Let’s Dream About Traveling to AMAZING Places After Quarantine

The Ultimate Packing List: For Our Hypothetical Trips

Once we are no longer sheltering-in-place where are you going??? I think I’m heading to the beach. But, now I have to convince Chris that he can fish all day and we can drive two days to do it! Let’s daydream a bit together… and also get ready…!

I might pack a bag… just in case. I might. It’s tempting. I’ve also been picking rental houses out. It somehow makes me feel better. Anyone else? 

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#1 | Calpak Luggage

The #1 thing you have to have is luggage! Kind of a no-brainer. But you might not have a decent set or you may need a new set. I’ve talked about how much I love this Calpak luggage before but had to share it again! It comes in this pretty black marble and white marble (I have both). It’s high-quality luggage at a nice price…and it’s beautiful! I shared more about the luggage, plus the perfect travel outfit in this post. Also, it’s SO easy to spot on the belt.

#2 | Carry On

If your trip is short, you probably just need a carry-on! This Calpak carry-on has gorge embossed texture that is so cool! It also comes in two other colors. If you need a new carry on and want something that will last, try this one!

#3 | Luggage Scale

Anyone else a heavy packer!? I often pack way too much. I have definitely been that crazy lady in the airport having to empty things out of my suitcase so it met the weight restriction. But not anymore with my handy dandy luggage scale! Use it after you finish packing to make sure you’re not over the weight limit. You can even throw it in a bag and take it with you to make sure that whatever new finds you’re bringing back don’t put your bag over that weight limit too!

#4 | Packing Cubes

If you don’t have packing cubes…get some! I’m not kidding, they are HUGE space savers and so worth the $20! I talk a lot about the importance of your packing tools in this post.

#5 | Stow-n-Go Organizer

If packing cubes aren’t your favorites, try this stow-n-go organizer. You can see from the photos that you pack your clothes and shoes neatly into this organizer, lay it in your suitcase, and then you just pull it out and hang it when you get to your destination! So nice!

#6 | MZ Wallace Tote

Having a tote that’s big enough to fit everything you need on the plane can be a  struggle, you have headphones, toiletries, gadgets, books, and so much more. So the bag has to be big and durable. These MZ Wallace totes are super popular and a great travel option!

#7 | Think Royln Tote

I LOVE my Think Royln bag! I have both the MZ Wallace and Think Rolyn bags and I prefer the Think Royln bag because I like the design better and the shoulder straps stay on my shoulders better. Plus, it’s big enough to hold everything!

#8 | Jewelry Organizer

Depending on where you’re going and how long will determine the size of the jewelry organizer your need. This one is HUGE and can carry so much. If you’re an accessory lover and need that space, try this organizer. It zips up nice and compact too! You can find my recent must-have jewelry video here.

#9 | Cosmetics Organizer

I’ve seen this cosmetic organizer all over Instagram and it gets amazing reviews so I’m very interested in trying it. It has a lot of compartments to keep everything organized and visible. I always hate having to dig around a makeup bag to find what I’m looking for!

#10 | Compact Hair Dryer

A lot of places you travel will have a hairdryer if you’re staying in a hotel. But if you’re an Airbnb or VRBO lover, sometimes they don’t have them! This T3 hairdryer is small and can fold up to save you precious suitcase room.

#11 | Clothing Steamer

I hate ironing so using a steamer is always my first choice. This steamer is tiny and can easily fit into your suitcase!

#12 | Foldable Charging Station

With all the tech we take on trips, the cords can clutter our bags. But this foldable portable charging station should help eliminate some of that! You can charge your phone, AirPods, and watch all at once!

#13 | Portable Charger

I like to carry a portable charger in my purse at all times, just in case. You don’t want your phone to die while you’re traveling!

#14 | Travel Adapter

This one is more specific to any international travelers! You’ll definitely need a travel adapter!

#15 | Waterproof Pouch

Again, this is a more specific one. A waterproof pouch is a must-have if you’re going anywhere with water. Slip your phone into the pouch before heading to the beach to protect it from the water and sand!

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