At-Home Skin Care Devices That Are Actually Worth The Money

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At-Home Skincare Devices

Many of us have spent the last year D.I.Y.-ing our beauty routines.  Today, we touch up our own roots, have mani/pedi nights and spend some serious time (and money) taking care of our skin.  Of course, some things we’re better off leaving to the pros (Botox, peels and lasers).  But fortunately, there’s an ever-improving field of amazing at-home skincare devices and tools you can use with great results.  Sure, there’s the ridiculous (here’s looking at you, blackhead vacuum).  Yet every so often, a shiny new piece of technology shows up that seriously upgrades our skincare game.  Here are several tried and tested at-home skincare devices that really work.

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Skin Gym Jade Gua Sha Crystal Beauty Tool

A few months ago, I watched Trinny Woodall - one of my favorite influencers – give herself a mini facial with one of these tools in each hand. Covered in face oil, she massaged her jawline, cheeks and neck for an invigorating workout. I bought two before the video ended. Said to “enhance your natural beauty by providing an invigorating facial massage,” the Gua Sha smooths, tightens and firms skin while offering natural therapeutic benefits. Love this! (Bonus: I have used this as a massage tool to help my kids relax before bed.)

GloPRO Microneedling Rejuvenation Tool

This award-winning micro needling derma roller helps trigger the skin's natural rejuvenation response for firmer, smoother skin. It is battery-powered (one charge lasts for nearly a year) and can be purchased with a variety of roller heads and sizes. I use this at night after cleansing when my skin is completely dry. I run this across targeted areas of my face in vertical, horizontal and diagonal directions for 60-90 seconds total. No pressure needed. (There’s a little red LED light that helps promote collagen production, too.) I use it every other evening.

NuFace Trinity Eye & Lip

This device uses micro-currant technology to help lift, tone and contour your facial muscles. It lifts your cheekbones and tightens your jawline. There’s also clinical evidence that microcurrent works to lift sagging skin. For the first 1-2 months, it’s recommended that you use it for at least 5 minutes a day, 5 times a week. Note that you also must continue using it regularly to maintain results. And yes, it really does work. But I’ll be honest. I used this for about a month – and while I noticed a slight improvement in my jawline – I just couldn’t commit. However, it’s an extremely popular product that people swear by including one of our favorite influencers, Angie from Hot and Flashy.

Dr. Dennis Gross SpectraLite Faceware Pro

This FDA-cleared, three-minute LED device features a combination of 100 lights in red mode and 62 lights in blue mode working together to smooth the appearance of wrinkles and diminish visible discoloration and blemishes. Red lights support natural collagen production. Blue lights address P. acnes bacteria. I adore it! The mask is battery-powered (a charge will last a while) and comes with a detachable strap. I use this in the morning right after cleansing. It’s super easy – you put the mask on and adjust the strap, so it sits firmly on your face. Push the timer button once for red (collagen), twice for blue (blemishes), or three times for purple (a mix of both). You can walk around, get your clothes ready, sit, read, whatever. It’s extremely convenient. Two quick minutes later, the mask turns off and you’re done! You’re now ready for your Vitamin C serum. This really does work. (Bonus: I use this on my teenage son to treat occasional breakouts.) Love, love this!

Dermaplaning DermaFlash Luxe Exfoliation Device

Recommended and tested by dermatologists, this award-winning 3-in-1 device exfoliates, removes hair and dead skin cells, built-up debris and peach fuzz. It features two speeds to customize the exfoliation treatment: Speed 1 for a gentle exfoliation or Speed 2 for a more invigorating experience. It’s super safe, gentle and effective. (And contrary to the old wives tale, it does not make your facial fuzz grow thicker!)

PMD Personal Microderm Home Device

Another winner! It offers a patented spinning disc and calibrated vacuum suction for a near perfect microdermabrasion treatment. It was developed to improve wrinkles and address sun damage and roughness. It comes with a full range of exfoliation discs for maximized control and customizable treatments. Note: this is not wireless so you can't really walk around the house while using.

Kenzzi Laser Hair Removal At Home

My twenty-something niece hasn’t stopped talking about this at-home laser removal kit. So much so that I just had to try it. It works just as well as she said, and can be used on any body part (including your Face and Brazilian) in just a few minutes. Though not painless…it comes pretty close.
Francine Harris
Meet Francine, our self-described skin care and beauty junkie. As a 40-something Southern California native, Francine is a firm believer in the power of sunscreen and a gorgeous nude lip. She’s an AKT Fitness owner and hi-tech marketing communications consultant by day and mom to three high-energy, testosterone-driven boys by night (hence her preference for red wine with an ice cream chaser).

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