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Do NOT Be Afraid To Change Doctors

It’s Like Anything Else…You DO Have Choices

Don’t Settle.

I stayed with my OBGYN for a couple of years just because other people thought he was great. WHAT was I thinking?
First, the guy looked like dracula. Not that I care about personal appearance when it comes to my doctors, but that should have been a sign.
Second, he never learned my name. He saw SO many patients, he always called me, “Blondie.” That’s endearing to a point. Then you realize this man is delivering my child and “Blondie” isn’t going to cut it.
And, lastly… I prefer FEMALE lady doctors. Always have. Always will. Why was I seeing a male doctor?

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The Bottom Line…

The bottom line is…you DO have choices. Just because your friends or your friends’ friends ALL love THIS doctor…
Does NOT mean you have to. You can switch doctors. Even if you are about to pop out your child, you can still switch.
And… this is across the board. Not just with OBGYN’s and GYN’s… this goes for eye doctors, general practitioners, dentists, etc.

My son’s dentist very insensitively told me my son was missing teeth. WHAAAT????
He’s missing freakin’ teeth?? And you are just going to spout that out like it’s no big deal, and tell me I must have some toothless relatives?
I’ve never heard of this, and I was in shock. The dentist’s delivery bothered me, and even though he could be 100% correct…I’m not comfortable with him.

That’s the key. Find someone you are comfortable with…someone you trust.

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