What To Wear to the Airport: 10 Casual Travel Outfits for Ultimate Comfort and Style

We often think about what we’re going to wear when we get to our destination. But something that’s commonly overlooked is what you should wear to the airport. Your travel day outfit is equally as important as the outfits you’re packing for your final destination. But there’s so much to consider…you want to be comfortable, look stylish, easily get through security checks, factor in extra comfort for possible delays, and the list goes on and on. In this post, we’re sharing a roundup of travel outfits that are the perfect combination of style and comfort that you can recreate for your next trip. Whether you’re traveling on long-haul flights, family vacations, or quick work trips, these airport outfit ideas will have you covered!

What To Wear to the Airport

Airport Outfits

Wearing a great airport outfit can really help set the tone of your vacation. When planning stylish airport outfits, we always like to consider a few things…

1) Waistband Comfort – This is probably the most important piece of the airport outfit formula when it comes to feeling comfortable. You should choose a pair of pants that have a comfortable waistband. Wear your comfiest jeans you know you can sit in for hours or move around in easily. If you’re not comfortable in jeans, opt for a pair of pants with an elastic waistband.

2) Fabric Choice – We know that airports and planes can be pretty chilly, but you should still try to choose comfy, breathable fabrics. You can always add layers to stay warm and save room in your suitcase.

3) Layers – Speaking of layers, you should always take a jacket, cardigan, sweater, etc. as an extra layer…especially if you do get cold in airports and airplane cabins! Depending on your destination, you could wear a puffer, blazer, denim jacket, cardigan, etc.

4) Shoe Choice – We recommend wearing the bulkiest shoes you’re planning to wear on your trip so you can save space in your suitcase. But you also want to make sure you’re wearing comfortable shoes in case you have to run through an airport AND shoes that are easy to get on and off. Opt for your easy-to-slip-on sneakers or bulky boots or booties with an easy on/off side zip. We also recommend avoiding flip-flops or open-toe shoes.

5) Versatility – Make sure your airport outfit includes pieces that are versatile and that you’ll actually wear when you reach your final destination.

What To Wear to the Airport

Chic Affordable Loungewear SetMatching Loungewear Set airport outfit

What To Wear to the Airport

Long Flight Airport Outfit: Matching Loungewear Set

A matching loungewear set is a great airport outfit for long and short flights. They are usually made of comfy fabrics, with elastic waistbands, and they’re stylish. We’re sharing three of Erin’s most recent loungewear favorites but there are SO many options out there. If you’re only going to choose one of these sets, we recommend the black Spanx AirEssentials set. The fabric is unbelievably lightweight and breathable, the pants are stretchy so you’ll stay comfortable, and the pullover is equally as soft, comfortable, and stylish.

Business Casual Airport Outfit

Business Casual Airport Outfit: Blazer, Button-Down Shirt, Jeans & Loafers

Some of you may be traveling for work and need something a little more polished because you’re headed to a meeting right after you get off the plane. We recommend keeping it simple with wardrobe basics. In this look, Erin is wearing her favorite go-to Veronica Beard blazer layered over a classic white button-down shirt. The blazer and shirt are both made of lightweight, breathable fabrics and very comfortable but still polished and stylish. On her bottom half, she’s wearing a super dark wash pair of Mother jeans that she loves so much she owns them in multiple washes. If you can’t wear jeans, opt for your more comfortable pair of black work trousers instead.

On her feet, she’s wearing a pair of black loafers that are super lightweight and comfortable. These will be easy to walk in through the airport but are also work-appropriate. You can always pack pumps in your bag if you need to dial it up when you get to your meeting, conference, etc.

Stylish Airport Outfit

Stylish Airport Outfit: Leather Pants, Sweater & Sneakers

If you want something a little more trendy but also want to stay very comfortable, try something like this look. Erin’s wearing a pair of faux leather pants by Spanx…you may be thinking there’s no way you’ll wear leather/faux leather to the airport but trust us, these pants are super stretchy around the tummy so you won’t be uncomfortable! She paired them with a gray sweater that has pretty lace details by Brochu Walker but you could opt for a tee, sweater, blouse, etc. On her feet, she’s wearing a pair of platform sneakers that are super stylish but still very comfortable, easy to walk in, and easy to get on/off for security. Erin’s not wearing one in this look, but you could always add that third layer to make room in your suitcase and keep yourself warm.

Elevated Airport Outfit

Elevated Airport Outfit: Joggers, Sweater & Booties

Next up, Erin’s wearing an outfit that’s similar to the last one but a little more elevated and modified for someone who might be headed on a fun winter getaway. She’s wearing a pair of faux leather jogger pants tucked into a pair of waterproof booties by La Canadienne. These booties have a side zip on the ankle so even though the buckles look intimidating, they are actually very easy to get on/off. On her top half, she’s wearing a white sweater underneath a shearling puffer. Wearing the puffer in the airport means you don’t have to pack the bulky piece in your suitcase… a major win!

