22 Non-Cringey Gifts for Your Favorite High School Grad

Best High School Graduation Gifts

Graduation season is here! I can’t believe we’re already nearing the end of another school year. This time of year always seems to fly by no matter what your kids’ age. But, if you have a high school senior, or know a high school senior you’ll be celebrating this year, make sure you look over this list of the best high school graduation gifts. I promise you’ll find something for your grad!

Non-Cringey High School Graduation Gifts

A Gift For Every Grad

While you may be commemorating their accomplishments with a special piece of jewelry or a well-deserved senior trip, you’ll also want to think about the functional items they’ll need to make the transition through the next few years a little easier. These gifts will help make their journey a little more comfortable. Whether they’re a long plane flight or a quick car ride away! These are all gifts they’ll actually use!

Are there any graduation gift essentials I left out? Please share in the comments below! By the way, if you’re an empty nester (or soon-to-be), this post is a must-read!

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Keep It Together

This Gucci keychain wallet is stylish AND helps your grad carry their ID, cash, cards, and keys all together.

Bag For Everything

Having a classic, chic, and versatile bag to take with them when they go out is a must!

Weekend at Home

Do what you can to lure your grad back home with a weekender bag that easily fits 4-5 days worth of clothes.

For Longer Trips

Or get them some luggage that can fit even more for those longer trips home and spring or fall break trips. The duffel bag to the left pairs perfectly and slides over this carry-on.

For Her Baubles

The smartest way to store jewelry in the dorms is with this small personalized jewelry travel case.

Carry All Case

Depending on the dorm/apartment setup, your grad might need a carryall for their makeup, skincare, bathroom essentials, etc. This pretty vanity case can carry it all AND they’ll use it for travel too!

Cover Up

Your grad might be sharing a living space and bathroom now…get them this robe to have handy. You can also take it somewhere to get monogrammed so there are no mix-ups.

Avoid The Drench

Avoid drenched walks to class with this waterproof hooded rain jacket! It may seem mundane…but it’s actually a must-have and this cute option comes in a few colors.

Time Management

What grad wouldn’t want the newest Apple Watch?! This series will help…keep time, reply to texts, schedule reminders, create a personalized sleep routine, and much more!

Fully Charged

There’s nothing worse than when your child won’t answer their phone. This charging stand charges their phone, watch, and headphones. AND it’s compatible with most devices!

Extra Power

Sometimes they forget to charge their phones…in that case, gift this portable charger! It gives a fast charge AND it has the charging cables already built-in. It’s compatible with all smart devices.

Aaand Just In Case...

This 10-foot charger is a game-changer, just trust me!

Study Must Have

These Bluetooth earbuds will drown out noise while studying, blast music at the gym, or play podcasts on their walk to class.

Like Surround Sound

This cool Bluetooth speaker comes as one but can be split into two to create that surround sound-like effect. Perfect for getting ready with friends so everyone feels included, Saturdays by the pool, or just listening to music in their room.

Protect The Investment

Someone spent a lot of money on that laptop so it’s best to keep it protected! This faux leather croc-embossed case will look cool and keep it protected.

Clean Up, Clean Up

Vacuuming probably won’t be your grad’s #1 priority so getting them a Roomba will make their life a lot easier…and cleaner!

Good To Have Handy

This little tool kit has the necessities your grad might need for tiny fixits around the dorm or apartment. It also comes in a few color options.

Sleep/Wake Up Easier

There is A LOT this small Hatch clock can do…your grad can set up their perfect, customizable nighttime routine to stay on track. With a reading light, sound machine, and sunrise alarm clock, this will make going to sleep and waking up a little easier. If your grad is into it, you can also set up a customizable meditation routine that includes soundscapes, yoga stretches, breathing exercises, and much more. It’s a pretty cool clock!


If your grad is a coffee drinker, this Keurig is a must-have! It’s small and slim so it’ll fit anywhere. But the water tank holds 46 oz of water so you don’t have to refill with water every time you want to make a cup of coffee (like other Keurig machines). Big win in my book!

Keep Warm

This coffee mug syncs to an iOS app, so they can select a preset for favorite drinks, or simply keep their coffee or tea hot, for as long as they want.

On The Go

Everyone needs a good water bottle… Get them a cool HydroFlask in their favorite color!

If All Else Fails...

Go with the Amazon gift card…you KNOW they’ll use it!
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2 thoughts on “22 Non-Cringey Gifts for Your Favorite High School Grad

  1. This was the best post of this kind I have ever seen! I have a high school senior and this gave me some really great ideas. Yes, most of these graduation gift posts are SO “cringey” – thanks for the classy and appropriate recommendations!

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