Rain Boots and Socks in the Snow: A Do or Don’t?






Okay, here’s the scoop. I’ve seen a LOT of bloggers wearing rain boots in the snow.
Mostly Hunter boots.
They look adorable wearing the red Hunter boots with the boot socks.

If you follow a lot of bloggers, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.
SO… I though to myself, I have to try this.
If it works… how wonderful!

Well, I’m sorry to say…it doesn’t.
I wore these Burberry rain boots (above).
Burberry is obviously a well made boot, so we are not talking about a quality issue here.
I wore 2-pairs of thick, wool socks, with my Burberry boots…I took Traveler (our new puppy) for a long walk,
and within one hour, my feet were freezing!

It’s disappointing. But, the verdict is…
Rain boots and thick socks only work for short amounts of time, and they are not ideal for extreme conditions.

My advice… stick with the true weatherproof, warm options.
Like these Joan of Arctic Sorel boots.
Or this pair of pull-on booties I bought recently by Ugg.
I also love Aquatalia brand boots.

Thank you SO much for stopping by.
Let me know if you have any questions.

Erin xo



Exact Rain Boots \\ Burberry
Joan of Arctic Sorel Boots \\ Amazon
Ugg Kyra Booties \\ Amazon
Blue Sweater, $44.50 \\ Banana Republic
Similar Black Leggings \\ Lord & Taylor
Also Love Black Leatherette Jeans \\ Singer22
Exact Black Hat \\ Ann Taylor
Similar Pendant Necklace \\ Stella & Dot


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One thought on “Rain Boots and Socks in the Snow: A Do or Don’t?

  1. Hi Erin!! I had a question about the Kyra boots. Did you find you had to size up or down compared to other Ugg styles? Thank you for featuring these boots, I think they are so cool!!

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