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The “BusbeeStyle Pick of the Week” is… this gray maxi dress | Loft, $69!

 I’m always on the hunt for EASY dresses, I can just throw on.

I don’t often go out because my kids are still little, so I am usually dressing casually

… for things like, errands, daytime meetings or weekend events.

So, imagine my excitement when I discovered this piece.

It is SO comfortable, it feels like you are wearing pajamas…!

*Note: I think the dress looks better in person than in photographs.


– It is lightweight.

The jersey fabric is light, so you stay cool (to be fair, I have not worn it in 100 degrees yet)

– It is comfortable

As mentioned above, it’s so comfy, it feels like I’m wearing PJ’s!

– It hides your legs

For those of you who don’t like to show your legs, this is a great option to hide them while remaining cool and casual.

Didn’t shave today? No problem… throw this on.

– Great for broad shoulders

The halter neckline will minimize broad shoulders

– It’s affordable

It’s from Loft and sells for $69, but you know they have 40% off coupons every other day. Wait for it!

– It’s easy

You don’t have to labor over this one, just put it with a pendant necklace…and off you go.

– Styling Note

If you have a lot of the skin at you armpit area, this dress may highlight it. You can cover it, by throwing a cardigan or jean jacket over the dress.

Also, I have to admit, despite it’s incredible comfort, there is a major drawback… it’s unforgiving in the tummy area. If your tummy is bloated, has a little extra weight or you eat a big pasta lunch, you will see it. My plan is to tie my sweater or jacket around my waist, and not worry about it!


 CLICK HERE to buy the maxi dress

Here is a similar one from Amazon (Prime Eligible)


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2 thoughts on “BusbeeStyle Pick Of The Week | Effortless Maxi Dress

  1. I LOVE this maxi dress! You look so cute , in it! I am always looking for something very comfortable, to wear.. as I sometimes end up wearing my sleep shirt, all day , around the house! ha ha My only problem is my chest area . The material looks a little clingy..Wish I could reduce my” girls”,(36D) , just a little.! 😉 Thanks Erin!. xxx ooo

    1. Oh boy… yea, this might be a little too small and tight on top for 36D. You could always try it? This is definitely my new favorite house dress. For house clothes I ask myself… can I answer the door in this? Will my husband still think I’m reasonably attractive? If the answer is YES… we are good! 😉 Erin xo

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