Dressing Your Age | Style Reboot #4 | VIDEO

Dressing Your Age | Style Reboot #4

 Dressing Your Age | How To Dress Your Age 


In the VIDEO above I share some guidelines to help you dress appropriately for your age…
Remember these are JUST guidelines.
At the end of the day, you wear what you feel most confident and comfortable wearing. 

My Journey | Turning 40

When I turned 40, something shifted.
(You can watch my video on turning 40 here. I kinda had a hard time with it.)

The same shift occurred when I became a mom.
I no longer felt as comfortable wearing shorter skirts and dresses.
I gave most of my shorter dresses and skirts away.
They are now getting a new lease on life,
Happily worn by younger women who can thoroughly enjoy them!


Wardrobe Modifications

When I turned 40, I started modifying the way I dress.
I still dress in a modern way, just slightly more conservatively.
My skirts are not quite as short.
I also wear them with tights in the fall/winter.
My dresses have longer hemlines.
I only wear one, maybe two trends at a time …usually.

I also modified my wardrobe when I turned 30 and when I became a mom.

Tell us about your style journey!!
Please comment and share your story below…. 



One common wardrobe modification are your hemlines.
Remember the “No mini skirts after 35” rule that the TV show, “What Not To Wear” used to talk about???
I do not believe there is a one size fits all rule when it comes to hemlines and age.
I talk a LOT more about this topic in the video.

If you are wondering about pants, you can watch my VIDEO on trouser hemlines here.


Wearing Trends

Another modification many women make…is they tone down the trends.
That said, there is absolutely no reason why you can’t wear trends as you get older.

(I talk extensively about this topic in the video above).
If you feel a little unsure, try one trend and keep everything else neutral and classic.
It is quite simple to just add a trend with your accessories…
Like a great pair of statement earrings, a beautiful bib necklace or a gorgeous handbag.
See some of my picks below. 


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Trendy Finds


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