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This week you can shop the SALES, and my VIDEO!

In the video (below), I tell you what’s happening at home AND show you some HAUL items!

Keep scrolling to watch.

Happy Shopping!

Erin xo



40% OFF Select Items. No Code Needed.

See my recent BLOG featuring a Loft Denim Dress on sale CLICK HERE (also pictured above)

CLICK HERE to Check out my recent “Pick of the Week” featuring an Ann Taylor Loft Eyelet Skirt

To see my Ann Taylor Loft look featuring a MINT GREEN Sweater, CLICK HERE!

Watch my Ann Taylor Loft HAUL VIDEO, CLICK HERE.



Up to 75% Off! No Code Needed.


Totes Amaze!



Up To 45% Off Sale Items! No Code Needed



Sometimes I forget about Flashsale websites. Gilt is one of my faves!

Up to 75% Off Retail. No Code Needed.


In the VIDEO, I share a small shopping haul.

See below to buy any of the pieces mentioned.

Thank you! Erin xo



I have to apologize for two things in this video:

1) I look tired because I am tired. You’ll find out why in the video

2) I’m losing my voice… so it sounds off and raspy.

I AM SO SAD. I can’t find “Malu Comfort Sandals” anywhere.

Brownie points to the one who finds them!



Similar Comfort Sandals, CLICK HERE

Striped Skirt, $40 CLICK HERE


Rag & Bone Jeans CLICK HERE

Geometric Mirror CLICK HERE

(Faux) Copper Floor Vase CLICK HERE

Greenery for the Vase CLICK HERE (buy 2 stems for large vase)

Gold Starburst Statue CLICK HERE


To read a blog about Spring Fashion Trends, CLICK HERE!

CLICK HERE to read my “Essential Swimsuit Guide!”

(The Guide includes, plus, petite, swim dresses, tankinis and swim with shape wear!)

Packing for the beach, CLICK HERE

*Thank you for reading, subscribing and shopping through my affiliate links (which I earn revenue through). 

Your support enables me to continue spending time blogging and posting styling tips and tricks. Erin xo


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4 thoughts on “BusbeeStyle Sale Email | Shop The Video

  1. I have a request… could you do a video on comfort sandals/shoes – and the details to look for on them that will keep them looking chic, and not orthopedic and frumpy?

    1. Did you check options above? There are a few of them in the “comfort shoes” category. 1,2 and 3 definitely are considered comfort shoes. Hope that helps a little to get you going…but yes, I think that’s a great idea to do a blog focuses solely on that (no pun intended) 😉 Thanks for the helpful suggestion! Erin xo

  2. Oh Erin, I feel so bad for your husband and for you!! My prayers and thoughts are with you and him , and ,your family. Sending prayers for good healing, and, for him to be as comfortable as possible. I know you must have your hands completely FULL! And, all that flooding was horrible! I’m so glad to hear you guys are doing well, and are safe! 🙂
    Please remember my daughter, Natalie,(27) who is living in Colorado, and ,there is a Sniper there, apparently , who is indiscriminately shooting people, in and around, the city she is living in! Of course, I am worried to death, but just trying to trust in God, and sending up prayers for her safety, and that no other people will be harmed or killed! And,my son, Luke,(33) and his wife, Nancy ,also live in Colorado, in a city about an hour farther south, but the News said this person is going all over the state ,it seems. So.. yeah.. if you could remember us in your prayers, that would be so good. They are also having severe tornadoes there, too, and huge sink holes, in many places! I know they love it out there, but I truly do wish they would move somewhere safer. It seems like I am always hearing about something bad happening in Colorado!
    Your little Biddy is so precious. I love those sweet little voices.. She is just adorable. And, she IS really easy to understand , too! SO cute and so sweet! My middle grandson, Nehem,is 3 and a half , and he is talking a lot, too.. and, he also sounds so very sweet . But, sometimes I have to ask his 6 yr old older brother what he says.. lol I do think girls usually advance more quickly, in their speaking.
    I love your videos.. and you said you look tired, but you just look as lovely as always , to me. I really like your hair , slightly wavy.,. very feminine and beautiful on you. Thanks for all the tips and everything you do.. love Jill xxoo

    1. Oh my goodness! Where in Colorado??? I will keep you all in my thoughts. Scary! Thank you for your sweet, supportive words. Erin xo

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