Are Maxi Skirts Still In Style?

What To Look For

Maxi skirts and dresses have been in style for a while now. They’re feminine and flirty. Not to mention a fashionable way to cover up your legs if you’d prefer not to show them, while remaining cool in the hot summer months.  I always struggle a little with what to wear with my maxi skirts. When in doubt, go with something very simple. Think white tee, or white camisole…a top that is VERY neutral and won’t take away from the gorgeous skirt.

guide to the perfect maxi skirt fit on all body types

Criteria For A Maxi Skirt
  • Think about the length and what you’ll wear it with. Your maxi skirt should almost dust the floor to create the longest, leanest line possible. If you’re short, you’ll most likely have to get your maxi skirt tailored or wear with high wedges. You can also look for petite options.
  • Find a skirt that hits your belly button or even a little higher. This is usually the slimmest part of your torso and you want to accentuate that. Try a half tuck or tucked top to highlight the waistband. If you need to cover your tummy area, try a body-skimming blouse or tee so you don’t have volume all over.
  • Think about flattering styles. A wrap skirt is a really pretty and gorgeous option. If you’re comfortable with it, I like a skirt with a slit up the leg too! A ruched waist maxi skirt can work really well to hide a tummy or bigger hips, butt, and thighs.
  • Make sure you feel good in it. Wear it with confidence!

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Advantages Of Maxi Skirts
  • They look good on every body type. The length naturally elongates your body. And since it’s flowy, it doesn’t cling to your body at all.
  • Perfect for different occasions. You can dress them up or down.
  • They are comfortable! I always say you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort. And a maxi skirt is a perfect example of that! It’s stylish, without being uncomfortable.
  • They cover your legs. Not all of us want to show our legs and this is the perfect solution if you want to keep them covered.

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How To Style A Maxi Skirt

You can find how I’ve styled my maxi skirt here.
Plus, killer maxi dresses here.

  • Pay attention to proportions! Since it’s a flowy piece, your top should be streamlined or tucked to offset that volume
  • If you wear a printed, long skirt (like I am above) you should wear something simple and neutral on your upper body, like a tee or cami.
  • If you want to look even longer and leaner, wear wedges or heels.

Find more gorgeous maxi skirts I’m loving below…

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Alice + Olivia Maxi Skirt


Red Asymmetrical Skirt


Embroidered Skirt


Red Tiered Skirt


Bold Yellow Skirt


Classic Black Maxi

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