Does Your Home Look Dated? 8 Easy Tips To Bring It Out of the 1900s

Do you love a quick fix as much as I do? I mean sure, I can appreciate a good home project (and trust me there are plenty in my house) but sometimes you just want instant gratification. I believe the 2 primary reasons people don’t regularly update their home décor are 1. Money: It can be expensive to keep up with home trends and 2. Time: It can seem like too big of a project to tackle with everything else life throws at you. So, for this post, let’s focus on fast, easy, and relatively inexpensive ways to update your home. These are small but impactful touches that will bring your home out of the 1900s and into the roaring 20s 😎 AND give it some new life!

Disclaimer: What is “in” and “dated” can be a very personal decision. These suggestions are not meant to offend anyone, YOU DO YOU in YOUR home, but if you are looking to modernize your space, these tips are a great place to start.

For the 3 home decor mistakes you really want to avoid, be sure to check out this post!

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8 Ways To Update Your Home

#1) Declutter & Clean

The most impactful thing you can do to update your space is to declutter. I know, I know… that’s not necessarily groundbreaking advice, but less is more and a modern aesthetic is geared more toward minimalism than tons of knickknacks everywhere! You’d be surprised just how much better your space will look with fewer things in it! In case you missed it, I shared some decluttering tips here. Keep scrolling for more tips for quick fix updates for a dated home…

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#2) Update Fake Flower Arrangements

If you have colorful plastic floral arrangements in your home, that you bought years ago, it might be time to replace them with something more current like green artificial stems or plants (that don’t look fake) or even better, live plants and flowers. If you don’t have a green thumb (like me) try a real plant that is low maintenance like a snake plant or eternity roses that last up to a year.
Grover 60″ Artificial Palm Plant
Snake Plant in Planter
Cat Palm in Decor Planter
Venus Et Fleur White Eternity Roses

#3) Say NO To Collage Frames

I had them too! But, LOTS and LOTS of family photo collages yup, those are out. If you like the look of a clustered photo arrangement, try a gallery wall with coordinating frames. A few larger, impactful photos/frames will look more modern than a collage frame. Does your collage frame say “Family” on it? Even more likely it’s time to let it go! If you want to update your wall art inexpensively, be your own photographer. Use your smartphone photos from trips, your garden, or family shots, order prints, and frame them!
Multi-Mat Wood Gallery Assorted Frames – Set of 6
Black Frame Kit 12pc 12″ x 12″
Thin Metal Matted Gallery Frame Gold

#4) No Dated Light Fixtures

Dated, old brown and brass light fixtures can really age your home. Lighting is key and often creates a focal point so an update in the category makes a lot of sense – especially pendant lights or chandeliers over a dining table or in your kitchen. If hiring an electrician is holding you back, you could use battery-operated bulbs for light fixtures like sconces (no electricity needed).
Aleigha 3 Light Kitchen Island Cluster Pendant
Frederica 2 Light Kitchen Island Linear Pendant
Katelin Light Dimmable Armed Sconce
LED Magic Bulbs With Remote Control

#5) Are Those New Cabinets? Nope

An easy way to update your kitchen that has a HUGE impact - new cabinet pulls and door handles!
Wayfair Basics Cabinet Pulls
Wayfair Basics Black Cabinet Pulls
Center Drawer Pulls Multipack

#6) Mix It Up!

If you have a lot of wood in your home, it can make your space look and feel heavy. Light and bright interiors are definitely on trend. Adding metal or ceramic (all cool or cold accents) is a good way to lighten up that heaviness. Mixing textures adds interest too!
Pure White Ceramic Vases
Frasier Textured Handcrafted Ceramic Vases
Cosmo Side Table
Chic Floor Lamp

#7) Display. Is. Everything

Speaking of heavy...heavy oak bookshelves either overly flooded with books or overly accessorized with little choochkies is definitely aging your home. You can replace the outdated bookshelf with something streamlined and modern. Then, don’t overcrowd or style the shelves. Noooo, keep it simple. This one change can make your home look updated for sure!
Devaunte W Etagere Bookcase
Chiasson W Etagere Bookcase
Kendra W Steel Etagere Bookcase

#8) Easy Bathroom Updates

Does your bathroom look more dated than you’d like? Without major renovations, the easiest updates would be cabinet hardware (in #5), new towels, bathroom rugs, new sconces and/or a new mirror.
Boll & Branch 6 Piece Organic Cotton Towel Set
Frontgate Resort Collection Skid-resistant Bath Rug
Classic Round Shape Frame Circle Mirror
Ludie Light Bath Sconce
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4 thoughts on “Does Your Home Look Dated? 8 Easy Tips To Bring It Out of the 1900s

  1. Hi Susan,
    I have followed beautiful Erin ( inside and out beauty) since she started. I love that she has a team now. I love your tip about plants. My husband has a green thumb. We used to have a hair salon fron ’79 til 2003 in a hotel. The hotel went out of business, so we brought the plants home. My husband has kept all of them alive forty three years later!!! Some of them are large. I love all of your tips. You certainly don’t look like you have college age kids. I enjoy all of Erin’s videos and all of the team’s work too. Thanks so much. ♡♡♡♡

    1. Rita!! First of all, you are so sweet and you just made my day! I’m uber-impressed that your husband has such a green thumb – 43 years?!? That’s more than spectacular. I’m currently excited that I have had the same succulent for 9 months…and it’s still alive : ) We SO appreciate you and your kind comment. THANK YOU for being a loyal follower. Sending hugs – Susan

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