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Supergoop anti-aging sunscreen, staying sun safe at elevation, being sun safe in the mountains

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My Mountain Commute

This is now my walk to work (above).
It’s surreal.
I walk down a ski trail, hop onto a paved path and then head into Mountain Village.
If it’s raining, I take the gondola.
A gondola!


Being in the mountains is no doubt magic, but it also means I have to be really careful about sun protection.
The higher you are, the higher the UV level (that’s the bad stuff.)

And, we are UP there.
Mountain Village is about 9,500 feet, which is so high, they sell oxygen tanks at the grocery store.


So imagine my excitement when Supergoop (AKA SUPER sunscreen) asked if I would be interested in teaming up!
It was a no brainer. Plus, the founder… is a woman.
Yay for female entrepreneurs!
Anndd, she (Holly Thaggard) is from San Antonio.
Double yay!

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Supergoop anti-aging sunscreen, staying sun safe at elevation with supergoop refresh mist

Supergoop anti-aging sunscreen, staying sun safe at elevation with supergoop refresh mist

Supergoop anti-aging sunscreen, staying sun safe at elevation with supergoop refresh mist

Defense Refresh Setting Mist  |  Supergoop

Setting Mist

The Defense Refresh Setting Mist with SPF 50 (pictured above) might be my favorite of the Supergoop bunch…
It’s a mist that sets make-up, helps control oil & shine and refreshes your SPF. You can easily apply it over your makeup.

This feels more like you are spritzing water on your face on a hot day, rather than sunscreen.

Bottom Line: Genius!


supergoop lip protection, anti-aging, moisturizing, sunscreen for your lips

Lip Screen  |  Supergoop

Lip Screen

Our sensitive lips are overlooked and neglected in the sunscreen department… .
This Shine On Lip Screen (with SPF 50) glides on like a gloss, and stays on.
You can even layer it over your lipstick like I’m doing (above) to give your lips a little extra pop!

It is water resistant. So again, it really stays put.
I’ve had several readers/viewers ask me about a sunscreen for their lips.

Bottom line: For your lips, this is IT.


supergoop anti-aging, sunscreen powder that you can apply over your makeup

supergoop anti-aging, sunscreen powder that you can apply over your makeup

supergoop anti-aging, sunscreen powder that you can apply over your makeup

Mineral Setting Powder  |  Supergoop

Mineral Setting Powder | SPF 45

This Mineral Invincible Setting Powder with SPF 45 is an essential addition to your makeup bag!
It is easily refillable.
The powder is also sweat resistant so it sets make-up, reduces shine, and pores…
It is the perfect way to reapply your SPF on the go!
And, aren’t we always on the go? Seriously, could someone give me two extra hours in a day?

Bottom line: This is your new go-to to reapply sunscreen!


Everyday Sunscreen  |  Supergoop

Everyday Sunscreen | SPF 50

This is the one I currently have on my kitchen counter ready to slather on the kids for summer camp.
It glides on, absorbs quickly and smells lovely. It also doesn’t feel sticky. My kids don’t do sticky.

(Your kiddos may also love the Super Power Sunscreen Mousse!)

The Everyday Sunscreen with SPF 50 is also oil-free, water resistant (for 80 mins) and is full of antioxidants!

(Full disclosure: I had to look up antioxidants. I know they are “good” but I wasn’t exactly sure what they are.
Here’s the scoop, antioxidants are naturally occurring substances like Vitamin E, C, green tea, grape seed, etc…
That can help prevent premature aging

Bottom Line: It’s ginormous (18 oz), and the whole family can use it!


Supergoop sunscreen serum, anti-aging to wear under your makeup, hydrating skincare with awesome sun protection

supergoop eye cream with SPF sun protection, anti-aging, moisturizing, sunscreen for your eyes

Supergoop sunscreen including an anti-aging serum, powder, mist, pump, lip protectionSerum  |  Eye Cream  |  Supergoop

Anti-Aging Sunscreen

Let’s talk anti-aging shall we…
Did you know that 90% of the signs of aging is caused by UV exposure?
See… I told you it was the bad stuff.
Now, could someone travel back in time and tell my 16 year self, to stop putting OIL on my face and body…
Simply because a mean girl used to call me, “China Doll???”


City Sunscreen Serum | SPF 30

The City Sunscreen Serum with SPF 30 is the final step in your skincare routine.
It is lightweight and silky and packed with anti-aging antioxidants (see definition above) like Vitamins E and B5.
It’s also safe for all skin types.

Bottom line: it feels more like luxe skincare than sunscreen


Advanced Anti-Aging Eye Cream | SPF 37

I’ve actually never seen an eye cream dedicated to sun protection before. Have you??
So that fact alone makes this a pretty awesome product.
What makes it double awesome…?
The mineral rich cream hydrates and helps diminish fine lines as well as help prevent future lines.
The Anti-Aging Eye Cream also has light reflecting mica to help brighten eyes!!

Bottom Line: Glides on, brightens eyes and keeps you sun safe!


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*Thank you Supergoop for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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