10 Ways To Look Slimmer Without Diet or Exercise

10 Ways To Look Slimmer Without Diet or Exercise

In the video above, I’m sharing ten ways to look slimmer WITHOUT dieting or exercise…all you have to do is dress skinny!
This was really helpful for me after having both Gage and Elizabeth!
Read how to look slimmer without doing anything below.

I also did a similar post a few years ago that you can read here.

Wear Outer Layer

The first way is really simple and one of my favorite ways to look slimmer.
All you have to do is throw on a top and blazer, or even a cardigan.
What this does is shed off the sides to create a slimmer look through the middle.
Make sure that you tuck in your shirt so you can see your jeans.
If you can’t tuck in your shirt for some reason, choose a top that’s a little shorter.

Monochromatic Outfit

You’ve probably heard this before and that’s because it works!
Wearing one color makes you look slimmer, taller, AND more sophisticated and chic!
The bonus is that monochromatic dressing is back on trend!


Find shapewear that really works for you.
It needs to be comfortable and something that sucks everything in.
Wear it when you really want to look slimmer…like a special occasion or night out.
After having my kids I doubled down and wore two pairs of Spanx!
I think Spanx are wonderful for smoothing everything out!
If it’s way too tight and not comfortable it’s probably not the right size, so make sure you find the right size!

High Rise Jeans

Wear them!
High-rise jeans are wonderful because they suck everything in!
I love that everything feels like it’s in the right place in high-rise jeans.
Try to choose some that are a nine or ten-inch rise.
Those are true high-rise!

Forgiving Fabrics

If you’re wearing a fabric that is heavy, it’s going to make you look heavy.
Wearing something paper-thin will make it super easy to see every lump and bump.
If you want to look slimmer you need to wear fabrics like cotton, ponte knit, denim, fabrics with spandex in it.
Fabric choice is really important for looking slimmer!

Dark Wash Jeans

Behold the power of the dark wash jeans!
They are very elongating and slimming.
Look for a pair that’s high rise and dark wash.
Try to avoid whiskering and keep it classic and simple!

AND they are on the wardrobe basics checklist!
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Wear Heels

You already know this…but wearing heels makes you look taller which makes you look slimmer!
Pointed toe heels with a skinny heel make you look even slimmer.
If you want to wear a skirt or dress without tights, wear a nude heel that blends into your skin tone.

Faux Tan

The next step is to try a faux tan.
For special occasions, you can go to someone who does faux tans and ask them to contour your arms to make them look slimmer or contour the muscles in your legs (or pretty much anything)!
A tan with definitely make you look slimmer and more toned!

V-Necks and Scoops

Necklines do make a difference…especially V-necks or scoop necklines!
These minimize the bust and elongate the upper body while bringing the eye up and away from the lower body.

Scoop & V-Neck Tops here.

Wear Dark Colors

The last tip is to wear dark colors like black, grey, charcoal, navy, and burgundy.
It’s so sophisticated, slimming, and chic!

Bonus Tip: Jewelry

You can place your jewelry so that it draws the eye.
Wear statement earrings to bring the eye upward.
Elongate your body with a long necklace.
Jewelry placement can be very helpful for looking slimmer!


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4 thoughts on “10 Ways To Look Slimmer Without Diet or Exercise

  1. Hi Erin,
    That was your best ever video! It was my favorite because I am vertically challenged at five feet three inches and need to shed some pounds. Everytime I dress in head to toe dark colors I am asked if I lost weight. Thanks so much for the great ideas. You put so much time in your videos. It is so appreciated. Hope 2018 is your best year ever!!!! Hugs Rita
    PS My Spanx slip is my best

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