Should You Put Away Your Skinny Jeans?

WARNING: This post may cause strong feelings including, but not limited to: frustration, anger, confusion, even rage.

The BIG style question of the moment that many of  you over 40 may be asking…are skinny jeans dead!? No. They are NOT dead. Okay, phew. Now you can breathe. BUT… fashion is moving in a new direction now with more relaxed fit denim taking centerstage. Like it or not, baggy jeans are here and it doesn’t look like the trend is going anywhere anytime soon! Personally, I love adding new pieces to my jean-drobe, but this transition from skinny to baggy has been really hard for me too! I sent 5 pairs back to the store before I actually kept a pair and even still it took me weeks, even months to wear them on any kind of regular basis.

What do you think…love it, hate it, want to try it? Please share in the comments.

If you’re interested in trying baggy jeans, make sure you watch this video!

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Why Baggy Jeans?

Remember baggy jeans from the ’90s??? I sure do. I remember wearing a pair by Levi’s that I absolutely LOVED in college. I traded my friend, Karen who was studying abroad with me in Paris, for her ripped-up, baggy Levi’s. I was SO psyched to wear them. I wore them for many years before finally retiring them. I kinda wish I still had them. For those of you who are getting bored with skinny jeans or maybe you don’t find them flattering for your body shape, you are going to love this new denim style! Baggy jeans have grown in popularity throughout 2020-2021 and I don’t think they’re going anywhere for a while. Baggy jeans are essentially oversized boyfriend jeans. They’re roomier throughout the hips, butt, and legs, but fit the waist like normal jeans.

baggy jeans, how to wear baggy jeans, baggy jeans over 40, ganni puff sleeve top, moussy baggy jeans, express braided sandals, best baggy jeans

#1) Moussy Baggy Jeans

Moussy has quickly become my favorite, go-to denim brand. Their jeans are pricey, but the denim is SO good and high-quality. I love the washes, the distressing, and the fit. If you are petite, this is the perfect brand because many of the inseam lengths are shorter. Unfortunately, the exact pair I’m wearing is sold out but I linked a few of my favorites below.

baggy jeans, how to wear baggy jeans, baggy jeans over 40, ganni puff sleeve top, moussy baggy jeans, express braided sandals

How To Wear Baggy Jeans

Since these jeans are so baggy, I’d keep the volume on top to a minimum. I’m wearing a Ganni blouse with balloon sleeves. But because it’s fitted throughout the body, it works! Whatever you wear on top, keep it simple. Think a streamlined sweater, tee, or blouse tucked or half-tucked in. For a third layer, throw on a moto jacket or cargo jacket. There are tons of ways to style these jeans! Baggier jeans are definitely a bit more on the casual side but you can certainly dress them up with heels like I am with the braided pair by Express above.

baggy jeans by Moussy Vintage on fashion over 40 blogger Erin Busbee paired with Rails white button down shirt

You Will Resist

At first, you are going to resist these because it’s our nature. New things like this are HARD to accept at first. Think about how you first felt about ankle booties or even skinny jeans. I know many women refused to wear either for years thinking they would come and go, but they are still going strong. Over-sized jeans are going to continue to grow in popularity. I think this is the case because skinnies have been SO popular for SO long and fashion is cyclical. It’s time for a silhouette change!

baggy jeans, how to wear baggy jeans, baggy jeans over 40, ganni puff sleeve top, moussy baggy jeans, express braided sandals, best baggy jeans

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More Baggy Jean Styles

If you’re still not sure you want to try the super baggy jeans, go for some of the other “baggy” jeans styles that are more streamlined. Even though all I can think about is that SNL skit when I hear mom jeans, the mom jeans options out there now are actually very stylish! Some other safe options are straight-leg jeans and flared or wide-leg jeans. Some of my favorite brands for trendy jeans are…

1) Moussy (more sizes here)
2) Agolde
4) Express
5) Topshop (always size up!)

Have you tried baggy jeans yet…what are your thoughts? Please share in the comments!

