August Favorites \\ HAUL \\ BusbeeStyle TV VIDEO

I’m REALLY excited about these favorites …

Because I think there are some amazing deals!

(Watch video above or keep scrolling to see my finds)

$39 Lace up sandals? $16 victorian blouse?

Yes, and Yes!

As always… let me know if you have any questions.

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Thank you SO much for stopping by! Erin xo



Black Schutz Lace Ups ONLY $39!! \\ MyHabit \\ Click Here

Lace Top ONLY $16!!\\ \\ Click Here

Fringe Suede Sandals \\ Nordstrom \\ Click Here

Black Ankle Strap Sandals \\ Amazon \\ Click Here

NourishMitt by JoyaPlenty \\ Amazon \\ Click Here

Under Armour Sneakers \\ Six:02 \\ Click Here

Thank you SO much Six:02 for sending me the goody box!

Checked Full Skirt $42 \\ \\ Click Here

(If you like full skirts, you are crazy NOT to buy this!)

Clinique Lip Pop “Fab” \\ Sephora \\ Click Here

Clinique QuickLiner “Peacock” \\ Sephora \\ Click Here

Black Ankle Boots \\ Nordstrom Rack \\ Click Here (more sizes Here)

Pandora Radio Click Here



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It helps support my mission to help women just like you, all around the world, look like you have your act together… even if you don’t. 😉 Erin xo 


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4 thoughts on “August Favorites \\ HAUL \\ BusbeeStyle TV VIDEO

  1. Thanks for the smart and stylish fashion finds, Erin! I just grabbed that gorgeous skirt in a Medium. What a nice versatile addition to my wardrobe, and it’s washable! While they had a lot of sizes left, the Nordstrom boots were gone in my size; I’m going to make sure I follow and Like your channels so I don’t miss anything else!
    Thanks again for inspiring us to feel great about our style and image….
    I’m glad you got great results with our Joyaplenty exfoliating mitt; we still have some with the silk face mitt included as a gift at our Amazon store link above 🙂

    1. I hope you saw some sales from the video and blog, Camille! I’m certainly enjoying my exfoliating mitt. GREAT product! Thanks so much for the kind words. That skirt is really pretty. I’m bringing it to New York Fashion Week next week and I’m very excited to wear it! Thanks again… best of luck with Joyaplenty! Erin xo

      1. Update! The skirt arrived and it fit perfectly. Thanks so much for the great suggestion for something that is soooo versatile AND flatters a waist again! I am so glad that you love your mitt! Yes, we did have some joyaplenty exfoliation mitt sales from your fab review. Thank you…
        You totally rock!

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