Winter Airport Outfit

Winter Airport Outfit: Coat, Jeans, Sweater & Booties

Here’s another winter airport outfit for you! In this look, Erin’s wearing a camel wool wrap coat over a ribbed white sweater. On her lower half, she has on a pair of bootcut jeans by AG that have a comfortable waistband and bootcut leg silhouette. If you don’t want to wear jeans, try to recreate this look with a pair of lounge pants instead. On her feet, she’s wearing a really cool pair of booties by Steve Madden. They’re mixed media with faux leather and a fun knit fabric. They do have a small heel but are easy to get on/off, comfortable, and easy to walk in because of the chunky lug sole.

What To Wear to the Airport

Summer Airport Outfit: Button-Down Shirt, Jeans & Sneakers

If you need a summer airport outfit because you live in a warm climate or are headed on spring break to a tropical destination, consider trying this airport outfit! Erin’s wearing a pair of white cropped Good American jeans that have a good amount of stretch so they’re very comfortable. She paired them with a pretty stripped blue button-down shirt but you could recreate this with any lightweight, breathable button-down that you own and want to take on your trip. She completed the look with a cute pair of sneakers by Dolce Vita but you could swap whatever neutral or white sneakers you already have in your closet that you love and know you can wear for a full travel day.

If you’re interested in more ways to use the pieces you’re packing for your tropical destination, make sure you check out this post with Erin’s travel capsule wardrobe.

comfortable travel outfit ideas

Extra Casual Airport Outfit: Activewear

While most of Team Busbee doesn’t wear activewear for travel, we understand that many of you do so we wanted to share a more elevated option if you choose to go that route. In this look, Erin took the activewear travel outfit up a notch with a pair of wide-leg pants by Beyond Yoga. They’re more sophisticated and chicer than traditional activewear leggings. She paired it with the matching camisole and a cute wrap front cropped sweater, so you still get that matchy activewear feel… just a bit more elevated.
Note: You may have noticed that there are quite a few different travel bags and suitcases featured in these photos…Erin has been on the hunt for the best of the best. But one of her all-time favorite, best travel totes can be found in this post in case you’re looking for a new one.

You can find more of Erin’s thoughts on activewear as travel outfits and even more travel looks in this post.

Comfy Airport Outfit ideas

Comfy Airport Outfit: Lounge Pants, Tee & Blazer

Next up is an elevated casual airport outfit and Erin typically goes for a version of this every time she travels. She’s wearing a pair of comfortable lounge pants with an elastic waistband, wonderful fit, and perfect length. She styled them with a classic white tee, a white blazer, and a pair of platform sneakers. Adding the blazer is really what elevates this more casual look and makes it feel sophisticated and pulled together!

Cute Airport Outfit Idea

Cute Airport Outfit Idea: Jeans, Tee, Sneakers & Oversized Blazer

This is another one of Erin’s frequently worn travel outfits and you can create so many cute travel outfits with this simple, easy-to-follow formula. All you have to do is throw on your favorite (comfortable) jeans, a classic white tee, a streamlined blazer, and easy-to-slip-on sneakers. Yep, it’s that easy! In this look, Erin is also wearing a scarf, but you don’t need that if you don’t run super cold or are headed somewhere where a scarf isn’t necessary.

What To Wear to the Airport

Classy Airport Outfit: Sweater, Blazer, White Jeans & Sneakers

There’s just something about an all-white or neutral look that screams classy and elegant, right?! We know that many of you will say that there’s no way you would wear an all-white look to the airport but if you’re careful, you shouldn’t have any issues wearing white. In this look, Erin’s wearing a pair of wide-leg jeans that have cool gold button details down the side. She styled it with a simple ivory ribbed knit tank, an oversized ivory blazer, and some neutral sneakers. You don’t need these exact pieces to pull this look off…grab your favorite white jeans, a white or ivory top, and a neutral blazer. Varying the tones and textures is totally fine and will actually add depth and interest to your look!

Which of these comfortable, stylish airport outfits are you going to try on your next trip? Let us know in the comments below…we love to hear from you!

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6 thoughts on “What To Wear to the Airport: 10 Casual Travel Outfits for Ultimate Comfort and Style

  1. I looked at Air Essentials on the Nordstrom website and saw a couple of not positive comments about the pants. One said there were no pockets and another said they pilled between the legs the first day.

    1. Hi Lynn! No pockets, but I personally always carry a bag anyways so that doesn’t bother me. I have this in a few colors and haven’t had any pilling at all. I don’t dry them though, so that may be a contributing factor to the added wear to them. I can’t say enough good things about this set!! ~Erin xo

  2. I have to wear thigh high support stockings when I travel and wear dresses and ballet flats. Any ideas about travel dress suggestions would be most welcome.

    1. Here’s a few ideas for you, Linda… This first one is cotton poplin, perfect for any time of year but will keep you cooler in the warm months, has pockets too which is even better for travel! The second one would be great to layer with a lightweight blazer or denim jacket for a chic, casual look. I hope this helps! ~Team Busbee
      Cotton Poplin Dress |
      Tie Waist Dress |

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