on the sides. This whittles away your waist and slims hips, making you look tinier. It has the added bonus of creating curves if you have none, which is the case for me.

Look Skinnier using undergarments

#3 | Amazing Undergarments

This is a tip most women already know about, but it is definitely worth repeating. Firstly, make sure you have the right bra. If the girls are droopy, that will not only make you look heavier, it will also age you. Hoist them up with the right bra. Visit a department store like Nordstrom and ask to meet with a fit specialist.  You should also invest in some great shapewear. I like the high-waisted briefs when it comes to tummy control. But if you need your hips and thighs smoothed out too, try this super slip by Commando under your dress. It will also lift the girls. And, you don’t have to worry about this one rolling down under your bust (a common issue among my clients with the shorts version). The shapewear also eliminates VPL’s.. visible panty lines… which you can clearly see in the photos.

Look Skinnier with a simple Faux Tan

#4 | Sunless Tan

Who doesn’t love the real deal? If it were safe, I’d be baking in the sun daily. But… it causes melanoma and wrinkles. Soooo, sunless tan it is! Taking a cue from Britney Spears you can bronze your way to a more toned physique. Notice in the pictures above, my arms look much more toned with my faux tan on the right. I strategically placed the bronzer along the muscle lines to create definition. Also notice, I boosted my bust. Yup, a fake tan can create boobs too! Not to mention, camouflage veins, blemishes, and cellulite.  Oh, and it also makes you look healthier and slimmer. When going out for a special occasion and showing some skin, I think a spray or bottle tan is a must! Check out this post with safe, natural self-tanners.

Look Skinnier, 10 Ways to Look 10 Pounds Skinnier. For example, wear smaller scale prints, versus larger scale as this before and after picture shows

#5 | Small Scale Prints

If you want to look smaller, wear smaller prints. Do NOT wear giant prints! That means, no huge roses, flowers, checks, or zigzags. Smaller prints like tiny polka dots, for example, will make you look slimmer. Notice in the left picture, your eye goes directly to my hips? That’s okay for me because I am petite and proportionate, but if you want to minimize hips and thighs and look skinnier overall, go with smaller scale prints in darker colors. In the right photo, your eye isn’t directed to anyplace specific. You look at the whole outfit. Throw on a waist belt to break up the print and you are ready to go… Looking slim and trim!

Look Skinnier, wear High Heels

#6 | Wear Heels

I have many clients who struggle to wear heels for various reasons: knee issues, foot problems, comfort, age, small children, etc. But, there are options out there that will allow you to wear heels and still be comfortable and mobile. Try searching for ‘comfort’ shoes or heels labeled in the ‘comfort‘ category. I also think Sam Edelman makes really comfy heels that are always on-trend. You can also look for wedges instead of stilettos. Opt for an ankle strap to make you feel more secure. Heels definitely make you look sexier and thinner!

Use Strategic Jewels

#7 | Use Jewelry Strategically

Yes, your accessories can help you look skinnier. A cuff bracelet or bangle bracelet can highlight your tiny wrists and draw the eye away from bat-wing arms. A long necklace can make your upper body look longer and slimmer. If under your bust is your tiniest spot, opt for a pendant necklace that hits that area.  (Skip a long necklace if you have a large bust. It may look like the necklace is just hanging off a cliff.) A bib or statement necklace that sits below your collar bone can draw the eye up and away from a problem area.

Look Skinnier, v-neck tops and blouses will elongate your upper body

8) Figure-Flattering Neckline

What a difference a scoop or v-neck can make! Scoop and v-neck tops can definitely make you look slimmer.  They will minimize a larger bust and elongate your neck (great for ladies with thick necks).  Not to mention they are sexier… Hellooo, ladies. (Just keep the cleavage to a minimum.)

Look Skinnier, tricks to look skinnier, wear dark wash jeans

#9 | Killer Jeans

If there is one thing EVERY woman needs in her closet, it is a pair of amazing, killer jeans! You should look for a dark wash denim with no whiskering or fading. If you have a larger bum, opt for smaller, higher pockets. If you have no bum, look for larger pockets with flaps.  Boot-cut jeans that are fitted through the thighs and flare a bit from the knee down are the most universally flattering and slimming.  Still skeptical? Look at the photo below. There is a pretty dramatic difference between the light and dark blue denim. Also, notice the difference in the hemline. The jeans on the right are 1/2 inch off the floor. On the left, the jeans are much higher. The longer the hemline, the taller you will look! (as long as it is above the floor)

Look Skinnier, tricks to look skinnier, Wear One Color

#10 | Wear One Color

And, the NUMBER ONE way to look 10 pounds skinnier? Drumroll… Wear one color from head to toe! This will create the illusion of length. You will look longer, taller, and slimmer. Opting for darker colors like navy or black will maximize the skinny power!

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