Bodysuits | How To Wear a Bodysuit with High Rise Jeans

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Bodysuits | How To Wear a Bodysuit with High Rise Jeans

These super fitted bodysuits make GREAT layering pieces.
(You learn much more about that tomorrow via BusbeeStyle TV.
I’ll be uploading a video and also showing you a 2nd way to wear a bodysuit.)
As layering pieces, it’s a no brainer.
They don’t add bulk to your frame.
Wear them under a blazer, cardigan, jacket…

They would work wonderfully under a sleeveless dress or slip dress.

Celebrity Favorite

You may have noticed a lot of celebrities and bloggers wearing them alone with high rise jeans.
This look is super sexy and incidentally not easy to pull off.
It highlights the tummy area, so if that is not ideal for your body, I would avoid this specific look.
However, if you are hourglass or have a smaller waistline…
And don’t mind drawing attention to your tummy area, this can be a GREAT street chic, date night or girl’s night out look.
I’m a rectangular shape so I added a waist belt to create the illusion of a more defined waist.

You can try high rise skinny jeans like I did above or experiment with girlfriend jeans. 
I talked about girlfriend jeans in this post. 

Be sure to check back tomorrow for the bodysuit VIDEO and a 2nd styling option that is appropriate for the office!

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Quick notes about my look.
You should SIZE UP on the jeans.
The exact pair in gray is no longer available, but here is the exact pair in blue.
And the same pair with no distressing.
Also, be sure to SIZE DOWN on the shoes. 1/2 size.
These pumps have a wide toe bed and are quite comfy.
The bodysuit runs small. SIZE UP. 

Please let me know if you have any questions.
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