Unlock Your Style Identity: Choosing the Perfect Uniform for Your Personal Style Type

How to Choose Your Style Uniform

Do you have a style uniform? It’s that go-to outfit you throw on when you’re not really sure what to wear. Not only should your style uniform make getting dressed easier, but it should also make you feel confident and comfortable. We aren’t talking about the wearing sweatpants kind of comfortable…we’re talking about feeling comfortable in your own skin! Your style uniform should have a direct connection with your own personal style type. Your personal style makes a statement about who you are…whether you’re a classic minimalist, a trendsetter, or somewhere in between. If you don’t know your personal style type or have a style uniform, don’t worry! We’re breaking down the 5 most common style types, sharing style uniform ideas for each, and our personal style types and go-to outfits.

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How to Choose Your Style Uniform

5 Common Style Types

There are SO many different personal style types out there. And the beauty of choosing your style type is that it can be literally anything you want! We’re sharing the five most common style types but it’s worth noting that you can be a combination of multiple, not identify with any of them, or come up with a style type that we don’t even have listed. This is about YOU and what makes you feel the most confident and like yourself!

Classic – Someone who has a classic style type might wear tailored, timeless pieces or elevated basics. They might prefer neutrals and minimalist dressing. The overall look and feel of their wardrobe would be elegant and refined.

Bohemian – Alternatively, someone who has a bohemian style type might prefer flowing fabrics and silhouettes, lots of prints and colors, and embellishments that make a statement.

Preppy – This style type might also be referred to as sporty and usually includes streamlined pieces. It’s similar to the Classic style type, but certain details make it different. If you like wearing blazers, collared shirts, and patterns like stripes and gingham, Preppy might be your style type (or part of it).

Feminine – Women who have a feminine style gravitate toward pieces with ruffles, bows, frills, etc. Tiered skirts and dresses, sheer and flouncy materials, lace, pearls, and light pastels are all in the wardrobe of someone with the Feminine style type. This is often referred to as Romantic as well.

Edgy – On the opposite side, someone who has an edgy style type probably wears darker colors and likes details like studs, leather, fringe, etc. Having an edgy style type can also mean you like to take unexpected fashion risks in bold and cool ways.

Personal Style Types & Tips

More Personal Style Types & Tips

You may have just read those style types and didn’t feel like any of them resonated with you. Well, there are SO many other style types including casual, sophisticated, elegant, sexy, trendy, artsy, vintage, minimalist, maximalist, business, sleek, simple, glam, bold, athleisure, street style, eclectic, romantic, grunge, punk, etc. Another thing to note is that mixing styles is probably what makes your style yours. For example, Erin loves feminine style details like puff shoulders and ruffles. But she also loves edgy pieces like combat boots and leather. So oftentimes she’ll mix the styles…she’ll wear a pretty pink ruffled dress with a pair of combat boots. Or a gorgeous sheer white puff-sleeve blouse with ripped jeans and a leather blazer. The idea is that your style type should be unique to you and built how you like.

Keep scrolling to find out what some of our style types and go-to style uniforms are…

How to Choose Your Style Uniform

Classic Style Uniform

Erin and her beautiful friend Melissa Meyers got together and took some photos on a recent trip to California. The outfits they are wearing would be a mixture of classic, preppy, edgy, and a touch of trendy…this is such a wonderful example of how you don’t have to fit in just ONE style type! If you think you fall under the umbrella of classic style, we’ve included a few outfit formulas you might like below…

  • Silky blouse + classic black pants + heels + blazer
  • Crisp button-down shirt + dark-wash jeans + white sneakers
  • Tailored dress + heels + structured handbag

By the way, if you don’t already, make sure you follow Melissa…she’s a wonderful, stylish, incredible woman and friend. Plus, she has great style and the best clean beauty finds!

Bohemian Style Uniform

Bohemian Style Uniform

In the look above, Erin’s wearing a gorgeous dress from last year that’s the perfect example of bohemian style. The bold color and pattern, flowy fabric, and billowy silhouette are all bohemian style details. Erin added a unique, bold necklace that also adds to the look. While this look may not be your style uniform, there are some more wearable bohemian-style uniforms including…

  • Flowy printed top + wide-leg jeans + wedges + wide brim hat
  • Flowy jumpsuit + wedges + chunky jewelry
  • Maxi dress + heeled booties + lots of jewelry

Preppy Style UniformPreppy Style ideas for women

Preppy Style Uniform

We’re sharing two “preppy” outfit examples above so you can see just how much range there is within one style type. On the left, Erin’s wearing a matching tweed set with a printed blouse and heels. On the right, she’s wearing a green tweed blazer with jeans and heels. These looks are similar but one has a little more classic, sophisticated style infused while the other has a more casual style. Here are a few more possible style uniforms for anyone with preppy style…

  • Sweater vest + white button-down underneath + jeans + sneakers
  • Striped button-down + blazer + chino pants + sneakers
  • Classic printed top (stripes, check, gingham, etc.) + white jeans + sneakers

Feminine Style Uniform

Feminine Style Uniform

Feminine is one of the style types that Erin really loves! In the look above, she’s wearing a dress that is the epitome of femininity! It has puff sleeves, lace, sheer material, a flowy skirt, and a scalloped hem. She styled it with some pointed-toe heeled mules but you could swap them for lower heels, strappy heels, flats, or whatever shoes you prefer. A gorgeous dress can certainly be your style uniform every day but here are a few other options to change it up…

  • Lace cami + A-line skirt + slingbacks
  • Puff-sleeve pastel blouse + white jeans + ballet flats
  • Floral blouse + pencil skirt + pumps

Edgy Style Uniform

Edgy Style Uniform

We mentioned above that the edgy style type can be interpreted in two ways…black, leather, studs, etc. OR as someone who likes to try new trends and wears unexpected pieces. In this case, we’re showing you a mixture of both. Erin wore this look to the Dior fashion show in Paris last year and loved the edgy and feminine aspects of the look. The dress’ A-line silhouette is more feminine but the strappy details and bustier top make it edgier. The cape is a classic piece but the tassel details are unexpected. The belt, the trendy shoes, and the hair accessories are all unexpected and cool, making this a really fun, edgy look. Here are a few more edgy outfit ideas…

  • Leather jacket + tee + jeans + combat boots
  • Blouse + paper bag pants + platform sneakers
  • Midi dress + leather jacket + booties

How to Choose Your Style Uniform

Team Busbee Style Types & Uniforms

If you’re still not sure, here are some of Team Busbee’s style types and uniforms to use as a springboard. You’ll notice that we don’t conform to the big five!

If you had to describe your style type in 3 words, what would it be? And what’s your style uniform? Let us know in the comments below…we love to hear from you!

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