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Trying a new VIDEO format, so please let me know what you think.
One of the most popular stores from 2015, was LOFT.
It’s also one of my personal favorites because you can count on size consistently, functionality and style.
I also think it is appropriate for more ‘mature’ women like me…over 40.

In this video (above) I take you shopping at…


I try on a bunch of stuff and give you my impressions.
I found a lot of comfy, basic, versatile pieces that will transition well into spring.

Thank you so much for stopping by!

Let me know if you have any questions.






Spring Accessory Trends
Country Chic Casual Look Option
Spring Fashion Trends: SHOES
The Style Buzz, 25 Statement Earrings Under $75
My Best Sellers of 2015!


*I use revenue-generating affiliate links. It does not influence or effect my choices in any way. 
You can help support my mission… to help women worldwide with their style… by shopping through my links. 
Thank you so much! Erin xo


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5 thoughts on “Shop With Me At Loft | BusbeeStyle TV

  1. Loved this video, too, Erin! I watched it for a second time while in the dressing room at Loft. I felt I needed to try certain things on, and some worked, and some didn’t. However, the items that I liked on your video and wasn’t able to find at the store, I bought online through your links. I really liked your outfit ideas. You have great fashion sense!

  2. This format is awesome for me. No time to shop, you made it easy! And, as always, great suggestions. A new video or post from you always brightens my day.

  3. Great video!
    The stripe pieces look great on you. My problem is I have a large bustline and I think stripes make me look wide.

  4. I love this! It is like going shopping with your fashionable best friend, but without having to try stuff on (I hate trying things on). As a new mother of twins, I don’t have the time to go shopping as often as I would like. Still, I refuse to go around looking frumpy just because I’ve got two babies and I’m still two sizes bigger than before. So this was very helpful. I picked up the blue jacket (for a little over $80!!), the trouser jeans, and the soft pink jacket – using your links, of course. Please do more of these videos so I never have to set foot in a store again. 😉

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