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As many of you already know, I worked for years as a wardrobe stylist… helping women with shopping, closet editing, and organizing and of course style. Through those experiences, working with women of all ages and body shapes, I picked up SO many style tips. These are the kind of tips that no one really tells you about. It’s not like they are some big secret, but no one actually pulls you aside and says, “I’m going to show you how to cuff your shirt.” Well, that is… until now. Cause, I’m going to show you how to cuff your shirt and a whole lot more in this post!

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Women's fashion blogger, Erin Busbee, shares 5 fashion tips for women over 40 and wears a half tuck shirt

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#1 | The Half or French Tuck

The French sure know fashion, don’t they? The half or French tuck is fairly simple. You take a portion of the front of your shirt or sweater and tuck it in. I usually like to tuck my shirt or sweater off-center and leave the sides and back out. I’ll be honest, if you’re conscious of your tummy this may not be the best fashion tip for you.

You can also take a small elastic band or hairband, gather a small section of your top in front (or slightly off-center), and wrap the hair tie around the fabric. When you tuck in that fabric, it can help you create the perfect half-tuck. 

Eliminate Volume 

Another option you can try… tuck your tops and sweaters into your shape-wear to help eliminate bulk! I do this with my Spanx or to smooth things out and decrease volume.

Women's fashion blogger, Erin Busbee, shares 5 fashion tips and cuffs the sleeves of her white button down shirt

#2 | How to Cuff Your Sleeves

One of my favorite fashion tips is cuffing your sleeves. There is a definite art to it, and yet it’s so simple to do. Once you know, you know. One of my favorite cuffs is the J Crew cuff. Follow these simple steps to pull off the J Crew cuff: 

1. Undo any buttons on the bottom of your sleeves

2. Take the end of the shirt and create one long cuff. Think hand length…between 4-6 inches

3. Next, cuff it a second time, but leave a little bit of the first, long cuff out peeping out the top

4. Lastly, take the bit that is peeping out of the first original cuff and fold over the edges onto the second cuff

This cuff creates an effortlessly casual look that you can also try with your jacket sleeves.

Women's fashion blogger, Erin Busbee, shares 5 fashion tapes for women and tapes down her jacket's lapel with double-sided fashion body tape.

#3 | Double Sided Tape

The next fashion tip that is underutilized is double-sided fashion tape. I LOVE this brand of double-sided tape. It’s so great to have on hand for moments where you need it. Here are some of my favorite ways to use double-sided tape:

1. Wrap Sweaters: These sweaters can gape, exposing your chest. You can use tape to secure your sweater closed so you don’t have any wardrobe malfunctions.

2. Plunging Neckline: use double-sided tape to secure both sides of your shirt or dress

3. Belt Excess: tape down the excess belt strap that doesn’t make it to the next belt loop. You can also use a hair tie to secure your excess belt.

4. Lapels: tape down a loose or floppy lapel 

5. Hemline: if your pants are too long use double-sided tape to hem them

Women's fashion blogger, Erin Busbee, shares 5 fashion tips including shoe fixes like Heavenly Heelz foot pads and shoe fillers.

#4 | Shoe Fixes

We all encounter shoe issues so here are some of my favorite sole-utions!

1. Shoes Too Large:  add a little pad to the balls of your feet to fill out your shoes if they are a little large on you. You can also use
shoe fillers which are a foamy cushion that helps to fill your shoe.

2. Heel slip: Try using heel pads to prevent heel slippage and blisters. Two-for-one, yes, please!  

2. Intensive Foot Balm: This helps reduce friction between your shoes and feet which prevents blisters.

3. Special Foot Spray: spray your feet with this spray before you wear heels. This spray has arnica and other soothing properties to help preserve your feet. I use this when I attend conferences or events where I’m on my feet for a long time.

4. Shoe Stretching – you can take your shoes to a shoe repair shop and ask to have them stretched…  or put them in the freezer to stretch them out. It works!

Women's fashion blogger, Erin Busbee, shares 5 fashion tips for women over 40 and recommends a leather belt hole punch to adjust belt sizing.

#5 | Add Holes to Belt

When I purchase belts, I always buy them a size up from the actual size of my waist. I do this so that I have the option of wearing the belt around my hips or waist. If I want to wear a belt at my waist, I punch additional holes with a leather belt hole punch. I typically buy the bigger size, 85 in designer belts, again so I can wear it as a hipster or waist belt. If you create your own holes in your belt, be sure to start with a smaller hole and work your way up. You can also take your belt to the leather repair shop or shoe repair shop and ask them to punch some new holes for you. I promise it’s easy, though.

Wasn’t that fun? Those are 5 of my favorite fashion tips that no one tells you about. I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. Which one of these fashion tips are you going to implement right away? And, if you have any fashion tips that you swear by, please share them below!

For even more fashion tips, watch my latest video on style secrets to help you look better every day!

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