My Skincare Secrets

Skincare secrets, colleen rothschild, inspirational beauty quotes on, busbee styleSkincare Secrets | Colleen Rothschild Skincare, skincare tips

Skincare Secrets | Colleen Rothschild Skincare, Advanced maternal age,

Importance Of Great Skincare

I’ll get to my skincare secrets in a moment… but first I want to talk about ‘why‘ I now try to take great care of my skin.
There are a million, zillion reasons, but here are the most notable:

#1 | I had kids late in life.
I am what you call an ‘old mom’ or as the medical professionals put it, ‘advanced maternal age.’
I had Gage at 35, and Elizabeth (pictured above) at 38. BUT, I don’t want to look like the old mom.

#2 | I beat the crap out of my skin when I was younger
I literally sunbathed with baby oil, and nothing else every time the sun was out
(Fortunately for me, and my skin, the sun wasn’t out that often in Watertown, New York.)

#3 | I now live in the driest place on the planet
(Okay, maybe the Sudan is dryer, but still…it’s freakin dry!!)
Our move to Telluride, Colorado has done wonders for my hair, but wreaked havoc on my skin.
It is VERY dry here. And, we are at high elevation. Our town sits at about 9,500 feet.
To give you a sense of how high that is… they sell oxygen bottles at the grocery store.

Skincare secrets, colleen rothschild, inspirational beauty quotes on, busbee style


Skincare Secrets

One of my skincare secrets, when it comes to keeping my skin looking youthful and moisturized, is my Colleen Rothschild routine.

(You can see my nightly routine, step-by-step here.)

As many of you already know… not only do I have a massive woman crush on Colleen Rothschild!…
I also happen to think her skincare is AMAZING!!

And, today she is having a MAJOR SALE!! On ALL of her BEST SELLERS!!
Use Code “BEST25” to save 25%

I’m stocking up on three of my absolute favorites (pictured below):

1) Radiant Cleansing Balm

2) Extreme Recovery Cream

3) Eye Cream

Keep scrolling to read more about these…

Skincare Secrets | Colleen Rothschild skincare, radiant cleansing balm on sale

Skincare Secrets | Colleen Rothschild skincare, radiant cleansing balm on sale

Skincare Secrets | Colleen Rothschild skincare, extreme recovery cream for extreme hydration of your skin

Skincare Secrets | Colleen Rothschild skincare, complete eye cream

My Favorites

Radiant Cleansing Balm

I wash my face and makeup off every evening with Colleen’s best selling Radiant Cleansing Balm.
You massage it onto your face dry… and then use a warm, wet washcloth to wipe it off.
This balm is heaven!! And it smells like heaven too!

Extreme Recovery Cream

It is SO dry here, that I use the Extreme Recovery Cream in the morning AND in the evening.
(You traditionally use it only at night.)
I also use the Face Oil No. 9 l at least 3 times a week at night, mixed with the Extreme Recovery Cream.

Complete Eye Cream

I love that this eye cream isn’t thick… so it glides on the thin skin under my eyes.
It’s also incredibly hydrating. I use it in the morning and evening, which is why I need to stock up on some more!

Don’t forget ALL of the BEST SELLERS are on SALE!! Use code, “BEST25” to save 25%!

Skincare secrets, colleen rothschild, inspirational beauty quotes on, busbee style

Skincare secrets, colleen rothschild, inspirational beauty quotes on, busbee style

More Secrets…

Another key to keeping my skin looking more youthful… is consistency.
I wash my face every morning, and every evening, no matter how crazy tried I am.
And, trust me there are a LOT of nights I want to skip it…

I also ALWAYS slather on the moisturizers.

Sunscreen is another biggie. You can read more about my sunscreen favorites here.

And, yup…you gotta drink water.
I really get bored drinking plain ol’ water, so I like to mix it up by drinking seltzer.

Also on Sale…

You should also check out the best sellers, Sheer Renewal Cream and Mandelic Acid Radiance Serum,
Both of these I have tried and LOVE… are they are both on sale!!

The anti-aging Mandelic Acid is safe for sensitive skin.

Shop Best Sellers


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My Oufit

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Please let me know if you have any questions… just comment below.
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*This post is sponsored by Colleen Rothschild. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
I only partner with brands and businesses that I love…


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7 thoughts on “My Skincare Secrets

  1. Hi Erin-I have a question regarding skincare. I am due to replenish my skincare system , and I was wondering if you could enlight me. If you had to select between Colleen Rothschild and Elemis which would you recommend and why? I tend to gravitate towards lines that uses natural ingredients since they are absorbed through our skin. From the quick research I have done Elemis seem to add EDTA , and dimethicone to their products. Hope to hear from you soon!
    Angela R.

    1. There is a complete list of ingredients here: // I LOVE both lines!! It depends on your needs and your budget. I think if you prefer certain ingredients, you should stick with what works best for your skin. You seriously can’t go wrong with either of these skincare lines. They are both AMAZING!

  2. Hi Erin
    Just bought 3 of the best seller products (through your links of course!!!) I have never tried Colleens products before and am looking forward to receiving my delivery.
    Also great to see you wearing another Stylekeepers shirt, & to see some Australia fashion on the blog.

    1. Thank you SO much for shopping through my links, Deborah! I really appreciate your support!! I hope you like it… let me know what you think. Erin xo

  3. I too am an “old mom”! I had my son at 34 and my daughter at 36, and I wouldn’t trade it at all. I was so much more prepared, financially stable and loved being pregnant. I also live in a dry climate, Scottsdale, AZ, where I use my night cream as a day cream. Very dry. I am afraid that I do not like water at all. It’s just gaggy to me, I do drink Diet Coke and of course my coffee in the morning. I think I’m making up for it with eating yogurt most of the day! Now that the kids are grown and on their own, I don’t really cook. I love your blog and love when their are scenes from Telluride. I’ve skied their many times and it’s such a great place. A good friend had a great little place down town called “The Chocolate Moose” Round about way of enjoying your blog.

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