VIDEO: What to Wear If You Have Narrow Shoulders


Last week, I tackled BROAD SHOULDERS, CLICK HERE to watch.

This week it is… NARROW SHOULDERS.


If you have narrow shoulders, the key is… create volume!

You can do this by wearing certain necklines, and/or shoulder-building, design details.

NOTE: if your shoulders are narrow, sleeve lengths will generally be an issue. Your sleeves will run long.


Off-shoulder or Bardot



Wide V-Neck

Bateaux or Boat Neck

Cold Shoulder


Puff Sleeve

Shoulder Pads

Shoulder Embellishments


Origami Sleeve

Flutter or Ruffle Sleeve

Pleated Shoulder



Plus, Petite & Tall


CLICK HERE to get some help packing for your beach vacation.

Did you see my “Pick Of The Week?” CLICK HERE to catch up!

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2 thoughts on “VIDEO: What to Wear If You Have Narrow Shoulders

  1. Hi Erin.. I did measure my shoulders, and they are 17 1/2 “.. So, I guess I do have narrow shoulders. My sister was WRONG, all those years ago! lol Anyway, just wanted to thank you for the video.. It is VERY helpful…….. Oh,and, I really hope your husband is doing better.. Thinking of you and your family, and sending prayers. Jill xxoo

  2. I don’t think I have narrow shoulders, but I need to measure to make sure. I KNOW I have wide hips.They run in my maternal side of the family, and I definitely inherited it! lol My Mom had very narrow shoulders and wide hips, but, my older sister,(who has narrow shoulders and narrow hips), always told me I looked like a football player ,bc of my broad shoulders! (She was so nice, back then! ..ha ha ) Thanks for al the great suggestions, for broad and for narrow shoulders. When I find out which I have, I will be set! 🙂 I am also wondering about what is the best way to dress, if you have a full bust line (I am 39 ” and wear 36D bra) and wide hips… (41 “).?? My waist is around 31 -32”.. I guess, basically, an hour glass figure.? Thanks so much, Erin! Bye for now…luvs ya Jill xxoo

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