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25 thoughts on “Should You Put Away Your Skinny Jeans?

  1. Baggy jeans are definitely more comfy, but giving up skinny jeans entirely is not a great idea. I’m gonna be pretty amused if I see fashionistas walking around this fall looking like one of the 3 Musketeers with baggy jeans ballooning out over their knee high boots.

    1. Don’t worry…You can still wear your skinny jeans! Consider adding a few newer silhouettes to your wardrobe (relaxed, straight, or bootcut). Having options is fun! xo

  2. Ahhh, I went to most of those places with 4 of my “nurse friends” back in the 80’s. 3 weeks of pure pleasure and fun.and I dyed my very pale wedding dress to wear as a house frock😃👌. I wish I could send you a pic and ask a fashion question. You are creating memories that will last a lifetime and shape them so wonderfully❣️👌👌👌👌👌💐💐💐💐

  3. Hi Erin,
    That town sounds like a dream. I am a little envious, but so happy for you and your family.
    I ditched my super skinny…never felt that they were really for me. I did just buy a white distressed skinny…but looser. I have several pairs of jeans now in baggy, fitted straight leg, looser straight leg and boot cut and even a pair that I guess we called bell…some new, but some from estate sales and resale shops..paid one dollar for some of the vintage ones from estate stretch in thode old ones. They look so good on you, but I am determined to wear mine with two white button up tops..and a new boho fun sleeve top that reminds me of the seventies. Thanks Erin..I always enjoy “seeing” you!!!

  4. I’ve never worn baggie jeans and don’t intend to either. Being a petite girl with short legs baggie isn’t flattering on me. I’ll just stick to flare, boot and straight cuts.

    1. Of course… The number one rule is to wear what fits and flatters your body and what makes you feel the most confident. It’s my job to show ways to wear the trends for those who may want to experiment. xo



  7. Hello….

    I am wondering about over the knee boots. Will erin be posting anything or providing a video?

    Thank you!

  8. Good evening!

    This is a question regarding being slightly short waisted. I recognize high waisted jeans are trending, but I feel being short waisted and busty, that the waistband is right under my breasts. How do I embrace the trend? I think I am rectangular shaped otherwise. I am 5’4″ and a size 4.

    thank you

  9. I don’t think I like all of those styles but they sure are nice for women with bigger thighs and calves. Skinny jeans can just be too tight and uncomfortable.

  10. Two hesitatIons: 1) baggy jeans may Make my flat buM flatter. 2)How will they work with all my ankle boots? Wear them oVer the boot? Cuff them? But can you get a good cuff woth baggy jeans?

    1. It will depend on the length of jeans and how high the bootie are. I’m going to redo my ankle bootie/jean video

  11. There’s room in our closets for many denim styles. but it always should be about fit and flatter. this high-rise baggy – which is a classic saturday night live mom-jean – does little to flatter a women’s figure. hard pass for me.

    1. Hi Francine, You are correct. The most important thing is to wear what fit and flatters your body. Some people will look great in high-rise baggy jeans and some won’t.

  12. Hi eRin: My initial response was oh ugh, mom jeans, again pLus the deconstructed look is so unappealing to a 71 year old. However, when took the time to look at the black agolde jeans-wow would buy in a heartbeat( if thE price point was more reasonable) sUch a chic profile with Heels.

    1. Hi Carol, these looks can be worn at any age. You just have to find the version that works best for you. The AGOLDE jeans are great.

  13. i think Fashion and style are two different things. Fashion is change just for the sake of change. companies’ MARKETING based on their FINANCIAL BOTTOM LINEs promote Fashion CHANGES. Style is change to find items that help us be the best version of ourselves. Style is promoted by our desire to find and project beauty and excellence… which can also be fun. Skinny jeans, Boyfriend jeans, baggy jeans can all look great on the right body types for each. the CHALLENGE is to remember that there is no “onE style fits all”.

    1. You are correct Carole. Not all styles will work for everyone. You have to find what works best for your body and your style. Hopefully the information presented in this post helps you find what is right for you.

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