Blogger of the Week – Cara Loren

I started following Cara on Instagram. She has a huge following there!

I was initially intrigued by her photos for two main reasons:  1) Her gorgeous hair – I mean…super gorge!  2) And, her absolutely adorable little boy named Hanes. He is SOOOO cute!

After following her on Instagram, I recently had the chance to check out her website as well, where she posts featured outfits. Even though she’s only 23-years old, I think she has a lot to offer us 40+ ladies. Cara is a busy, working mom, after all!

On her website, she features many, mom-friendly, stylish outfit options like this one below, which will work well no matter what your age.

Check her out when you get a chance!

untitled-1656 untitled-1715-2

RECREATE THE LOOK (remember click images to buy. And, I post varying prices so if one item is too expensive, keep clicking!)

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3 thoughts on “Blogger of the Week – Cara Loren

  1. I’ve been following her blog for close to 8 months now I actually took the time one day while I was sick and went through each one of her post, LOL she has a great sense of style I knew she was young, didn’t know under 25 and almost ready to have baby #2. I’m in my mid or is it late now well…30’s I really do like her. Seems to have a good thing going marriage and family, blog success good for her. I do like little Cara Loren 🙂

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