How to Get Fuller & More Youthful Lips With or Without Filler

Adult braces. Brutal. Gum pain, cheek blisters and months spent without cashews. But the silver lining? My lips never looked better. The vast bulk of metal fattened my lips so dramatically, that I was constantly asked if I’d gotten filler. Nope – just a mouthful of wire and rubber bands. 18 months later, I had a gorgeous set of straight teeth. But sadly, I lost my luscious lips in the process. It’s been a few years and I still miss them. (I know…cry me a river.) Of course, with age comes fine lines and a loss of volume. This means that I’m always on the lookout for a way to get fuller more youthful lips.  And today, there’s no shortage of effective products, devices and procedures promising us the soft, smooth, pillowy pout we all want.

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Effective Beauty Products

Lip Scrubs & Exfoliants

Soft, hydrated lips inherently look fuller and more youthful. And while lip balms are key, be sure and banish flakes and dry patches with these gentle lip scrubs. Wet wash cloths and toothbrushes work nicely, too!

Lip Plumpers

Glossy lip plumpers work by irritating the skin on your lips with ingredients such as Capsaicin, an active component of chili peppers. You’ll feel a stinging, tingling, burning sensation. It makes the lips swell slightly, temporarily creating the appearance of a fuller lip. They do work, but only for a short time, so expect frequent reapplication. Newer formulas using hyaluronic acid last a little longer, but the results are still subtle.

hand holding pink micro needle fuller more youthful lips


Suction devices are indeed a thing (sigh). These hand-held mini-vacuums are touted as a non-invasive, safe and affordable way to instantly get big, pouty lips. They are designed to gently boost the blood flow to the capillaries in your lips by using pressure. They also promote collagen and elastin production. On the other hand, micro-needling tools gently puncture the skin to boost collagen production and smooth fine lines for more youthful lips that develop over time.

lip before and after procedure fuller more youthful lips


Lip augmentation is a catchall phrase that involves everything from minimally invasive lip fillers to surgical cosmetic procedures. Here are the most proven and well-documented solutions. Full disclosure: I have NOT personally tried any of these. Though I may try lip Botox on my next visit. As a reminder, please be sure to visit an experienced and reputable physician or med spa. Get a consultation, see photos, and be clear about the results you want – and don’t want. If you’re interested in Botox, then you need to read this post where I answer allll your questions about getting Botox!


Lip threading is also known as a lip thread lift. It’s a nonsurgical procedure that uses small dissolvable threads to smooth out fine lines around your mouth and boost collagen production.  Threading is less about lip plumping and more about adding definition to your cupid’s bow. Unlike fillers which can last upwards of 6-12 months, threading dissolves within three months. But the results build afterward as the collagen continues to build. In general, you should expect to pay anywhere from $500 to $1,500 for one to three lip threading sessions.


Though technique varies by provider, the lips can be shaped and plumped by injecting temporary hyaluronic acid (HA)-based fillers (like Juvéderm® or Restylane®) around the vermillion border. If you’re concerned about going overboard, ask for ‘micro-droplets’ to create subtle definition. Remember, you can always add more later. The cost for lip injections ranges depending on where you go and the injector, but most places will charge between $650 to $2,000.


My ongoing devotion to Botox (remember this?) may broaden to include the ‘Lip Flip’. The Botox Lip Flip involves the precise placement of just a few units of Botox along with the upper lip muscle, near the border, to relax and “flip” the lip to make more of the upper lip visible. This technique is ideal for those who just want subtle volume on their upper lip. (That’s me.) Since it’s just a handful of units, it’s relatively affordable, between $80 to $200.

nude lip glosses for fuller more youthful lips

Favorite Nude Glosses for Lusciously Fuller & Youthful Lips

I’d love to hear what you ladies have tried and loved for fuller more youthful lips, so definitely leave a comment and share. Super interested to learn if any of you have tried the Botox Lip Lift!

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One thought on “How to Get Fuller & More Youthful Lips With or Without Filler

  1. I once had botox injected into my lower face area by a very experienced dermatologist and I would NEVER do it again! It changed (ruined) my smile and I even had to adjust how I ate because it caused me to bite my lips over and over. Thank goodness it wears off, but it was a painful 4 months!

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