5 Simple Ways to Add Some Style To Your Wardrobe This Season

Every year there are dozens of new fashion trends.

It can be exhausting, and quite expensive to try and keep up.

But, don’t worry… I’ve got you covered with this simple list that will ensure your style is ‘on point’ or dare I say, “fleek” this season!

Disclaimer: I am STILL confused by the meaning of the word “fleek,” and why someone uses it. But, I don’t understand Snapchat either. 

 1) Pastel Colors 

 Mint green, pale yellow, light blue, blush pink… pastel colors are fresh, modern and feminine.

If you are a little intimidated by these sweet shades, you can start small, and try an accessory, like a pastel handbag or pointed toe pumps.

My Pick: Rebecca Minkoff “Love” Crossbody Bag | CLICK HERE

Shop More Pastel Picks, CLICK HERE


 2) Fringe

You don’t have to be bohemian, to have fun with fringe!

Wear a fringe skirt, a pair of fashion-forward fringe sandals, or carry a fringe handbag.

Pair your fringed piece with neutrals to allow it to stand out.

My Pick: Fringe Runway Sandal in “Cognac,” $98 | CLICK HERE

CLICK HERE to read more about Spring/Summer 2015 Fashion Trends:

Shop Fringe Jacket Look, CLICK HERE


 3) Little White Dress or LWD

Put your little black dresses aside, and try a little white dress at your next party or event!

White is tricky, though, so be sure to find a dress that truly fits and flatters your body.

My Pick: BCBG “Claudette” Lace-Blocked Scarf Hem Dress, $498 | CLICK HERE




4) Military-Inspired

Atten-shon! March to your computer, and order some military-inspired pieces, everything from khaki to camo to cargo.

My Pick: Drapey Cargo Jacket in “Sicilian Olive,” $98 | CLICK HERE


How To Style Military Jumpsuit CLICK HERE



5) Flared Jeans

What a refreshing site to see amid the sea of skinnies, flared jeans!

Look for a pair that is high-rise, fitted to the knee, and be sure to hem them to ½ to ¾ inch off the ground to look as long and lean as possible!

My Pick: Frame Denim “Forever Karlie” Flared Jeans in “Palisade,” $239 | CLICK HERE


Flared Jeans For Every Body & Budget, CLICK HERE


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