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In the VIDEO above, I walk you through my New Year resolutions. 
It basically boils down to 3 things:

1) Healthier Eating and Exercise
2) Kindness
3) More Impactful Content

As promised in the video, I wanted to go through some of the Tracy Anderson information for those of you who are interested.

If you are just getting started with Tracy Anderson, the “Mat DVD” is a good place to test the waters.
It’s a great all-around workout that you can break up into sections.

Here’s another good starter DVD, “The Method: For Beginners”¬†

If you just had a baby (within last year) I would highly recommend, “The Post Pregnancy Workout.”
It’s especially great if you had a c-section and lost most of your stomach muscles. It will help you build them back up.

I’m doing “The Method” – here is the set of DVD’s to get you started on the Method:
Tracy Anderson Method

If you are not sure what body type to order, Tracy has a quiz you can take to help. I started with abcentric and switched to glucentric after month 3.

If you want to keep going after your first 3 months, you can enroll in her continuity program.

You can also try her new streaming service. I prefer not to stream because the workouts are so long (more than 1 hour).

Let me know if you have any questions…

Erin xo



Here is my Metamorphosis review:

Here is my continuity review:

Here is my streaming review:

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2 thoughts on “My New Year Resolutions | A Chat | BusbeeStyle TV

  1. I turn 55 in May. Just over two years ago I did not have the strength to get up off the floor. IT was a wake up moment for me. I started training the next day. Now I train 5 days a week. One day a week with a private trainer. I have lost 85-90 pounds and I have never felt stronger. The good part about getting healthy is anyone can do it at any age.

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