BusbeeStyle TV | VIDEO: Fashion Fix Its For Your Shoes

I love a fashion fix-it!

This video shows you all of the ways I tackle shoe problems, from toe overhang, to heel slippage, to blisters!

I hope it helps!

Be sure to watch until the end, to see some silly bloopers.

And, as always, let me know if you have any questions.

Thank YOU for watching and subscribing. Erin xo



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2 thoughts on “BusbeeStyle TV | VIDEO: Fashion Fix Its For Your Shoes

  1. I don’t know how I missed this one , about your diet! That was great! You actually do some of the things I do, or have done… and need to do again! ha ha Sugar is the main culprit for me.. So, yeah, I try to get sugar free everything, if possible. I also use Stevia , in my coffee! 🙂 Also, I love sweet iced tea, with lemon.. but the way my Mom made it ,would be WAY too many sugar calories, for me.. And, like you, I do not drink any calories! My Mom came from a BIG Southern family ,(one of 10 children!), in North Carolina. So, I use Spenda in my Iced tea, with some lemon, and I love green tea, so that’s all I use. I don’t use the Stevia , because it tastes different in cold drinks, to me.. Just a weird taste. 😛 Oh well.. And, I found that walking about an hour ,every day ,kept me at my good weight.. I say “kept” bc I have gotten into a bad habit, of not walking every day.. and I have to get back to it! I just love your videos.. they are so down to earth and real.. You’re great, Erin.. and, you help so many of “us women.”. lol ..Oh, btw, your little girl is so precious.. She reminds me SO much of my youngest daughter, when she was about 3 or 4, Natalie.. She’s 27, now!! And , honestly, it really does seem like yesterday, that I was chasing her around the house,and just enjoying all my children , as they were growing up. They’re all grown, now, and I have to say.. it came TOO soon! My oldest daughter is 35, and my son is 32! They’re all married, and have their own lives to live.. Luke and Natalie are in Colorado.. 2000 miles away! They still do keep in touch ,though, thankfully. And ,Ilise, my oldest ,lives very close, so I am blessed, there. I know you probably do, already.. but ,really… just cherish EVERY moment, with each of your babies, children.. It is just so different, when they’ve grown up. They are still my babies, and always will be, but, it is such a different dynamic.. Then , of course, if we are blessed, we have grandbabies,to cherish and love, too! I have 3 little grandsons so far.. 6, 3 , and 10 months and they are SO precious and dear.. I am VERY thankful. But, I do long for the days gone by, sometimes, when my kids were little, and would throw those little arms around my neck, and blurt out, so sweetly..” I love you Mommy!!” Well, I have done it again., rambled on way too much! I’m sorry, Erin! 🙁 .. Thanks, again for all you do. I really do appreciate all the effort you go to, to help other women.. You’re a doll! Luv ya Jill xxoo

    1. Thank you for the sweet note, Jill! I DO appreciate most moments (definitely not every) with my wee ones, and I can already see how quickly the time passes. I think one of the benefits of being an older mommy is that I understand how precious time is. With age, comes wisdom… I think. Congratulations on your grand babies… how wonderful to have THREE. Thank you for writing. No need to worry about length… I appreciate your support! Erin xo

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