Fashion Fix Its – As Seen On “San Antonio Living!”

This holiday season you’ve no doubt got a party or two you are planning on going to.  But, when you bust out your ‘special occasion’ outfit you are much more likely to suffer from wardrobe malfunctions… nip slip, sore soles..ETC

Don’t worry.  I’ve got you covered…



Spanx are amazing at slimming and trimming so your body looks fabulous under your dress or pant suit.  Look for the newest version that connects to your bra so it doesn’t roll down under your chest.


You can use these to get any deodorant marks off your dress or pantsuit. Keep them dry, and just rub off the marks.


These slim, pen-like stain fighters are the perfect size to slip in any bag in case of wine spillage or baby spit up


Show Stoppers is a double stick garment tape that works miracles! There’s a reason every celebrity uses it. You can make sure your bra strap stays in place… Keep a plunging neckline in check and avoid pulling a Janet Jackson…fix your falling hem…even use it on your waist belt so the extra leather doesn’t flop around.


Many of my clients have purchased this one. Okay, so let’s say you are wearing a pantsuit. The pants fit well in the legs, but are a little roomy in the waist.  You need a belt, but don’t want to add any bulk under your super chic jacket.  This is the perfect solution. It’s called Invisibelt.  It will cinch your waist, without adding bulk, and without being seen.

Good old fashioned safety pins will alter the length of your favorite necklace so you can wear it higher on your chest


These are genius! Creator Shelby Mason was sick of the problems she had while wearing boots with tights…things like cold, slipping feet, blisters and snags.  That’s when the idea hit her to create a pair of tights with a built-in sock. Way to go, Shelby! LOVE…


Foot Pedals makes all kinds of sole saviors, like the “Sole Stopperz” which keeps you from slipping in your heels.  Tip Toes which add comfort and can adjust the size of your shoe so it fits a bit more snugly, and Heavenly Heelz which protect your heels from blistering and prevent heels slipping out of your shoe

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