How To Buy Designer Goods For LESS!

I get all kinds of crazy client requests, but one of my favorites was…”I want to buy Louboutins for less than $500.”  If I had some super secret ability to buy Louboutins on the cheap, I would probably start another business doing nothing, but selling Louboutins! (Not to mention have a huge collection in my closet.)

                   From “Too Good To Be Threw,” $425


… That said; It IS possible. You CAN find designer shoes, clothes and accessories for significantly less than retail by popping into a consignment store! (The pair above cost $425)

As you may have read before, my favorite consignment store(s) in San Antonio is a chain called “Too Good To Be Threw.”  Yes, I have worked with them on a few projects. No, that’s NOT the reason I am their #1 fan. I genuinely believe they have the biggest and best selection in town! They carry clothes, shoes, accessories, furniture, and home decor items. Check them out at one of their three locations (all stores listed below).

Also, if you are looking for something specific, you can always ask to be notified if the item or something similar comes in.  🙂




You also may have heard me mention these addictive, free, membership-based, sales sites before.

I sometimes have to cut myself off from browsing on these sites because I always end up buying something that I truly don’t need. HOWEVER, they are an amazing resource when you want to buy designer clothes, shoes, accessories, furniture or home decor items for less! Up to 75% less! For a full breakdown of my favorites, click HERE.

I most often check the following:

                                       San Marcos Premium Outlets


Whenever I pull up to the San Marcos Premium Outlets, I get sooo excited! They have Last Call, Off Fifth, Janie and Jack for kiddos, Restoration Hardware, and my newest fave… the DVF Outlet!! Again, you can find high end, designer clothes, shoes, accessories, furniture and home decor items for up to 75% off retail.

Bottom line: If you are strategic, you can afford some key designer pieces to make your overall wardrobe look more expensive and luxurious!



Stone Oak /1604 Furniture & Clothing
18450 Blanco Road, Suite 4
San Antonio, TX 78258

Store Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-6pm

Furniture Phone: 210.494.4663
Clothing Phone: 210.404.2422

2) The Castle Creek store is 6,000 square feet of furniture and home décor:

Castle Creek Furniture
6483 Blanco Road
San Antonio, TX 78216

Store Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-6pm

Phone: 210.340.7060

3) And, at 410 and Blanco Road, you’ll find 10,000 square feet of clothes, shoes and accessories:

Castle Hills/Loop 410 Clothing
7115 Blanco Road
San Antonio, TX 78216

Store Hours: Mon-Sat 10am-6pm

Phone: 210.340.2422

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