Wearing Sneakers With A Skirt or Dress

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Wearing Sneakers

Wearing Sneakers | With a Skirt or Dress

Sneakers are COOL again! For real. Cool.

“How can this be? Are you sure?” You ask.
Yes. Yes, I am.
Embrace it my comfort-challenged-constantly-on-the-go-ladies. Who knows how long we can ride this wave…
No doubt our poor, weary, callused, bunioned, arthritic, no-arched, high-arched feet can use a break. (Did I get every pedi problem in there?)

So, now the question is…how do YOU pull this off?

Well, first I would say, you have to have the confidence and self-assuredness to wear it. If you have doubt, it’ll show.
Secondly, the type of sneakers is important. We are not just talking about busting out your Asics running shoes.
These have to be street chic sneaks.
I give you a bunch of options below, if you don’t have a pair.
I think it mainly comes down to buying a chic pair of black, gray or white kicks.
There are fun, colorful options too (see Carrie’s pic above), but I think those are even trickier to pull off.

You could also try an outlet or warehouse store like Nordstrom Rack, if you want to try out this trend, without committing too much money.

Another question I will inevitably get is… “Am I too old for this trend? I don’t want to look like I’m trying too hard.”
If you are 30, 40, 50, 60+ you can try this trend too.
It comes down to what you wear with your sneaks, and your confidence level.
No matter what your age, you can still dress in a modern way.

Quick note about my look above, the skirt is from, which is great source for affordable, fashionable finds,
BUT, it takes forever for the garments to ship.
I highly recommend splurging on the expedited shipping.

Sneakers \\ Nordstrom \\ Click Here
Sneakers \\ Nordstrom Rack \\ Click Here


Checked Skirt \\ Chicwish \\ Click Here
Similar Black Top \\ NastyGal \\Click Here
Similar Striped Blazer \\ Chicos \\ Click Here
Sneakers \\ Six:02 \\ Click Here
Ankle Strap Heels \\ Amazon \\ Click Here
Clutch \\ Nordstrom \\ Click Here
Pendant Necklace \\ Gorjana \\ Click Here

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Let me know if you have any questions. Comment below or email me.
Thank you SO much for stopping by!



The Same Checked Skirt, Styled 2 Different Ways on 2 Different Body Types, Click Here
Foolproof Way To Mix Prints, Click Here
Click Here, For Other Full Skirt Options


*Thank you so much for shopping through my revenue-generating links.
YOU help ME keep up and running and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your support!
Thank you, thank you! Erin xo


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4 thoughts on “Wearing Sneakers With A Skirt or Dress

  1. I personally don’t think I look good w/this look. I love the look of converse w/casual dresses, but unfortunately when I’m traveling, I really put the miles on my feet and converse doesn’t cut it. I’ll take advantage of this trend while I can, though, whether I think it looks good on me or not. Here’s my question…I checked out your post on how to wear sneaks w/regular clothes, but I couldn’t post a question there…if I’m wearing pants, is it okay to wear regular socks w/the tennies? Also, what are the sunglasses you are wearing in that post…the ones your daughter wears? Super cute pics of you and your daughter, btw.

    1. Hi Sherri… I bought those sunglasses a while back in Colorado and they are not a major brand name. I love how retro they are. Take a look at these: – I think you can do very small peds in a similar color to the sneaks. You could also do the Keds peds that don’t show. – hope that helps? Erin xo

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